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The Legacy of Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Bridging Trust and Excellence in Healthcare

Dr Jamil Ahmed
Dr Jamil Ahmed

Today, where medical prowess meets entrepreneurial acumen, a name that shines prominently is that of Dr. Jamil Ahmed. A renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon, who embodies the perfect blend of medical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. With a journey that’s a fusion of academic excellence and global exposure, Dr. Jamil has reshaped healthcare by establishing Prime Healthcare Group LLC.

Originating from India’s prestigious medical institutions, Dr. Jamil’s educational journey led him to master the art of Orthopaedic Surgery. Expanding his horizons, he went to Germany to sharpen his skills in Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery. Armed with this knowledge, he took the plunge and founded PRIME Medical Centre in 1999, a pivotal move that amalgamated his medical finesse with his business aspirations.

While Dr. Jamil shines as a medical luminary, his impact transcends the traditional boundaries of medicine. He’s emerged as a trailblazer in the local healthcare scene, celebrated not just for his medical expertise but also for his business acumen. The soaring success of PRIME Healthcare Group stands as a testament to his strategic foresight and unwavering dedication.

Driven by the audacious ambition of becoming the most esteemed healthcare provider in the region, PRIME has evolved into a powerhouse, boasting a team of over 450 adept physicians and 1200 committed support professionals. Their shared mission: to provide cutting-edge medical care across the UAE.

Within this expansive healthcare empire, a distinguished 100-bed hospital takes the spotlight, surrounded by 14 modern Medical Centers, 40+ corporate clinics, and 2 advanced Diagnostic Centers & pharmacies, strategically located in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. It’s an all-encompassing realm of healthcare excellence, reflecting Dr. Jamil’s unwavering commitment to holistic well-being as the Founder and Managing Director of the organization.

Journey in Establishing Prime Healthcare

Dr. Jamil’s tenure at the private hospital allowed him to establish strong relationships with local Emirati families, cementing his reputation as a trusted physician. However, he eventually aspired to broaden his impact beyond orthopedics and cater to a wider range of medical needs. This aspiration led to the inception of Prime Healthcare on October 2nd, 1999. The initial stages were humble, with only five physicians, including Dr. Jamil, offering essential medical services such as orthopedics, general practice, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, and internal medicine.

Over the years, Prime Healthcare underwent remarkable expansion, evolving into a comprehensive healthcare group encompassing medical centers, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, pharmacies, home care services, and more. Dr. Jamil’s commitment to hands-on involvement in patient care remained unwavering. He firmly believed in leading by example, personally engaging with every client to ensure the delivery of exceptional services. Driven by the notion that having a personal stake in the patients’ well-being was crucial, he also wanted to set a precedent for his colleagues, demonstrating that building a clientele based on this philosophy was not only feasible but also highly effective.

Dr. Jamil’s approach involved implementing robust systems and controls to facilitate scalability without compromising quality. The results spoke for themselves, as Prime Healthcare transitioned from seeing around 100 patients per day during its inception to managing an average of 9000 patients per day across the entire group. This remarkable growth was a testament to Dr. Jamil’s commitment to patient-centered care and his visionary leadership, ultimately reshaping the healthcare landscape in the UAE.

Elevating Healthcare through Respect and Wellness

According to Dr. Jamil, the foundation of Prime Healthcare’s success lies in its vision, which sets it apart from merely aspiring to be the largest or most expansive. Rather, the organization aims to earn the title of the most respected healthcare provider. This vision is underpinned by a deep understanding of the pivotal role that people play in an organization’s achievements.

Dr. Jamil’s approach is centered around cultivating respect, transparency, and trust within the organization. This ethos is reflected in how Prime Healthcare treats its staff and provides its services to the patients. By valuing and respecting its employees, the organization builds a strong foundation for achieving its broader mission. This respect extends to transparent communication about organizational matters, fostering trust in leadership.

The core philosophy emphasizes three primary elements: patients, staff, and the organization itself. Patients form the cornerstone, as their well-being is the purpose behind Prime Healthcare’s existence. The second pillar is the dedicated staff, whose care and well-being are equally prioritized. Dr. Jamil believes that by nurturing these two crucial components, the third element, the organization’s overall success, naturally falls into place.

Dr. Jamil emphasizes that taking care of staff translates into better patient care, which in turn ensures the vitality of the organization. This guiding principle has remained consistent throughout the years and continues to steer the organization’s decisions and actions.

In line with this approach, Prime Healthcare has introduced innovative initiatives to promote staff wellness.

Recognizing the challenges posed by the post-COVID landscape, the organization has declared the current year as a year of wellness for its staff. In a pioneering move within the healthcare sector, Prime Healthcare has even introduced Wellness leaves for its physicians. This initiative, beyond mandated regulatory requirements, underscores the organization’s commitment to the well-being of its medical practitioners.

