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Waring Vision Institute: Having a Keen Eye in Serving the Ophthalmic Needs 

Waring Vision Institute
Dr. George O Waring | Founder and Medical Director | Waring Vision Institute

Inputs of innovations have brought the world closer today. Now, it is not just a global village but a home with interconnected rooms. The connection is in the form of the worldwide wide web, which has been facilitating personal and professional networks and supplying economic demand.

Despite the various advantages like ease of business, work from home, virtually traveling the world through the conference room, and many more from the digitized world partnerships, the major challenge has been its effect on the visual powers of humans. This, popularly termed Computer vision syndrome, is adding to the current incidences of eye-related ailments.

According to a WHO study, it is estimated that 2.2 billion people suffer from ocular medical conditions, out of which one billion could have been prevented or treated.

To aid this drive to bridge the gap between patients requiring vision correction and medical facilities providing the same is the Waring Vision Institute, based in South Carolina, which places patients at the center of the care and offers affordable treatments as well as customized travel options for patients visiting from abroad to not let anyone be bereft of seeing the world’s scenic beauties with ease.

These services are curated under the able guidance of its Founder and Medical Director—Dr. George O Waring, who is worldly known for his expertise in the field of refractive surgeries, and still is on the journey of researching and innovating to find a variety of better and affordable solutions for eyecare facilities.

Let us read more about how they care for the eyes across the world!

The Story so far

The Waring Vision Institute was created as an homage to Dr. Waring’s late father, Dr. George O. Waring III, cornea and refractive specialist, Emory professor, and ophthalmic innovator, as he received the first FDA approval for LASIK. Dr. George O. Waring III believed in creating a visual experience for all clients through life-changing vision correction procedures and boutique-style services.

The staff of the institute takes pride in being at the forefront of research, development, and innovation. The institute, with its leader Dr. Waring, has been selected to provide the first of many amazing new technologies, such as new lens implants, FDA clinical trials, and vision simulation devices, all designed to enhance the client experience and surgical outcome.

Briefing about the institute in a few words, the team says, “The organization is a premier destination for vision correction in South Carolina, with advanced care with concierge-style services.”

The Multifaceted Founder

Dr. George O. Waring IV is an MD FACS and has completed a dual degree in Economics and Ecology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, followed by his Doctor of Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine. He served as administrative chief at the State University of New York and completed his sub-specialty fellowship training in cornea and refractive surgery.

He then pursued his dreams of opening his private practice, and Waring Vision Institute came to life, where he is the founder and Medical Director and has been serving the country for the last five years. Because of his vast expertise and experience, he is the most sought expert in the field of refractive and cataract surgery.

Apart from this, he also served as an Associate professor of Ophthalmology, the director of refractive surgery at Medical University South Carolina from 2012-2017, and currently is a diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Waring IV also actively partakes in clinical research and incorporates the latest advances in technology into his practice. He has performed surgery, taught new surgical procedures, and delivered invited lectures on four continents. To his credit, he has over 100 scientific publications, abstracts, and presentations, including over 30 peer-reviewed manuscripts, over 50 invited lectures, and over half a dozen book chapters on cataract and refractive surgery.

Dr. Waring IV sits on the editorial board of both the Journal of Refractive Surgery and the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Dr. Waring also has served on over a dozen of scientific advisory panels, aiding in the development of new technologies that are reflected in their services.

Unique Services for All Patients 

The WVI has world-class expertise, state of the art technology, and gold-standard client care. Rather than services and transactions, they value creating experiences for their clients through compassionate care and incredible vision correction outcomes. Dr. Waring says, “We want every client that walks through our door to feel like they are a part of the WVI family.”

Talking more about it, he shares, “We characterize each stage of ocular maturity which allows us to create a customized plan of care with one of our seven vision correction procedures, no matter what stage of life they are in.”

Vision is one of the most precious of the senses. At WVI, they utilize their advanced eyecare analysis by using the state of the art digital diagnostics to take their clients on a virtual tour of their eyes. It specializes in Lasik surgery, refractive Cataract surgery, Implantable contact lens, and CLEAR procedure.

Apart from this it also includes services like Lipiflow for dry eye, corneal cross-linking, Intacs, Glaucoma, and a unique product of eye drops to treat presbyopia – VUITY. Vuity is the first and only FDA-approved eye drop to treat age-related blurry near vision. Explaining the benefits of this product, Dr. Waring, who served as the principal investigator for both Vuity FDA clinical trials, says, “These drops offer a novel, safe, well-tolerated, and effective alternative to current options for managing age-related blurry near vision.”

As an institute that is considerate of client needs and takes utmost care of them before, during, and after the treatment, they offer the patients a choice of attending a complimentary initial consultation before initiating the procedures for a LASIK surgery to know their health conditions in a better way.

The institute also ensures that its quality products are accessible and affordable to all those in need, and to facilitate this, the organization provides patients with various financial options.

Taking Care of the Finances

The company offers its unique service of Finance Calculator to help patients compare the costs of laser vision correction with the long-term expense of glasses and contacts; Dr. Waring says, “Your eyes are precious, and when a patient is interested in one of our various treatments, we want to assist in any way possible. For this, our company offers various types of credit options to present the patients with ease of financing without any delay.”

It has also incorporated CareCredit in its financial services, which is USA’s most widely used medical financing program. Apart from this, it has services like ALPHAEON credit cards, Health insurance to help patients plan their surgeries well.

The company strongly adheres to its goal of providing quality treatment in the most convenient manner and hence has a caring, friendly team and administrative staff always available to help and guide patients.

In its journey of always being there for the patients, the institute has faced several situations where its commitment was tested.

Acting in the Storms

At WVI, they see challenges as exciting opportunities. During the pandemic, they saw where many medical practices were forced to close their door or lay off employees, Dr. Waring took the opposite approach by investing in employees through bonuses. And in doing so, Dr. Waring remarks, “Due to multifactorial reasons, it ended up being one busiest and most rewarding season in Waring Vision History.”

This trait of Dr. Waring that is of extracting the best in unfavorable times surely acts as a guiding light to many other aspiring entrepreneurs who are waiting for the right opportunities. To help and enlighten them further, Dr. Waring shares a few pages from his book of learnings.

Words to Remember 

As a leader and expert in the eyecare world, Dr. Waring shows the path to the new entrants in the field as he advises, “The key ingredients to creating a thriving practice with a passionate team is cultivating the right culture, based on vision and values and as well as assembling an organization that shares in such, with the ultimate goal to serve the community and change lives. Create a safe and fun space for your team to learn and grow. An investment into your team is an investment into your organization.”

Steps towards the Future

Dr. Waring plans to expand the current facility to extend its reach further and help more people. He and his team are proud to announce their plans to build a brand new innovative medical campus, with a vision correction center at its hub.

Talking more about this, Dr. Waring shares, “It will be the first of its kind, geared towards a safe and covid-friendly environment to pave the way for the future of vision correction and serve as the destination for medical care. Anchored in one of the most booming cities in the US, with hopes for regional, national, and international growth in the future.”



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