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Nutrastrips: Natural and Science-backed Supplement Solutions

Benjamin Bartel | CEO | Nutrastrips
Benjamin Bartel | CEO | Nutrastrips

Next Level Nutrition!

In today’s health-conscious society, the pursuit of optimal well-being is a common goal for individuals worldwide. This trend has led to the proliferation of dietary supplement manufacturers seeking to meet this demand. However, traditional delivery methods often face challenges such as low bioavailability affecting their effectiveness and efficiency.

Introducing a ground-breaking solution to this issue, Nutrastrips is transforming the nutri-ingredient industry with its innovative oral strips for dietary supplements. These oral dissolving strips utilize FlashRelease™ technology to enhance the bioavailability of active ingredients, allowing for quicker absorption by the body. These strips dissolve in the mouth within seconds, providing rapid access to essential nutrients for immediate benefits. They are designed to address key health and wellness areas using science-backed natural ingredients, providing solutions to everyday problems.

Leading this mission-driven organization is Benjamin Bartel, a distinguished leader and product development expert with over 16 years of industry experience. As the CEO of Nutrastrips, he oversees the strategy, vision, and execution of its oral dissolving film manufacturing facility. He leverages his extensive knowledge of product development and leadership to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. He also directs the business operations, finances, and marketing of the company, and collaborates with external partners and investors. Under his leadership, Nutrastrips has earned numerous accolades and acclaim for its innovative products.

Immerse yourself in the world of health & nutrition and discover how Nutrastrips is setting new standards for excellence in the nutraceutical industry.

From Software to Supplements

Benjamin’s professional journey leading to his current position at Nutrastrips has been characterized by a dedication to entrepreneurship and innovation. From an early stage, he demonstrated a keen interest in business ownership. Starting with investments in a franchise and engaging in various entrepreneurial ventures, he refined his skills in what is now commonly referred to as ‘side hustles.’ Reflecting on his path he shares, “Subsequently, I dedicated twelve years to nurturing a software company, where I spearheaded product development efforts, overseeing teams of developers and designers.”

After his tenure in the software industry, Benjamin sought new opportunities for personal and professional advancement. This quest brought him to the emerging hemp market, where he immersed himself in hemp manufacturing. It was during this period that he seized the chance to lead the development of oral dissolving strips infused with CBD. Beginning this venture in March 2020 amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Benjamin and his team navigated obstacles with resilience, continuously refining formulations and processes over the following 15 months. Their persistent focus on oral dissolving strips ultimately became the central pillar of their operations.

The Future of Supplementation

At the core of Nutrastrips lies a progressive vision aimed at harnessing the potential of oral dissolving film technology to advance dietary supplementation. While this technology has traditionally been utilized in breath freshening strips and pharmaceutical drug delivery, Nutrastrips recognized a distinctive opportunity to merge these applications with dietary supplements.

At Nutrastrips, the mission is centered on revolutionizing the landscape of nutritional supplementation. The company is dedicated to providing accessible and convenient alternatives to traditional tablets and capsules, acknowledging the reluctance many individuals have towards swallowing pills. In a market shifting towards enhancing user experience with formats like gummies and functional beverages, Nutrastrips leads the way by emphasizing the effectiveness of oral strips.

The vision is focused on simplifying the acquisition of functional nutrition through dissolvable oral strips that eliminate the need for water, the challenge of swallowing large pills, or the inconvenience of mixing and shaking. Notably, the formulations prioritize efficacy while maintaining a pleasant taste and avoiding excessive sugar content.

Inspired by the diverse functional benefits that dietary supplements can offer – spanning from sleep support to immune health, mood enhancement, and energy augmentation – Nutrastrips is positioned to meet the varied needs of consumers. Its ability to customize formulations and commitment to quality assurance ensure that its oral strips serve as effective solutions for both humans and pets alike.

Nutrastrips aims to redefine the approach to nutritional supplementation by emphasizing convenience, effectiveness, and user experience, empowering individuals to effortlessly incorporate essential nutrients into their daily routines.

