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Numerous Ways to Make Life Ecofriendly in 2022

Life Ecofriendly

Make Life Ecofriendly

As we all know, Make your Life Ecofriendly on the occasion of  World Environment Day, observed on 5th June every year; governments across the globe undertake the execution of awareness drives to spread knowledge about protecting and nurturing the environment.

As the news portals, social media, and numerous activities start to flood with the messages on environmental awareness, the question arises- what do we contribute to our role in environmental conservation?

“Be the change you wish to see.” – said Mahatma Gandhi. This critical and inspiring quote speaks volumes about starting the new good things ourselves. If we practice what we say, people will gladly follow suit.

So, let us identify the various ways to make our life eco-friendly:

Change to Ecofriendly Tools

Reduce the use of plastic: Reducing and moving towards putting a full stop to plastic use is one of the effective ways to go green. On the contrary, choose stainless steel, glass, or copper utensils. These are easy to use and don’t affect our health. Carrying your own stainless steel water bottle wherever you go and avoiding buying bottled water will refine the health of our planet.

Prefer Public Transport: For long-distance travel, choose to use public means of transport like buses, trains, passenger ships, and aircraft. Public transport is the already made provision by the civic authorities which will always continue to be working. By choosing to use them, we can stop our fuel consumption, save money and travel safely.

Choose Bicycles: Using bicycles for short-distance commutes is a smart option. You will travel quickly, conveniently, and most economically—no fuel required except for those excessive calories that the bicycle will automatically consume from your efforts. In fact, you can choose to buy recycled products such as used bicycles which work with the same efficiency as the new ones.

Go EV: When the need for personal travel becomes unavoidable, then decide to go for the electric vehicles. They are decently economical, efficient, and comfortable vehicles. Their running cost and maintenance are meager, making them the most effective eco-friendly travel option.

Go Natural: Choose to eat organic foods. Buy them, wash, cut, and consume them. Avoid the use of refrigerators. Use earthen water pots for natural cool drinking water in the summer season.

Use the traditional hand stone grinder for making the paste of spices, grinding items like peanuts, garlic, ginger, chillies, etc. This method retains the natural nutrients of the food compared to the mechanical mixers or food processors.

Cold Showers: Bathe in cold tap water throughout the year. This has numerous health benefits by boosting our immunity and activating the anti-allergic hormones under our skin. It also helps our skin and hair too. You will stop excess electric usage for water heating purposes.

Smart Drying: Make the practice of drying the wet clothes vertically on the hangers. This will help dry the clothes in proper shape and not require ironing.

Smart Learning: Teachers should retain the teaching method of using a blackboard and chalks, while the students should practice on a black slate with graphite pencils. This will avoid the usage of paper totally. Online learning should be implemented widely and adequately so that learning can be an interactive process with a seamless recording of the subject session that can be done quickly.

Solar Cookers: Use the solar cookers to cook vegetables, baking cakes, peanuts, poha, dal, rice, etc. A little arrangement and proper planning can help in cooking numerous items in a solar cooker. The sunlight is absolutely abundant and free. Save the cooking gas by shifting your major cooking items to the solar cooker. They are essential sustainable living products.

Solar Water Heating systems: They are beneficial in providing a two-hour continuous water supply for almost eight months of the year. The solar panels heat the water flowing from the piped network connected to the overhead water tank.

Net Metering: Choose to install solar power systems using Photovoltaic cells that help generate electricity from solar panels. You can attach the power generated through the meter to be provided to the grid. The government electricity department purchases the power through the net metering process to adjust it to our electricity consumption.

Grow Your Food: Learn to grow basic vegetables and fruits in your home terraces, balconies in drums, buckets, or earthen pots. Many vegetables that can be grown in partial shade are Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Bottle Gourds, Cucumbers, Ginger, Bitter Gourd, etc. This will be an excellent step toward a good environmental-friendly lifestyle. Your need to buy vegetables will be reduced, you will gain self-confidence, and it can help you save money.

Eco-friendly Parking: This world environment day, let us use old, recycled products to make sustainable living products like eco-friendly parking spaces. Every vehicle owner needs a good shade for their vehicle parking. You can simply use the old wires to tie on the metal pipes around your vehicle in four corners. Put potted plants with creepers like money plants, better leaves, etc. Allow the creepers to climb on the pipes and the wires creating a network of Green shade for the vehicles below it. It just needs regular watering. Simple, isn’t it?

Choose The Stairs: Whenever you need to go down or up the building, choose the stairs. With this habit, You will reduce your power usage and burn some calories.

Plant Many Trees: In our efforts to make an environmentally lifestyle, just look around your home or office for open spaces. Take the initiative to plant trees in the open spaces. On average, any tree takes two years to grow, while you need to water it regularly and protect it from being eaten by stray animals. Trees increase carbon absorption and provide crucial oxygen in the air.

This World Environment Day, let us come together to take some concrete and practical steps in using sustainable living products. As we adopt the strategy to reduce the carbon footprint by reusing and recycling the products, adding more tree cover, make our homes and workplaces energy-efficient, we all can contribute to building a lasting and effective eco-friendly lifestyle.



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