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Professional Marriage and Family Therapist Stephanie Gilbert Shares How Psychotherapy Can Help You Feel Better About Yourself

Stephanie Gilbert

We all know that sometimes dealing with emotions is more challenging than physical pain. What makes it worse is when you are left alone to deal with struggles. However, with the help of psychotherapists, it is possible to reconnect with yourself and regain a sense of purpose. Expert mental health therapist Stephanie Gilbert, LMFT shares how treating mental health disorders can help you feel connected to life again.

Stephanie’s mental health suffered after she lost her father when she was only six years old. A father is a prime figure in every child’s life, and going without a primary caregiver can have mental health consequences. Missing this form of love from an early age was a setback in Stephanie’s life. She worked hard to improve her mental health and eventually overcame her past.

By studying psychology, Stephanie learned various therapeutic methods that have built her therapeutic approach. She shares that Buddhist psychology, depth psychology, as well as CBT and DBT all inform her approach. She uses all these elements during sessions to encourage increased awareness and make space for growth.

By using this approach in her counseling sessions, Stephanie discovered a common issue that causes mental distress. She realized that most people fear negative feedback due to low self-worth, perfectionism, and fear of failure. These negative attributes make people criticize themselves. Psychotherapy ensures people identify their cognitive distortions or issues with their thinking about self and accept themselves in their most authentic and genuine form.

Therapy sessions offer a better understanding of deep-seated sentiments and emotions that require improvement. Stephanie encourages her patients to express their feelings and not suppress them. Internalizing your feelings for a long duration can lead to inner destruction and chaos.

Stephanie also helps her patients realize that happiness is in their own hands. No one can make them feel a certain way, and they are responsible for their peace of mind. Some people use intense emotions like anger to hide their past when they find themselves vulnerable, but this only worsens the pain and the trauma. She also advises people to think before speaking, as words act as weapons, ending years of relationships and leaving a lasting impact on the mind.

Through psychotherapy, individuals can gain independence and find greater joy in life by releasing negative thoughts and emotions. Stephanie Gilbert’s counselling sessions help identify and address the complex thoughts and emotions that hinder their well-being, guiding them towards a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.

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