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Ramarketing: Design Service, Digital, and International PR Agency in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Sector

Ramarketing | Raman Sehgal
Ramarketing | Raman Sehgal

The global healthcare industry is having strong importance in human health and progress. Biotech helps pharmaceutical companies to produce new better products, services, new services, and improvements in existing technology.

To exchange ideas, market new products, make bonds between two biotech or pharmaceutical organizations, and create creative ideas to grow better around the world is the work that PR agencies do. If the PR work is done exceptionally well then, the client and company will grow together simultaneously.

Ramarketing helps companies to manage reputation, increase visibility in the market, and provide solutions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries around the globe. The agency is committed to working hard with people and clients of all ages and backgrounds. Doing PR work for biotech and pharmaceutical companies helps the community and creates awareness about healthcare around the globe.

To make a difference, Founder and Global President, Raman Sehgal, started the agency in 2009, solo, with one employee and one pharmaceutical client. His values and entrepreneurial spirit are those things that have driven every employee to work well.

Please brief our audience about Ramarketing, its values, and the aspects that make it a leading player in the healthcare PR space.

We are an international design, digital communications, and content agency that’s in the business of helping ambitious companies that operate in the pharmaceutical and life science sector get noticed.

Built on integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, genuine kindness, inclusion, attentiveness, and a commitment to continuously sharpen our craft, Ramarketing is a proactive and deeply creative agency, trusted by clients across the globe. It is home to some incredible talent who work together, and as an extension of our clients’ teams, to drive tangible results in the pharma and biotech sector.

Our attitude – along with our PR expertise, technical digital skills, design capability, brand know-how, and specialist knowledge of the industry we serve – makes us a leading global player in our space. We are particularly proud to have supported some of the organizations involved in the development, manufacture, and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Brief us about how you have set yourself apart from the competition through your expertise in healthcare PR and communication?

First and foremost, we believe our values set us apart. We really care about what we do and the clients we serve. It’s simple – if they succeed, so do we. We find that this attitude, and the growth we enable for our clients, sets us apart from the competition.

Aside from our values, our focused expertise means that we can offer our clients support unlike any other. We live and breathe life sciences; our agency was spun out of a fast-growing pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), so this sector is weaved into our DNA and everything we do. Reaching, nurturing, and converting prospects for those in the global pharma and biotech outsourcing space, as well as creating and protecting brands, has been our core specialism since day one – it is all we know and all we do.

We’ve helped well over 100 companies globally to reach new buyers and markets, make an impact and turn their marketing frustrations into commercial results. Every year, since 2009, we have grown organically, and we are so proud to be a thoroughly sustainable, as well as a profitable business: one that’s here for clients both today and tomorrow.

What other services does Ramarketing offer, and how are you making an impact in the global healthcare industry?

What we do makes a difference. The work of our clients (and their clients) also makes a difference. Our job is to connect our clients to pharma and biotech companies who are developing products that, quite literally, save lives.

We are the agency for fast-growing and enterprise-level businesses. We help service providers thrive – whether they are conducting clinical trials, supplying technology for use in the drug development cycle or even manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of a pharma company.

We approach every client’s needs holistically: we look to diagnose the challenges and issues they face, understand the specific landscape of the drug development spectrum in which they operate, identify their differentiators, establish a strong brand presence and growing demand for their products and services. Only with a personalized, well-informed approach can we be sure that each of our clients will achieve their marketing objectives.

Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies and platforms within PR and communications has transformed the industry and what more could be expected in the near future?

The maintenance of your brand’s reputation can no longer be achieved through trade events and word of mouth alone. Businesses have long since needed an integrated approach and a deeper understanding of the essential role that digital has to play in the marketing mix.

Suddenly, organizations are finding that they don’t have to simply be corporate entities and that, by having a brand that expresses their values and people, they are able to transform their performance and reputation.

Especially in response to the increased public interest in the pharmaceutical industry resulting from the pandemic, we expect to see many more businesses embrace new, innovative, and creative opportunities in a trend that will see the whole sector become more open, available, digitally communicative, and successful.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the healthcare PR sector?

Find your niche. All exceptional marketing is built on a thorough understanding of the sector, and sub-sector, and of course the needs of the specific buyer you are selling into. You don’t need to be an expert in everything, just in the niche in which your clients reside. Knowing their world will help you thrive. Honing in on your area of specialism enables you to gain unrivalled expertise and become an agency that, to your clients, feels specifically designed for them.

Define success. It is easy to simply think of your agency (or yourself) as a supplier, but you should be more than that: you should be an extension to your clients’ teams. A trusted advisor. Teams must, as we all know, share the same goals and definition of success in order to work optimally and achieve highly. The same goes for your internal team – all being on the same page is crucial for consistent and high-impact marketing.

Where do you envision Ramarketing to be in the long run and what are your goals for 2022 and beyond?

Our mission is to become the world’s first choice of marketing agency within the life sciences outsourcing sector. We are known for our global expertise, sector specialism, and likeability, but we want to also be known as the agency that offers a global presence and demonstrable commercial impact. We have worked very hard at demonstrating the value of content and PR.

In order to do this, we are constantly growing, learning, and adapting. We are investing in our digital marketing team, understanding the increased call for digital services and the opportunities for innovation in this area. Future goals for us also include setting up offices in both APAC and mainland Europe, as well as expanding our current team. For us, more people mean more skills and even better services to benefit more clients.

About the Leader

A seasoned marketer with a particular passion for PR, Raman’s career saw him work for two PR agencies and Heinz, before beginning his journey in life sciences as the Head of Marketing at a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO). Determined to use his insight for the success of more businesses in the industry, he founded a marketing agency, which he called Ramarketing.

What began as a single-client agency, run from his dining room table alongside his full-time job, soon became a multi-million-dollar global agency thanks to his dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and crucially, his deep understanding of the sector.

There was no fancy start-up story, no ‘aha!’ moment… simply organic growth resulting from an opportunity he seized and was able to maximize, thanks to his expertise.

Raman is our Founder and Global President here at Ramarketing. He is also the host of a leading podcast, a thought leader in the sector, and recently became a best-selling author with his book, The Floundering Founder.

We live by his values and are driven by his entrepreneurial spirit. The work we do, the way we do it, and our understanding of the impact that it has (both on the sector and the people we work with) are all thanks to him. We, ourselves, are a success story – a business serving the pharma and biotech sector who have experienced phenomenal growth – and this experience enables us to support other organizations on the same journey.



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