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Validic: Igniting a Digital Health Revolution

Drew Schille | Validic | Insights Care

In this digital age, we are generating more healthcare information than ever before. The challenges that remain are access to and driving meaning from these data. How can we bridge the information gap between patients and providers and bring actionable data together in one place?

Validic, a cloud-based platform and the market leader in health data connectivity, provides healthcare organizations access to personal health data, gathered from FDA-listed in-home medical devices, wearables and healthcare apps. With important insights and trends uncovered within this data, creating highly personalized healthcare experiences has never been easier.

First, users connect their apps and devices to the marketplace, authorizing permission for the transfer and use of their personal data to a specific provider, payer, or wellness organization. This allows Validic to gather activity and biometric information in real time and deliver those data seamlessly to a provider’s system, for example. The healthcare or wellness organization can then control how the user’s information is displayed, analyzed and shared. This enables healthcare institutions to have a more comprehensive understanding of the target population’s health and habits – accelerating their ability to improve patient engagement, population management and preventive wellness programs.

Validic provides access to the data necessary for improving health, mitigating risk, streamlining cost and better managing and engaging populations. This frees up the Information Technology (IT) budget and developer resources to focus on customer experience and outcomes.

The Visionary

Drew Schiller, CEO and co-founder of Validic, is a lifelong entrepreneur, designer and inventive technologist. He is passionate about helping others, bringing simplicity to complex systems and understanding the impact of behavioral choices on an individual’s health. Drew was drawn to this field because he sees healthcare as a highly complex, highly unique system in which personal choices have meaningful long-term effects on the quality of our lives. It was, and remains, Drew’s intent to build a mission-driven company that will have a lasting impact on the industry and people’s lives globally.

At Validic, Drew leads corporate strategy, drives key initiatives and works closely with senior executives at partner organizations to stay ahead of the technology curve. He believes that digital health will reshape healthcare.

He has spoken and written on a variety of digital health topics, including connected health and the future of health technology, interoperability and data access, data privacy and security, open data and standards, as well as practical use cases for how personal health devices can be used in clinical settings to improve the quality of care, better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Moreover, Drew is on the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Board of Industry Leaders, wherein he contributes to moving the industry forward through his work with CTA’s Health & Fitness Standards group. He also serves on the Leadership Council for the eHealth Initiative (eHI) and participates in the eHI Healthcare Policy Workgroup. Additionally, Drew is an advisor for the Clinical Trials Transformation Institute Mobile Devices Project with the mission to advance the use of mobile devices in clinical trials.

Before co-founding Validic, Drew founded and ran an award-winning web development firm for eight years. He also founded and exited a niche dietary nutrition website to support patients with celiac disease.

Voyage toward Victory

Healthcare is a challenging industry for new market entrants, especially for those that bring some form of disruption to long-standing industry norms,” Drew said. While regulation is necessary for the protection of patients and caregivers, it can often create barriers for newcomers to healthcare and life sciences.

Because the barrier to entry and burden of proof is so high, healthcare favors the incumbents and status quo. As a result, it is difficult for potentially disrupting companies and technologies, including those that could significantly improve patient outcomes, to gain meaningful traction.

However, recent legislation and industry shifts aim to put the patient at the center of healthcare by improving the access to care, the quality of care and care outcomes. As a result, Validic and other companies in the digital health space are benefiting from new programming initiatives and strategy shifts that require technology and data to drive improved outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Validic’s journey has been relatively quick; however, it has not been without its pivots along the way. The company operated for three years before the concept of Validic, as it is known today, was unveiled. “Owing to those three years of hard work and effort, we were able to understand and execute on the market’s need for data access,” Drew adds.

Regarding the key values that led to the success of Validic, Drew explains, “First, a deep appreciation for seeing failure as the next step towards success is needed. For example, Validic, as it is known today, was preceded by two products that did not see commercial success. Second, boasting conviction without dogmatism is required. As a startup, you must believe that you see something unique in your offering, yet, when presented with hard data to the contrary, you must be open to listening and changing based on that new information. Third, we must remain hardworking, down-to-earth, good people, who make it easy for the industry to partner and work with us.”

Exceptional Products and Services

Validic serves as a technical partner and strategic advisor, guiding its clients through digital health data integration and innovation. They have built integrations to hundreds of devices and apps – managing the business relationships, technical updates and ongoing support. They handle all vendor agreements, third-party terms and conditions, fixing bugs and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Validic has developed a proprietary standardization process built for scale, customization and seamless integration into any system. They standardize the endpoints to ensure that actionable, meaningful data is delivered. This process ensures data integrity and security both in storage and in transit. Further, Validic’s core mission remains delivering the data required to support care teams in better managing and engaging their population, improving health outcomes and identifying trends that mitigate risk and streamline costs.

Validic’s cloud-based platform and mobile libraries integrate seamlessly behind the scenes to fit the needs of any solution or population. Their data connectivity platform has captured the imagination of many in the industry, and resulted in winning numerous awards for their commitment and approach to interoperability. Additionally, they have received praise and accolades for VitalSnap®, a patent-pending technology that captures vitals readings from the screens of legacy medical devices (e.g., blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, etc.) using a smartphone’s camera.

Building a Legacy of Loyalty and Success

Drew has the benefit of participating in several industry groups, working with regulatory agencies and being a part of one-on-one strategic conversations with healthcare and technology leaders. He relies heavily on his team to absorb and synthesize information specific to their roles in the organization. As it is impossible to consume everything about a vast industry like healthcare, he tends to focus his efforts on how digital health technologies and economics can streamline healthcare.

Without loyal customers, you aren’t in business. Full stop,” Drew states. Validic’s first customer signed is still a customer today and continues to find the relationship valuable. The organization’s approach to building strong, lasting customer relationships is simple: make sure expectations are clearly communicated by both sides up front, ensure your customers always have a voice and always feel heard, and build a team that is fiercely focused on delivering customer value.

Drew attributes his success largely to the support from his family, friends and team. “My greatest accomplishments to date include: committing 100% to the strong mission and vision of this company and seeing it through the myriad of challenges new companies face; maintaining a strong relationship with my wife and two beautiful sons; and, building a strong team who supports me and stands beside me with candor, humor and friendship,” Drew reflects.

Drew’s Advice to the Entrepreneurs

Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously. None of us have all the answers, and humility and vulnerability will help you survive even in the most difficult of circumstances. When you are open to accepting criticism and hearing new ideas, you present yourself with opportunities for growth. I even receive inspiration from my three-year-old, who helps me understand that I should focus on enjoying life in the moment, rather than ruminating on the past or holding anxiety for the future. This is much easier said than done as a CEO, but it comes so naturally for a toddler!”

Forthcoming Endeavors

Currently, Validic is trusted globally for secure, scalable and comprehensive data access across 52 countries. As connecting with patients through data becomes more important to everyday healthcare delivery and management, Validic will continue to move further into clinical and care management environments. “Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by building technology that makes personal data actionable. Thanks to our team, we are making good on this promise and more,” Drew explains.

Our team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in healthcare technology today, and our market position affords us the opportunity to be connected with leaders from the largest healthcare and technology companies in the world,” Drew says. And Validic is certainly utilizing this concentration of talent and mindshare to help fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered and managed.



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