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SecureNetMD: An Innovative Technology Partner for Healthcare Leaders

Jack Berberian | Founder and CEO | SecureNetMD | ealthcare Leaders | Insights Care

Cyber security is no longer just a trending practice; it has become an absolute necessity. With paper records moving to electronic ones, the side-effect of this revolutionary transition cannot be ignored. To address the same in healthcare industry, a remarkable piece of legislation- The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), was coined. Made with the primary goal to tackle the issue of insurance coverage for individuals between jobs, HIPAA helps healthcare providers to safeguard against healthcare frauds, ensure the security of PHI, restrict healthcare information authorization as well as help in securely sharing healthcare information across various platforms.

SecureNetMD is one of the fastest growing HIPAA Compliant Managed Technology Solutions Providers that help healthcare leaders make better decisions around technology. Founded in 2009, the company empowers healthcare providers to expand patient reach and improve patient care. SecureNetMD aims to be an innovative technology company, strategically focused on partnering in its clients’ success.

The Prodigy Leading SecureNetMD

Jack Berberian is the Founder and CEO of SecureNetMD. He holds diverse educational proficiencies- JD, CPHIMS, CHSP, CHSA, ATC, to name a few. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked across multiple industries and verticals. Jack has also founded Troy Ventures, LLC, MedTix, LLC, as well as co-founded ThinkSecureNet alongside SecureNetMD. Under this dynamic leader, SecureNetMD has reached the height of success that it is at today. “At SecureNetMD, we’ve invested in becoming a true technology partner for our clients. Our award-winning solutions are backed with first-class service, providing healthcare providers the leverage and confidence to get back to what’s most important—improving and expanding patient care,” asserts Jack.

Promising Solutions and Services

Not only does it deliver fully-HIPAA compliant solutions, SecureNetMD has invested in developing a trusted relationship with its clients. It believes that the needs of healthcare organizations can vary greatly and hence, is not interested in a one-size-fits-all technology. With the largest needs of maximum healthcare organizations at its nexus, SecureNetMD offers solutions in four core focused areas: Managed Security Solutions, Managed IT solutions, Unified Communications, and IT Infrastructure. These aid in protecting healthcare organizations and their patient ePHI through innovative threat management, endpoint encryption, and compliance management solutions.

The Managed IT solutions allow SecureNetMD to empower and streamline healthcare organizations with fully managed or co-sourced 24/7/365 service desk. They also allow healthcare providers of all sizes gain invaluable access to a full fleet of certified technology experts whenever they need it. With its Unified Communications solutions, the company improves the flexibility and dependability of crystal clear VoIP and intuitive custom call flow designs. This helps healthcare leaders ensure that their patients are delivered to their destination quickly and efficiently. Its cloud-based Unified Communication (UC) platform empowers practice managers and healthcare leaders by delivering enhanced call analytics that can track peak call times, patient hold times, missed calls, and staffing efficiency through an intuitive reporting dashboard, 24×7.  With its IT Infrastructure, SecureNetMD improves the infrastructure and scalability of healthcare providers with the fleet of certified cabling technicians, project managers, and on-staff certified RCDD.

Outshining the Confrères

Three areas that really set SecureNetMD apart from other Managed Service Providers are that it is a fully-HIPAA compliant solution provider. The company is rooted in technology and process efficiency and it has been passing this value to its clients to streamline their operations. It has spent the last decade developing a nimble and responsive service model, allowing its teams to respond quickly to the customer and industry needs.  Moreover, SecureNetMD emphasizes on being a partner and not just another vendor, for its clients. Its award-winning solutions with first-class service are backed with partnerships. The company proudly says, “We don’t have business relationships, we develop long term partnerships that are earned over the course of time.

An Ambitious Workplace

The company takes great pride in calling themselves a team, demonstrating true teamwork that rallies delivering world-class. One of the core values SecureNetMD is Growth. It focuses on investing in the growth of its team and each individual team member. Being in an industry that is ever-changing, it is required that the team members be agile and eager to improve on their specialties and expand their skillsets. SecureNetMD encourages its team to continue growth by providing incentives, recognition, and career advancement tracks to help them achieve the best version of themselves.

Recognitions and Accolades

SecureNetMD was recently recognized and featured as one of the Top 10 MSP for 2018 by a prominent magazine of the industry. It was also recognized as one the Top 10 Healthcare Companies in Delaware and Fastest Growing Companies in America by a well-renowned source. A prestigious source named SecureNetMD as one of the Top 10 VoIP providers. Additionally it has received several other recognitions throughout the local community as a leader in Healthcare IT, including Delaware Small Business Chamber Blue Ribbon Award, 2016 Best of Lewes Award in the HIPAA Compliant Healthcare IT Provider category, to name a few.

Future Endeavors

SecureNetMD’s plan for the future is to continue being recognized as a leader in the industry and a trusted partner for healthcare providers. As a partner to healthcare providers, it aims to be foster a strong commitment; so that healthcare providers can be confident in trusting SecureNetMD with not only the technology that their staff and patients interface with, but also in providing innovative solutions that future-proof their growing organization.



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