The Influence of SaaS Expertise

Benjamin’s background in SaaS software development has significantly influenced the strategic direction and growth trajectory of Nutrastrips in the field of nutrition innovation. A key insight gained from this background is the critical role of a dynamic and skilled team in creating exceptional products. In alignment with this principle, Nutrastrips recently welcomed Dr. Tracy Gibbs, a highly respected industry veteran with a successful history of developing over 1100 supplement products over three decades. Dr. Gibbs’s entrepreneurial expertise and extensive knowledge resonate strongly with the company’s clientele, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

Benjamin’s experience in software development emphasized the paramount importance of prioritizing user experience. Just as users prefer intuitive and efficient software, they also seek simplicity and effectiveness in the products they use. This user-centric approach permeates all aspects of Nutrastrips’ operations, ensuring that its oral dissolving strips provide unmatched convenience and satisfaction to customers.

Lastly, Benjamin’s focus on innovation and differentiation has driven Nutrastrips to stand out in a competitive market. “While pills, gummies, and beverages dominate the supplement landscape, our commitment to championing oral dissolving strips as a novel and efficacious delivery method sets us apart,” he stresses. The company’s vision goes beyond mere novelty; it aims to elevate oral strips to a prominent position, making them a ubiquitous and essential component of daily supplementation routines.

Four Pillars of Oral Strip Excellence

Nutrastrips is committed to seamlessly integrating nutritional ingredients with futuristic delivery systems to lead the way in innovative solutions for consumers. The company’s approach to oral strip development centers on careful attention to four key areas.

Firstly, Nutrastrips places a high priority on functional ingredients, conducting thorough analyses of their effectiveness to guarantee that each supplement provides tangible benefits to the consumer.

Secondly, the dissolvability of oral strips is crucial in formulation. As these strips are designed to dissolve in water, Nutrastrips carefully selects ingredients that readily dissolve into the matrix, promoting optimal absorption and efficacy.

Lastly, the overall structure of the oral strip undergoes meticulous crafting, requiring precise ratios of nutrition, polymers, plasticizers, sweeteners, and flavoring agents. This comprehensive approach ensures that each strip maintains its structural integrity while delivering optimal doses of essential nutrients.

Formulating Science-backed Solutions

Nutrastrips precisely formulates its products to target specific areas of health and wellness, underpinned by robust scientific research. While the oral strips are not designed to replace comprehensive nutrition solutions, they excel in delivering essential nutrients that have undergone extensive study and validation for their effectiveness.

The company’s dedication to evidence-based formulations is evident in its thorough ingredient selection process. For example, Nutrastrips utilizes Affron®, a specialized saffron extract supported by a wealth of scientific research confirming its efficacy. Furthermore, the joint support strip incorporates UC-II®, a clinically proven ingredient known for its effectiveness at a dosage of 40mg.

Across its product range, Nutrastrips addresses a wide spectrum of health and wellness functional areas. From enhancing sleep quality and mood stability to boosting immune function, increasing energy levels, and supporting cognitive function, Nutrastrips provides tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Leading in Supplement Innovation

Nutrastrips, a leading player in the supplement industry, acknowledges the dynamic evolution within the sector and stands ready to head this transformative wave. While traditional tablets and capsules remain steadfast, the surging demand for innovative delivery mechanisms signifies a notable shift.

The company’s dedication to market disruption is evident in its adoption of oral dissolving strips, a swiftly emerging alternative that presents distinct advantages to consumers. Oral strips, unlike conventional forms, offer a convenient, clean, and pleasurable supplementation experience. This pivot towards oral dissolving strips not only mirrors shifting consumer preferences but also underscores Nutrastrips’ unwavering commitment to anticipating industry trends.

As trailblazers in this domain, Nutrastrips is well-positioned to leverage the escalating appeal of oral dissolving strips, positioning itself as a vanguard of innovation and providing customers with unparalleled convenience and efficacy in their supplementation journey.

