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Ukraine Receives Virtual Medical Training from a Canadian University


Ukraine Receives Virtual Medical Training

McGill University in Canada has prepared a series of online medical education videos for Ukraine to learn how to resuscitate, intubate, and treat shrapnel wounds.

Tarek Razek, the head of trauma surgery at McGill University, told AFP that Ukraine healthcare personnel are dealing with “an unimaginable…very difficult” and “stressful” situation, involving medical supply shortages and facility damage.

And, because of the scope of the fighting, not only emergency department doctors and nurses but also all health personnel in the country are being called upon to care for the injured.

The Canadian doctors collaborated with the school’s Steinberg Center for Simulation and Interactive Learning to create teaching DVDs “for basic life support and lifesaving treatments that can be performed by non-surgeons,” according to Dan Deckelbaum, head of the center.

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