Scientists have discovered a mind-body connection in the human brain

human brain

For millennia, the subject of the connection between the human mind and body has stumped great thinkers, including Aristotle and Descartes. However, it appears that the answer is embedded in the brain’s structure itself.

On Wednesday, researchers announced that they had discovered that a network that is involved in thinking, planning, mental arousal, pain, and control of internal organs, as well as functions like blood pressure and heart rate, are connected to parts of the motor cortex of the brain that control body movement.

Mind-Body Nexus in Brain

They discovered a system in the motor cortex that was previously unknown. This system is represented by multiple nodes that are situated in between regions of the brain that are already known to be responsible for the movement of particular body parts; hands, feet and face and are locked in when a wide range of body developments are performed together.

This organization was likewise found to compare with mind districts that, as displayed in examinations including monkeys, are associated with interior organs including the stomach and adrenal organs, permitting these organs to change movement levels fully expecting playing out a specific activity. They stated that this could explain physical responses like sweating or an increased heart rate caused by thinking about a difficult task in the future.

A component of the cerebral cortex, the brain’s outermost layer, is the motor cortex. Fundamentally, we currently have shown that the human engine framework isn’t unitary. All things being equal, we accept there are two separate frameworks that control development,” said radiology teacher Evan Gordon of the Washington College Institute of Medication in St. Louis, lead creator of the review distributed in the diary Nature.

One allows you to move your hands, feet, and face alone. This system is crucial for, for instance, writing and speaking movements that require only one body part. Gordon stated, “A second system, the SCAN, is more connected to high-level planning regions of your brain and is more important for integrated, whole-body movements.”

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