10 Habits of people with high IQ 


They have an insatiable desire to learn and understand the world around them. This curiosity drives them to explore new ideas, ask questions, and seek out new knowledge. 

Reading Regularly 

They make reading a priority, whether it's books, articles, or scientific journals. This helps them stay informed and continuously learn new things. 

Critical Thinking 

They analyze information deeply and critically. They don't take things at face value and often challenge assumptions and established norms. 


They enjoy tackling complex problems and finding innovative solutions. They see challenges as opportunities to apply their intellect. 


They are open to new ideas and can easily adapt to changing situations. This flexibility allows them to thrive in various environments and handle uncertainty well.

Focus and Discipline 

They can concentrate intensely on tasks for extended periods. This focus and discipline enable them to achieve their goals and complete complex projects. 

Healthy Lifestyle 

They often maintain a healthy lifestyle, understanding the importance of physical health on mental performance. This includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and  


They build and maintain strong networks of like-minded individuals. They understand the value of collaboration and learning from others. 

Reflective Practice 

They regularly reflect on their thoughts, actions, and experiences. This self-awareness helps them learn from their mistakes and continually grow intellectually and personally.