5 yoga Exercises For Optimal Eye Health

Palming  The palming technique is a great way to relax and refresh your eyes. To do it, rub your palms together to create warmth. Close your eyes and gently cup them with your palms. 

Eye rolling Eye rolling is a simple exercise that can help improve circulation and flexibility in your eyes. To do it, gently roll your eyes in a clockwise direction for 10 times.

Focus shifting Focus shifting is a great way to improve your eye muscles and coordination. To do it, hold your finger up about 12 inches away from your face.

Blinking yoga Blinking yoga is a great way to reduce eye strain and fatigue. To do it, close your eyes tightly for a few seconds, and then open them wide.

Trataka Technique Trataka is a concentration technique that can help improve your vision. To do it, find a small object, such as a candle flame, to focus on.