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In-vitro Fertilization – a Need of the Hour

In-vitro Fertilization | Oct- IVF & fertility centers | Insights Care

Since the first IVF birth of Louise Joy Brown, in the 1978, the industry has seen tremendous advancements. Both technology and healthcare have always advanced simultaneously. The worldwide in-vitro fertilization (IVF) market size is anticipated to propagate at a CAGR of around 10%. It is already a USD 15 billion dollar industry. The increased cases of infertility and development of advanced technologies, like lens-less imaging of the sperms, are expected to drive the market in the impending years.

The busy schedules and careers have taken a toll on our reproductive health. A recent report has suggested that 25% of the couples have more than one factor that leads towards infertility. Immune infertility, sexually transmitted infections, Genetic disorders, Hormone Imbalance, and mainly lifestyle changes have influenced the reproductive health of both males and females. The change in the average age of men and women getting married and having their first baby has increased, due to educational and career priorities. This tendency has amplified the number of women opting for the IVF treatment. Besides, to emphasize on their jobs, a lot of women freeze their eggs to have a child at a later stage in life.

The government has subsidized egg/sperm freezing, to bring down the probabilities of multiple pregnancies. Technological developments that aid in pre-identification of the genetic illnesses, and numerous other industrial upheavals are expected to boom the IVF market growth. With the growing number of patients deciding on IVF and gamete freezing, the demand is anticipated to witness growth. With the need for high standards of IVF treatment, we bring the “The 10 Most Advanced IVF and Fertility Centers 2018.” These fertility clinics are providing contemporary paraphernalia to meet all the demands the IVF and Fertility vertical poses.



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