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The 10 Most Innovative Virtual Care Service Providers 2022

eVisit: Simplifying Healthcare Delivery and Empowering Doctors
Miles Romney started his career in health-tech, building the first EHR for wireless, mobile devices in-clinic. He then moved heavily into security, architecting solutions for secure data transmission and storage to satisfy what were, in those days, the ‘new’ HIPAA requirements. From there, Miles moved...

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JustAnswer LLC
JustAnswer: Get Answers from Professionals Across the Globe 24/7
Problems can occur at anytime and anywhere in our lives. Sometimes, finding the right solution is hard....
Soulmio: Benchmark of Convenience in the Virtual Care Niche
When you are in good mental and emotional health, you approach your job with confidence. You’re...
Tokitus: Helping you to Choose a Better Approach in Life
It’s vital to acknowledge that for decades, there was a big stigma unfairly placed on mental health alongside...
ViTel Net
ViTel Net: Services that Facilitate the Delivery of Care
Historical figures like Sigmund Freud and Elizabeth Blackwell serve as reminders of how fascinating and...
Telesofia Medical: A Virtual Bridge Between Doctors and Patients
Remember the scenario where people spent hours waiting in the hospital for their treatment or primary...
Visionflex: A Futuristic Approach Towards Healthcare  
The internet has allowed us to connect with each other in a way that we never thought possible. This...