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This is how a Hospital is using Microsoft’s Video Calling to Fight Coronavirus

Due to the recent pandemic outbreak walking into the ICU units of any hospital would be difficult. However, if anyone walks into the St. Luke’s University Health Network’s ICU unit, one can see something new besides the beds; a device with Microsoft’s Teams software running.

The hospital network has tuned towards technology to bridge the ‘in-person’ communication that was lost due to the threat from coronavirus. The World Health Organization had labeled the virus as a pandemic in March and it has caused nearly 2 million confirmed cases around the world. Governments have also imposed lockdowns, hoping to slow the impact of the virus and its spread, giving hospitals time to treat the victims.

As social distancing is very important, The St. Luke’s University Health Network also known as SLUHN uses a video chat device to digitally bring doctors in other parts of the hospital to the bedside of suspected stroke patients.  This has also helped doctors to treat patients without constantly changing in and out of their protective gear.



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