Advancing Nutritional Science

Nutrastrips places a premium on maintaining a leading position in nutritional research and trends to drive a continuous cycle of innovation and advancement in its product portfolio. The Research and Development team adopts a proactive stance, consistently exploring new ingredients that exhibit efficacy within the specific dosage parameters suitable for oral strips.

Acknowledging the distinct challenges associated with dosage constraints inherent in oral strip formulations, Nutrastrips recognizes the necessity for elevated investments in research and development beyond industry standards. This commitment underscores the company’s unwavering resolve to furnish customers with products of unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Furthermore, Nutrastrips highly values invaluable insights and collaborations with its knowledgeable customer base, who offer recommendations and introductions to pioneering raw material suppliers. This collaborative synergy serves as a cornerstone of the company’s product development journey, facilitating the seamless integration of state-of-the-art ingredients and technologies into its formulations.

Leading with Integrity

Benjamin’s leadership style is deeply rooted in personal values and principles that prioritize integrity and honor. “Drawing inspiration from some of my favorite literature, I have embraced the ethos of honor as a source of internal power,” he explains.

At the core of his leadership philosophy is a strong commitment to acting with honor and integrity in all decisions and actions. This principle often requires making tough choices, even when they may not lead to the most immediately advantageous outcomes from a financial or pragmatic perspective. However, the assurance of conducting oneself with honor brings a sense of peace and fulfillment that transcends short-term gains.

By upholding these values, Benjamin aims to cultivate a culture of integrity and accountability within Nutrastrips, encouraging every team member to embody these principles in their roles.

Building Trust Through Quality

Renowned for its dedication to quality and efficacy, Nutrastrips anchors its operations on these fundamental principles. The company has instituted stringent quality control protocols, supported by substantial investments in its quality assurance systems.

Leveraging insights gained from collaborations with prestigious pharmaceutical partners, Nutrastrips has assimilated and incorporated their rigorous standards into its operational framework. This includes strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), as well as alignment with Halal standards, among other industry benchmarks.

By placing paramount importance on upholding these industry-defining standards, Nutrastrips guarantees that each of its products meets the pinnacle of quality, safety, and effectiveness. The company’s commitment to excellence underscores its pledge to deliver consumers with premium nutritional supplements they can rely on.

Supplementing Success

Nutrastrips is positioned for substantial expansion and growth as the company embarks on the next phase of its journey. A significant milestone in this progression is the recent acquisition of a larger manufacturing facility, representing a significant leap forward for the organization.

The decision to expand was prompted by current operational limitations, with the existing space operating at maximum capacity. The new facility will provide the opportunity to incorporate additional production lines, effectively boosting manufacturing capacity. It is with great anticipation that Nutrastrips announces the forthcoming delivery of the next production line from the manufacturer by the end of April, with full operational readiness expected by June of this year. Upon completion, the company will have the capacity to produce an impressive 225 million strips annually.

This strategic expansion seamlessly aligns with the overarching objective of meeting the growing global demand for oral dissolving strips. Nutrastrips is actively engaged in collaborations with brands worldwide to introduce innovative products to diverse markets, further cementing its position as a pioneer in the field of nutritional supplementation.

Impact on Health and Wellness

Nutrastrips, as a contract manufacturer, operates predominantly in the background, serving as the driving force behind numerous successful products within the health and wellness domain. While the company’s interactions may not be direct with end-users, its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation ensures that its partners deliver products that deeply resonate with consumers.

Personal anecdotes within close circles serve as compelling evidence of the efficacy of Nutrastrips products in enhancing individual well-being. A notable example involves a family member facing various health challenges. Upon introducing them to Nutrastrips’ CBD oral strips, specifically crafted to alleviate discomfort, they experienced notable relief and a marked improvement in their daily comfort levels. Their enthusiastic endorsement of the product, evident through repeated requests for more during family gatherings, stands as a testament to the tangible benefits provided by Nutrastrips solutions.



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