Pharmacy Pioneers: 5 Most Influential Chief Pharmacy Officers in Florida

Dr. Darrell Miller: Pioneering Pharmacy Leadership for Community Health Equity
Education, dedication, and commitment are the cornerstones of exceptional leadership, and Dr. Darrell Miller’s remarkable journey is a shining example of this principle. As the driving force behind Community Health Northwest Florida, a non-profit organization that has been a pillar of hope for the region’s...


Madeline Camejo | Pharmacy Services
Boldly Navigating Pharmacy Services into the New Digital Frontier
A Chief Pharmacy Officer’s Log As a kid, I always enjoyed watching Star Trek, and all the missions...


Pharmacy Regulation and Oversight in Florida
The Role of Chief Pharmacy Officers In the complex world of healthcare, the role of pharmacists has grown...
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Sustainability in Florida's Pharmaceutical Industry
Greening Drug Manufacturing The pharmaceutical industry in Florida is undergoing a significant transformation,...