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Onalabs Inno-Hub: Exhibiting New Generation of Medical Wearables

Elisabet Del Valle | Onalabs Inno-Hub
Elisabet Del Valle, Co-founder and CEO, Onalabs Inno-Hub

Most people know the importance of health screening, yet they avoid undergoing one. Why is it so?

It is a general belief that the screening procedures are too complicated. Adding to the misery, people feel anxious and there is a negative emotion attached while undergoing a health test. But what if one does not have to go through screenings, and a single device can help detect abnormalities by monitoring your sweat.

Well, that’s precisely what Onalabs Inno-Hub has to offer. Unfolding its exclusive and patented technology, Onalabs has presented the healthcare niche with a new generation of non-invasive, remote, and continuous healthcare monitoring. Having the right knowledge, technology and expertise has enabled the company to monitor people’s health anytime, anywhere, without pain, and even without realizing it. That’s what makes the company unique.

Standing at the forefront of the company’s massive think-tank Elisabet Del Valle, Co-founder and CEO, believes in leading the future of healthcare concerning inclusive, personalized, sustainable, and universal health.

In an interview with Insights Care, Elisabet talks about Onalabs USPs and how it is offering solutions that positively impact the healthcare niche.

Below are the highlights:

Please tell us about Onalabs Inno-Hub in detail.

Onalabs is a bioengineering technological company involved in maximizing the well-being and life quality of people and patients, minimizing costs of hospitalization, reducing the health system expenditure, and implementing smart, non-invasive, and continuous biomarker monitoring solutions.

We have a complete long-term product roadmap with products devoted to vital health signs monitoring and critical metabolic biomarkers (such as lactate and glucose).

Our product pipeline consists of devices:

  • Devices for chronic complex and fragile patients or home hospitalization
  • Diabetic Patients
  • Sports Health

Please give us a brief overview of your journey in the healthcare niche, highlighting Onalabs Inno-Hub’s USPs.

We have developed an exclusive and patented technology that converts sweat into an intelligent biofluid and skin in a health data platform during our five years of life. This technology is a mix of ultra-sensitive sensors, microfluidic designs, and complex algorithms.

Thanks to this technology, we are bringing to the market a new generation of medical-grade wearables that can send internal body data in real-time to the doctors. We could measure more than 200 metabolites and ions, 800 proteins, and 32.000 endogenous peptides through sweat.

Being able to read biomarkers in sweat, we are generating a new paradigm in non-invasive, remote, and continuous health monitoring.

Onalabs is participating in the next healthcare revolution, creating a set of remote sensing devices where data is continuously processed and analysed. This aggregate data has the potential to be used for preventative medicine, real-time diagnostics, disease monitoring, and therapeutic delivery.

The future of healthcare will facilitate more timely and accurate interventions, improving outcomes for patients and the entire healthcare ecosystem. Data sources will include healthcare networks (hospitals, clinics, and laboratories), technology networks (sensors, monitoring, IoT devices), and social networks.

What are the core values upon which Onalabs Inno-Hub is built? What is its vision and mission?


To lead the future toward inclusive, personalized, sustainable, and universal health.


To create a new generation of non-invasive and smart medical-grade wearables to monitor people’s health anytime, anywhere, without pain, without realizing it.


For us, success is more about people enjoying a higher quality of life through our technology. To facilitate the monitoring of their main parameters through comfortable, innovative, and reliable devices. To be by their side so that they feel freer and improve their performance in sport. We are persevering because our dream is to make the dream of others come true.


Research is part of our DNA. Our R&D team works to create avant-garde solutions that pose a before and after in the measurement during sport or in health management. We are disruptive; we have the knowledge, technology, and expertise to do it.


We want to empower people, contribute to their freedom through intelligent solutions, focus on their real needs, and facilitate their daily care. Health begins with the knowledge of our own body, and our greatest encouragement is to achieve it in a non-invasive and rigorous way.


Health should be a universal right, and at Onalabs, we want to reach out to all people. To sportspeople, patients, and health professionals. We are plural, collaborative and global. Because by improving people’s health, we will contribute to improving the world in which we live.

What is your opinion on the necessity for the healthcare industry to leverage the emerging trends of technology, concerning to fulfil your client’s requirements in the healthcare industry?

Coronavirus has changed our daily life; it has accelerated the need to reduce the visits of risky chronic patients to the hospital, enhancing remote assistance. Moreover, there is an increased burden on healthcare systems due to the aging population and longer life expectancy. It is time to accelerate remote patient monitoring.

There are a lot of IT platforms to visualize clinical data, and wearable technologies are leading the market to improve remote patient monitorization. However, real telemedicine is still far away from being a reality.

One of the most important limitations is that current technologies are limited because blood samples are required to detect most of the current biomarkers (glucose, lactate, cortisol): a big barrier for remote and real-time monitoring and causing important problems.

For that reason, Onalabs has developed a new generation of medical-grade wearables that has the ability to measure clinical reliability and accurate remote data of physical and biochemical biomarkers simultaneously.

What was your inspiration and commitment behind developing innovative healthcare products to improve people’s lives?

We create smart devices to measure relevant biomarkers anytime, anywhere, without pain: 

  • To make people’s lives easier and safer by monitoring their parameters without even noticing them. We would improve patients’ quality of life and emotional estate.
  • To help professionals in their daily activities, improving prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and protocols.
  • To reduce healthcare costs by reducing hospitalization and monitoring patients remotely. 

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the healthcare industry?

Based on our experience, the best advice we can give to entrepreneurs is to focus on having the science behind the product or solutions well protected, knowing very well the real needs of the market, and having the enthusiasm and resilience to never stop pushing the project.

What are your future goals, and how do you envision further strengthening the stronghold of Onalabs Inno-Hub in the healthcare sector?

Our upcoming activities are on the way to consolidating two of the most important goals for Onalabs. On the one hand, consolidate us in the European market, and begin negotiations to enter the North American market. On the other hand, continue strengthening our presence with strategic alliances with prominent key players to achieve an excellent position in a few years.

Please give us a few testimonials of your clients/customers and a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight your organization’s position in the market.

List of awards/recognitions:

  • Seal of excellence by the European Commission
  • Selected for Roche Start-up Day, the Only Spanish company selected among 150 international projects
  • Selected for Allianz Startup Challenge in the Sport Tomorrow Congress of the Futbol Club Barcelona
  • Winning Start-up of Andorra Government
  • DRAC Prize in Innovation by RAC1 (one of the main radio stations in Spain



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