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Abdullah-Boulard-Sarah-Boss | THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab
Abdullah Boulad, CEO and Dr med. Sarah Boss, Clinical Director, THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab

In today’s fast-paced world, where everything has become so all-consuming and complex, most people struggle with mental and emotional turmoil. Addictions are becoming more common than before as people turn to substances as a way out of all their problems.

This scenario was amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the whole world and locked people inside their homes. People who were already battling with mental illnesses and substance addiction became more vulnerable to further indulgence.

Sometimes recovery from addiction and other mental illnesses is a battle that cannot be fought alone and in your existing habitat. That’s where rehabilitation centres play a crucial role. They allow an individual who’s battling addiction or mental illnesses to recover in seclusion and peace.

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab is a place where people can find this seclusion and peace away from their habitat to heal holistically.

In the following interview, Abdullah Boulad, the CEO and Dr med. Sarah Boss, the Clinical Director, tell us how THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab has been enabling clients to recover from addiction through their services and helping them lead a life free of addiction.

Origin of Holistic Healing

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab is a modern residential treatment centre and a mental institution. Unlike traditional rehab centres, it was created to be a safe haven where its clients can find recovery, peace, rest, and happiness.

The rehab centre focuses on one patient at a time, and THE BALANCE in Mallorca offers round-the-clock attention from a team of private staff, including doctors, a personal confidante, butler, cook, and chauffeur.

Clients at THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab carry very high expectations and usually come from an environment where they are under a lot of public pressure. The centre offers them a protected, quiet, and luxurious space to focus on themselves and their recovery. This is what sets the organisation apart from other treatment centres.

THE BALANCE combines the luxury and comfort of a private villa with the world-class medical therapy of a Swiss rehab clinic. Clients can expect sensitive, discreet, private treatment for a range of issues, including gambling, sex, alcohol and drug addictions, burnout, depression, eating disorders, and other mental health problems.

The organisation specialises in two groups: people for whom accommodation in a rehabilitation clinic or psychotherapeutic facility is not exclusive enough and celebrities who don’t want their treatment to become the subject of scandalous news reports. This is often important for the children of rich or famous families too. 

Discreet Healing

THE BALANCE is a highly specialized therapy facility for people who are looking for sustainable treatments for their personal problems. As a holistic treatment centre, it focuses on integrative, person-centred, tailored treatment programmes that combine alternative and traditional approaches to achieve the best results. Each programme is as unique as the client.

The treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of the issues, consisting of a full-body medical exam using scientific laboratory tests, psychiatric assessment, orthomolecular investigation, and nutritional history. In cases where the body suffers from severe imbalances caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or substance abuse, a unique Swiss innovation known as “Biomedical Restoration” is applied.

In total, the treatment programme lasts at least one month and can be delivered in English, Spanish, and German. Once the programme is completed, clients continue to be supported as they return to their normal lives to prevent relapses.

Mallorca is the perfect location for THE BALANCE as it is easily accessible from Europe, the Middle East, and the US. It has a wonderful Mediterranean climate which allows it to offer relaxed outdoor and sports activities all year round that are essential to living a life of balance.

Some of THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab’s features include –

  • It treats only one client at a time
  • In a private luxury facility
  • With 100% discretion
  • 100% tailored program
  • Biochemical restoration
  • 360° holistic medicine
  • 24/7 live-in counsellor, and
  • A personal nutritional chef

Overcoming the Obstacles

While conversing with Abdullah, we asked him about his opinion on the global healthcare sector, to which he replied, “The pandemic has been an accelerator of many mental problems. We can see an increase in patients where the pandemic has influenced their situation significantly. A lot comes from loneliness.”

“The healthcare sector will think differently in the future. Supply chains need to be reviewed, and they will have higher importance. Independence will most probably increase on a regional level,” concluded Abdullah.

We further asked him about the challenges that the organisation faced during the initial phase of the pandemic, to which he replied, “Our major challenge was mainly through the lock-downs and travel restrictions of our patients. Clients couldn’t travel to get the needed help or only with a lot of effort and administration to be done.”

Advice for the Youth

  • Individuality before services for the mass
  • Business insights and connections are needed to be successful

Road Ahead

We asked Abdullah about his vision on scaling the company, to which he replied, “We have just opened a new facility in Mallorca/Spain and will continue to establish that.”

Upon asking further about the change in the niche of the rehabilitation services in the future he said, “Those who can afford will seek private and bespoke treatment programs. On the other hand, online services will increase too.” concluded Abdullah.

About the Leaders

Abdullah Boulad – Abdullah acts as the company’s Managing Director and is responsible for the organization’s overall management. He is a profound health professional and holds two master’s degrees, one in General Management and one in Business Engineering from the University of St. Gallen, as well as several degrees in integrative health & medicine, nutrition & food, Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness (MBSR), Life Coaching, and Addiction Treatment. He has gained vast know-how in the medical services industry through his involvement in several medical service providers.

Dr med. Sarah Boss – Sarah is originally from Austria and had medical and psychotherapy training (15 years) in Vienna. She worked as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in the most important treatment centres before becoming a renowned addiction specialist in Europe’s biggest addiction treatment centre.

In Zürich, Switzerland, she was Deputy Medical Director of one of the most exclusive private treatment centres globally, focused on treating psychological and dependency disorders and biomolecular restoration. Afterward, she set up a Dutch Treatment Centre to treat eating disorders in Altea as Clinical Director.

Apart from the Cognitive, Schema, and Emotion-Focused Therapy, she, for example, also uses Mindfulness techniques or EMDR. She is trained and certified in modern neuromodulation techniques, Neurofeedback, rTMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), and Actigraphy.

Because of the importance of the complex interactions between the brain and the body (including gut-brain interactions), she has also had extensive training in Switzerland to become a therapist for modern Orthomolecular Medicine. This includes Mitochondrial Medicine, Nutrition- and Anti-Aging-Medicine.

Being specialised in these separately treated areas (psyche and functional medicine) is the most promising approach to act preventive and cure with lasting effect. This profound view of the person was the main idea for the treatments she is offering now.



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