Digital Revolution in Healthcare

Dr. Jamil recognizes that the COVID crisis prompted a rapid acceleration of organizational changes that might have taken several years to implement under normal circumstances. The pandemic prompted a paradigm shift, compelling many institutions to adopt strategies that were initially scheduled for longer-term implementation. Dr. Jamil views this as a positive outcome from the crisis.

In 2020, Prime Healthcare demonstrated its agility by becoming one of the first organizations in Dubai to embrace telehealth. The organization had already established a dedicated division, Prime Digital, several years before the pandemic. This division was responsible for aligning technological advancements with customer expectations.

Striving with a patient-centric approach, Prime Healthcare assembled a specialized team to oversee these initiatives. Prime Healthcare’s digital initiatives have resulted in remarkable progress. For instance, they developed a patient app that goes beyond scheduling appointments, offering patients access to their complete medical history, test results, and prescriptions on their mobile devices. They also developed a physician app that facilitates 24/7 connectivity between patients and their doctors. Furthermore, Prime Healthcare’s loyalty program serves over 120,000 patients through a digital platform.

A notable achievement is the seamless digital connectivity across all of Prime Healthcare’s branches in the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. This integration ensures that each patient is assigned a unique ID, and their medical records are accessible to physicians across various locations. This connectivity enhances patient care by providing a comprehensive view of each patient’s medical history regardless of their location within the UAE.

Personalized Care Philosophy and Lasting Patient Connections

The philosophy of personalized care encompasses not only clinical outcomes but also the patient’s experience throughout their journey. When a patient enters the facility, the aim is to create an environment where they feel at ease, confident, and valued. The patient’s individual experience takes precedence over the sheer number of patients seen. Dr. Jamil believes that each patient should feel that their healthcare needs are the central focus, without being compromised by external factors. Patients visit not only for medical reasons but also to share personal milestones, like the birth of a new family member. Such gestures showcase the depth of the relationship built on trust, empathy, and respect.

Prime Healthcare’s commitment to patient-centered care is evident from the front office to the medical staff. This approach has yielded enduring relationships with patients, some of whom have remained loyal for over a decade. The loyalty program, which includes over 120,000 patients, exemplifies the organization’s dedication to building long-lasting connections. Patients who have been with Prime Healthcare for years know that they are not just another case; they’re recognized as individuals with unique medical histories and needs.

Balancing Quality and Affordability

Dr. Jamil acknowledges that the escalating cost of healthcare delivery poses a significant challenge for Prime Healthcare. Factors such as the rising cost of manpower due to nurses seeking opportunities abroad and the overall increased cost of doing business have impacted the healthcare industry. However, the market dynamics in the region limit the organization’s ability to increase tariffs for services. Instead, Dr. Jamil emphasizes the importance of maintaining reasonable and affordable pricing for patients.

To address this challenge, Prime Healthcare has embarked on a comprehensive strategy to enhance operational efficiency. Over the past six years, the organization has heavily invested in optimizing processes to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of care. Dr. Jamil highlights the critical role of digital systems in this endeavor. These systems help analyze metrics such as the average length of a patient’s stay and determine if certain cases could be managed effectively in a home care setting rather than in a hospital.

The focus is on achieving the best patient outcomes using the most appropriate and efficient resources. The organization considers factors like manpower, pharmacy expenses, and diagnostic tests to ensure that the patient receives optimal care without unnecessary expenses. This approach, which began in 2013-14, has allowed Prime Healthcare to refine its processes and become more resource-efficient.

Approach to Trust, Efficiency, and Growth

Dr. Jamil places a strong emphasis on the sincerity and accessibility in dealings with staff. He believes that these factors are crucial in nurturing a sense of trust and camaraderie within the organization. He values open communication and views the opinions and suggestions of his staff as invaluable insights, often acknowledging that those on the ground often have a clearer understanding of certain situations.

To foster a culture of dialogue, Prime Healthcare conducts town hall meetings where Dr. Jamil and Dr. Tasneem, the deputy managing director, interact with employees. These interactions provide a platform for individuals to voice their ideas and concerns, promoting a sense of belonging and value within the organization. This approach stems from the organization’s core philosophy of being a “Prime family.”

Dr. Jamil’s commitment extends beyond rhetoric. He ensures that promises made, such as the initiatives for staff wellness, are realized. This dedication to delivering on commitments reinforces trust in leadership and the organization as a whole.

Efficiency is another critical facet of Prime Healthcare’s approach to overcoming challenges.

Honest feedback is a central component of Prime Healthcare’s growth. Dr. Jamil believes in candidly addressing areas that need improvement, even if it means providing brutally honest feedback. He underscores the significance of acknowledging mistakes and rectifying them to maintain a culture of transparency.

Dr. Jamil’s approach revolves around treating staff as part of a family, where mutual support, sincere dialogue, and collaborative improvement lead to excellence. He credits the success of this culture to the commitment of both senior members who have been with the organization for years and newcomers who quickly adopt this ethos. This approach not only builds a strong organization but also translates into improved patient care and an environment where everyone thrives.

