Samsung Rings in the Future with First Tech Giant Smart Ring

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Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Ring, the first smart ring from a major tech company. This tiny powerhouse packs a whole lot of punch, tracking your sleep, movement, heart rate, and even your menstrual cycle (if you have one).

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Here's what you need to know about the Galaxy Ring:

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Tracks key health metrics:

Sleep, movement, heart rate, and even female health are all monitored by the Galaxy Ring.

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All-day wear

Designed to be worn 24/7, the Galaxy Ring keeps an eye on your health around the clock.

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Long battery life

With a reported 7-day battery life, you won't have to worry about constantly charging your new accessory.

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Part of the Galaxy ecosystem

The Galaxy Ring integrates seamlessly with other Samsung devices, giving you a holistic view of your health.

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Price and Availability

The Galaxy Ring is available for pre-order now for $399 (£400) and will hit stores later this month.