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Top 10 Fastest-Growing Healthcare Tech Companies, 2021

Claimocity: Innovation that Empowers Medical Professionals
The intermingled conjunction between healthcare and technology, from the invention of the pacemaker to the modern methodologies of leveraging big data to evaluate diagnostic probabilities, provides a critical foundation for forward-thinking medicine to build upon. One of the most fascinating modern applications...

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CoreHealth Technologies: Enabling Transformative Corporate Wellness Programs
Technology has always been a pivotal part of human evolution and evidently, healthcare has been on a...
Cylera: Safeguarding What Matters Most for Healthcare Organizations
The healthcare industry is driven by patient care and medical devices and data that enable them. Modern...
Ankit-Maheshwari-Founding-Member-Innovaccer Inc.
Innovaccer Inc: Simplifying Healthcare Data Services
Enormous data is generated due to digitization in healthcare. This data needs to be amassed on a single...
Medefer Ltd: Disrupting the Telehealth Space with Innovative Technology
Telehealth platforms have progressed immensely during the COVID-19 pandemic, given the urgent need for...