Catalysts of Change

Dr. Jamil’s personal mantra revolves around the idea of helping others, recognizing that by assisting others, he too learns and grows. This philosophy has been integral to his journey and has guided him through challenges. He believes that by focusing on assisting others, one can develop new skills, upscale, and enhance personal growth.

In terms of community and social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Prime Healthcare takes a proactive approach. Dr. Jamil notes that as a healthcare provider, they have a unique role to play. For instance, the organization collaborates with the Rashid Center, involving the children’s special needs to create artwork displayed in their medical facilities. This partnership not only supports the community but also brings a sense of inclusivity and awareness to their spaces.

The organization actively participates in community awareness campaigns. Free health camps are set up in malls, providing information and free testing for conditions like diabetes and blood pressure. These initiatives help in early detection and better management of diseases. Prime Healthcare extends its services to corporate settings, providing guidance on various health-related topics to employees. This approach ensures that the benefits of healthcare reach beyond their facilities.

One noteworthy example of promoting the local landscape is the development of Prime Healthcare’s electronic medical records (EMR) system. Instead of opting for an international solution, they designed their own EMR program in-house. Their locally grown EMR system achieved an impressive MRAM Level 6, recognized by the Dubai Health Authority. This accomplishment showcases how the organization not only supports the community through healthcare but also contributes to the technological advancement of the region.

Beyond Rewards

Dr. Jamil and Prime Healthcare approach loyalty programs differently than traditional models, such as those used by airlines. For their loyal patients, they offer programs focused on managing chronic diseases effectively. For instance, they have introduced a program called “falaktayeb” for patients with diabetes. Through this initiative, patients are provided with a device to monitor their sugar levels daily.

A dedicated care team then engages with patients to offer guidance and support, providing recommendations on diet, exercise, and overall management. This program has shown significant positive outcomes, with 62% of patients experiencing substantial reductions in HbA1c levels. This service is offered at no additional cost, illustrating the organization’s commitment to helping patients stay healthy and manage their conditions more effectively.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom from the Healthcare Frontier

Dr. Jamil’s insights and experiences offer valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry:

  • Focus on Details: Success in healthcare, like any field, lies in the details. Being detail-oriented when setting up processes, managing operations, and delivering services ensures a high level of quality and consistency.
  • Prioritize People: People are the backbone of any organization, especially in healthcare. Invest in recruiting, training, and retaining the right talent. Skilled and motivated individuals contribute to effective service delivery and positive patient experiences.
  • Invest in Processes: Implementing efficient and well-structured processes is essential. Well-defined procedures help ensure that services are consistent, reliable, and aligned with the organization’s goals and values.
  • Cultivate Partnerships: Building strong partnerships is crucial. Collaborating with customers, business associates, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders fosters trust and helps create a supportive ecosystem.
  • Quality over Quantity: It’s important to prioritize quality over quantity. Making tough decisions to limit patient intake or reduce certain services can actually lead to better outcomes for the patients who remain. Quality care and patient satisfaction should be the ultimate goal.
  • Decisiveness: Successful entrepreneurship requires making tough decisions. Dr. Jamil emphasizes that these decisions are often collective, involving input from a dedicated team. Being decisive, realistic, and action-oriented is key to navigating challenges effectively.
  • Long-Term Perspective: Dr. Jamil’s long-term focus on building trust and strong relationships has led to the growth of Prime Healthcare. Emphasizing personalized care, fostering a family-like culture, and contributing to the community have created a foundation for enduring success.
  • Continuous Learning: The healthcare industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. Entrepreneurs should stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices to remain competitive and provide the best care to their patients.

Dr. Jamil’s journey and insights highlight the importance of combining passion, commitment, and a patient-centric approach to excel in the healthcare industry.

Vision for Patient-Centric Excellence

Dr. Jamil’s visionary leadership shapes Prime Healthcare Group into an evolving powerhouse of patient-centric healthcare. The journey, spanning outpatient to tertiary care, showcases his responsive approach to patients and the industry. His resolute dedication materializes in Prime Healthcare’s excellence centers, addressing critical areas like heart, lung, oncology, and brain care, highlighting his grasp of vital health concerns.

Post-COVID, Dr. Jamil’s foresight offers comprehensive local care, aligning with patient preferences. This fortifies healthcare infrastructure while exemplifying his commitment. The upcoming tertiary care hospital reinforces his resolve, focusing on specialized excellence. This mirrors his strategic acumen and deep insight into medical priorities.

Under Dr. Jamil’s helm, Prime Healthcare pioneers unconventional healthcare models. Specialist care, adapting to patient needs, and leveraging expertise set a transformative standard. Technology, a pivotal aspect, tracks patient progress, ensuring personalized care’s supremacy.

Approaching 25 years, Prime Healthcare upholds “personalized care personally,” a principle intrinsic to Dr. Jamil’s philosophy. It transcends a tagline, symbolizing a profound patient connection at every touchpoint. From front office introductions to farewells, meaningful bonds form.



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