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Using Wearable Devices to Our Advantage in Everyday Life

Wearable Devices

Life is about uncertainty, and in most cases, the only reason one loses one’s life. Despite the best of health, there are aspects to life and health which ought never to be taken for granted. For example, a cardiac arrest, a brain hemorrhage or even certain forms of virulent cancers that take just days to spread.

What is taken to be uncertainties, in reality, are conditions ignored for the longest periods of time in the absence of knowing them well in time. Our bodies do give signals when things start to go wrong. Some are subtle, others fairly obvious. Most get the latter but never the former, and in that become prone to the so-called “death by uncertainties”.

With advances in medical sciences, uncertainty and subtle hints of bad health can be caught fairly early so that one can live a healthy life for a fairly long time. Some of these advances include the following wearable devices.

Google Smart Contact Lenses

Google is omnipresent! It’s everywhere, sees everything, and these days even hear everything that everyone says. Short of being God, Google is now also into the field of eye-care with smart wearable contact lenses which besides being the best in eye-care also help those who progressively lose vision to diabetes and as a last resort, have to use normal spectacles. In partnership with Novartis of Switzerland, Google is bringing out these smart contacts which besides restoring sight, also informs its users of the status of their blood sugar which directly affects diabetes. How this takes place is by measuring glucose levels from the user’s tears which are the specialty of this nifty piece of technology. It is said ‘to restore the eye’s natural autofocus’. In the coming days, this is one fine piece of technology that shall find increasing use for fairly obvious reasons.

Embrace, the smartwatch!

Yes, this indeed is the ultimate watch that manages to keep a watch over all your essential bodily activities like pulse, heart-rate, blood flows and the likes using sensors that are anything but mundane. Yes, the sensors they use on this piece of wearable device uses medical-grade equipment for output which people can believe without a doubt. Besides, it has other features including an accelerometer which senses movement or vibrations, and measures changes in velocity and speed of one’s movements, a gyroscope which identifies one’s bearings in relation to the earth’s surface to know if one is standing, sitting or lying prone on the ground, a companion app called Empatica Mate which ‘works with Alert to visualize Embrace data, enabling you to view your day at a glance. Quickly get a holistic view of your daily routine including how much you’re moving and resting, and any seizures that may have occurred’. The wearable device also has Bluetooth connectivity, USD accesses and decent battery life.

Essentially what the smart device does is that it sends data to the Empatica Mate app on one’s mobile phone which depending upon the status of the readings, processes it further as also alerts all those who need to know of the wearer’s condition in real-time. Elders with health issues, those with epilepsy and abnormal heart conditions are the kinds who would find this app of most use.

HealthPatch MD from Vital Connect!

This is one patch of health everyone everywhere ought to have, to give accesses to the best of healthcare professionals anywhere on the planet! Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD has re-usable biosensors embedded onto wearable patches that stick to the skin of the wearer. While the patch itself can be disposed of, the embedded sensors within which can be removed contain ECG sensors that help read pulse rate, heartbeat rate, breathing and even body temperatures. Besides, the bunch of sensors also have accelerometers that detect body position and speed of movement.

With its Bluetooth connection, the HealthPatch MD can connect to any mobile phone and pass on information received from the biosensors in real-time. It is one vital piece of a wearable device that everyone, everywhere on the planet ought to have on their shelves all the time. Problems never arrive with prior warnings and it thus makes sense to have something which gives signals at just the right time.

Quell Relief

They call themselves ‘Advanced, personalized pain relief technology’ which surprisingly is available without a prescription! It’s one nifty piece of wearable that lives with you day and night. With zero drugs and no surgery, it involves stimulating sensory nerves with safe and precise electrical pulses from attached electrodes that trigger a natural pain relief response which works 24 x 7 even during sleep and which in addition self-compensates for weather changes. A single charge lasts for as long as 40 hours. While providing for chronic knee pains, it notifies the wearer about changes in the ambient weather that may affect pains, tracks one’s activity, movements and gait, and also coaches on how one can achieve optimal results – all this with extreme personalization to one’s body type and levels of activity while remaining discreet enough to be worn throughout the day!

Intelligent Asthma Monitoring with ADAMM

An asthmatic knows the worth of each breath what with the body itself creating problems in ingesting it. With labored breathing, life becomes tough to say the least. But like always, when a problem refuses to be cured, one ought to look for solutions that raise the red flag even before the symptoms of the problem starts to arise.

For Asthama, this comes in the form of a complete solution for monitoring asthma with Intelligent Asthma Monitoring with ADAMM.

A three-part solution, the first part consists of wearable and a flexible patch-type device that can be worn anywhere on the upper torso, front or back and can be moved around as one may choose. The device has very sensitive monitors that detect every aspect of breathing including cough counting, respiration, wheezing and heart rate and provides notifications, inhaler detection and voice journaling. The 2nd part consists of a smartphone app that gathers all the information and manages all the medication and remedial issues, including sending reminders, displaying on the mobile phone likely symptoms and giving out a treatment plan. In the 3rd part, a web-portal constantly monitors and reports the treatment’s efficacy to both the user and any attached medical authority. As per the product’s website, ‘over 3,000 devices already committed for clinical trials thus making ADAMM-RSM a leading digital health revolution for respiratory monitoring in clinical trials which remains a complete package featuring a unique searchable database that allows very flexible query’



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