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ReBlonde: Building a Bridge for Companies to Attain Comprehensive Success

ReBlonde | Motti Peer
ReBlonde | Motti Peer

Storytelling is a powerful approach when it comes to making an impact on a set of audience. From globally renowned filmmakers to prominent TEDx speakers, people have adopted storytelling and have successfully delivered their message.

Utilizing this power of storytelling in a corporate setting gives companies an added advantage in engaging their audience, customers, and stakeholders. Most of the time, choosing the right corporate storyteller—an effective PR agency—becomes a bottleneck for companies considering the vast number of PR agencies in the market.

This edition, the 10 Most Promising PR Agencies in Healthcare, brings you an assortment of agencies that have proven their mettle by delivering high-performing PR strategies.

On the cover of this edition, we have ReBlonde, an award-winning global PR agency catering to tech startups, enterprises, VCs, blockchain, and crypto startups.

Based in Israel, the country popularly known as the Startup Nation, ReBlonde has made a name for itself as one of the world’s leading boutique PR firms for tech companies. A sizable chunk of the clients with whom ReBlonde has worked, including genome-sequencing pioneer Emedgene and medical-imaging powerhouse Nanox, play an active role in leveraging technology to improve health outcomes. ReBlonde is proud to play a part in promoting the initiatives of such companies.

Redefining Benchmarks

The services ReBlonde provides its health-tech clients span the entire spectrum of PR – from classic outreaches that can result in full-on PR storms, to speaking opportunities at events, to groundbreaking thought leadership in top-tier tech publications, such as TechCrunch and VentureBeat, as well as healthcare industry publications.

“There’s no escaping the fact that tech is increasingly shaping, and usually improving, healthcare and health outcomes across the globe. ReBlonde’s 360°-view of the tech landscape uniquely positions us as a firm that can match our clients with strategic publications and events, write attention-grabbing pitches, and place thought-provoking op-eds for health-tech companies seeking to gain publicity,” says Motti Peer, the CEO of ReBlonde.

At the Helm of Progress

Motti holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Manchester University. As CEO of ReBlonde, Motti is responsible for handling PR strategy for the company’s tech clients, many of whom are MedTech startups. Motti thinks “out of the box” to come up with strategies that boost clients’ growth and expand their brand awareness.

Sharing his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the healthcare industry, Motti says, “It’s true that AI and ML are streamlining processes in healthcare, empowering real people to focus on the less tedious aspects of the work. But it actually goes far beyond that.”

“These technologies are paving the way for a population health approach that emphasizes screening entire populations for red flags, rather than the individual care that often ends up being more reactive than proactive.”

“It’s an exciting development that offers great promise in improving health outcomes across the board, and we at ReBlonde welcome any positive change that we can help to publicize,” he adds.

Learning from experience is always beneficial. Especially if you’re someone starting out in the PR space. In the same sense, we asked Motti for his advice to the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the healthcare space. In his reply, Motti said, “Hone your value proposition and find a successful PR agency to help you sharpen it. Not every founder is going to be the best salesman—that’s what we’re here for.”

“But in a diluted market, whether in tech, healthcare, or anything else, distinguishing between your product and the competition is make or break. Why are you better than the other ten companies doing something very similar? Entrepreneurs who have a good answer to that are already off to a great start,” he added.

From Storms to New Horzions

When it comes to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, ReBlonde faced challenges similar to most other companies. “In PR, our people are everything, and ensuring they felt safe and supported throughout these challenging times was instrumental in coming out stronger,” Motti expressed.

Flexibility toward the staff and a common-sense approach to sanitation via social distancing, dividers, and other measures served as ReBlonde’s principal doctrine for pivoting from the challenges, and it worked effectively.

Talking about the future roadmap for ReBlonde, Motti said, “People who know me have heard me say PR is about connections, and that’s the truth. We’re going to continue to nurture our existing connections and cultivate new ones.” Beyond that, the ReBlonde team will keep doing what it does best: find the most relevant angle for any story and put its clients in headlines across the globe.

Exhibiting Excellence

Following is a case study that highlights ReBlonde’s expertise and leading position in the PR space:

The Problem

One notable client that comes to mind is Nanox AI (previously known as Zebra Medical Vision), a medical-imaging company that leverages AI to screen entire populations for the early detection of diseases. Recently acquired by Nanox, Zebra worked with ReBlonde’s team from Round A to acquisition, for almost six years.

ReBlonde comprehends that even the most groundbreaking technologies can lose their eye-catching appeal without the right messaging. This is crucial to prioritize, especially when establishing a name for clients during their early stages. On par with many MedTech startups, Nanox AI confronted many challenges, like the need for funding and FDA approval. But with a tactical strategy, the team knew that media recognition for Nanox AI was inevitable, and the company’s other business goals would follow. Nanox AI needed the world to know disease detection didn’t need to be constant and expensive, and ReBlonde helped them tell that story.

The Approach

The key to generating buzz about a MedTech company like Nanox AI is coming up with a clever angle that communicates why the technology matters. Even tech reporters don’t want to read jargon-packed descriptions of AI technology—they want to understand how it can be used to fight heart disease and breast cancer.

Keeping these relatable applications and the goals of fundraising and getting FDA approval in mind, the ReBlonde team honed the angle and got to work. The agency introduced its closest media contacts to Nanox AI, who spread the word, causing overall chatter to skyrocket. Before long, ReBlonde was able to use the organic coverage to push Nanox AI’s $12 million funding story, subsequently resulting in multiple sought-after FDA approvals.

The Results

ReBlonde’s media efforts landed Nanox AI in Forbes, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Reuters, and VentureBeat, to name a few, all of whom recognized Nanox AI for its use of machine learning-based medical solutions.

Nanox AI was also named by ‘Fast Company’ as one of the Most Innovative Companies and one of the Top-5 AI and Machine Learning companies and was included in Wired Magazine’s “Tel Aviv’s Hottest Startups” list not once, but twice.

These prestigious awards and other press coverage put Nanox AI in the spotlight of the right investors, helping the company nab a $12 million Series B and a $30 million Series C. ReBlonde’s media efforts were crucial in establishing Nanox AI in its early stages up until its acquisition by Nanox.




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