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Peeking into the Future

Peeking into the Future

Having begun as early as 7000 BC, Dentistry is one of the oldest professions in medicine. Realizing the problems of tooth decay and dental hygiene, people started forming descriptions of these and searched for treatment options. By the 17th century, it had become a more defined profession. The dental industry has moved far ahead since then. From tooth decays to cavities to tooth surgeries, dentists provide numerous services. Moreover, people today are more aware of dental hygiene and have learnt the importance of the same. Going ahead of these conventional procedures, advanced treatment procedures and new-age technology is taking a hold of the industry.

The past few years have witnessed multiple advancements that hold the potential to make the process easy, less time-consuming, and more effective. One of the technologies that has had a huge impact on the way patients are treated in dental clinics in 3D printing. It has been here for around years and continues to inspire new innovations in dentistry. From creating artificial crowns for teeth to making orthodontic devices, 3D has provided options to make customized dental solutions for patients at low cost and minimum time.

Additionally, laser technology helps the dentists with treating sensitivity, tumours, filling cavities, and many such applications. It is less painful and ensures that patients are comfortable during complex treatments. Today, there are various dentistry apps available as well. Remote consultation, medication reminders, etc. Have empowered patients to access treatment at the touch of fingers. There are other technologies like milling that helps create dental apparatus easily, digital records, digital impressions, and more, are transforming the ways problems were treated before.

Today, there is a treatment approach known as Emotional Dentistry, where the patients are shown the end product through digital photography. It helps them have more trust in the dentist and the treatment process, helping in patient management.

From finance management to diagnosis to treatment to information handling and revenue management, digitalization and technology has helps make all the processes of dentistry more efficient and accurate. Technology is truly is a marvel disrupting every market segment and has made our lives easier and more comfortable. The future of dental industry looks effective and advanced!



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