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Why More UK Doctors Are Going to The US For Work?

UK Doctors

UK doctors are going anywhere but the NHS, it would seem. On average, over 10,000 doctors leave the NHS each year. The options? To work in a completely different profession, as part of a private clinic, or abroad. And it isn’t only America, although that’s where we’ll focus on. Recently, Australia visited and attended job fairs attempting to scout UK doctors, nurses, police officers, etc.

The question is, what are these countries saying to make UK doctors join them, and do they even need to say anything? Is the lure of a life away from the UK all it takes? Read on to find out.

Better pay and financial incentives

The pay to be a doctor in the UK isn’t the best, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get any better. Recently, the potentially new prime minister, Kier Starman, said he would never be able to give UK doctors the 35% pay rise they want. And he’s right, it’s a crazy demand anyway.

Where can UK doctors find the income they want? Abroad.

In the UK, a consultant might earn between £76,000 and £103,000 per year, while a similar post in the US could easily pay more than $200,000 (£160,000). Financial benefits would include bonuses, profit sharing, and private practice earnings that may be possible under some circumstances.

Improved Lifestyle and Work Conditions

Apart from economic benefits, America provides better living conditions for many British physicians. Depending on where you are, the weather is warmer, there are more things to do, and generally, a better quality of life.

American hospitals also usually have modern facilities compared with Britain’s – the resources available are much more advanced.

The American healthcare system also offers more flexible hours and schedules compared to most parts of Europe. There are a good number of part-time jobs for many physicians within the country, meaning that some may choose their working hours. Doctors can also find a role with more sociable hours with a physician recruiter.

More Opportunities for Specialization and Career Advancement

The US healthcare system is known all around the globe for its emphasis on specialization and cutting-edge medical research. Numerous UK physicians opt to move to the US because there are far more chances to undergo specialized training or engage in research projects. Career opportunities are so much more interesting with the massive teaching hospital network, several famous research institutions, and highly esteemed medical schools across the country.

The US may be a good place for doctors interested in cutting-edge medical research or innovative surgical techniques. There are more advanced medical and exciting clinical trials in the US, things you couldn’t imagine in the UK.

Greater Emphasis on Private Practice

Most UK doctors work within the NHS, which doesn’t promote private practice. Then you have the opposite, the US healthcare system with its large private sector that allows doctors to have their own practices or join private medical groups. It also provides an opportunity for autonomy, higher earnings, and individualized and more specific patient care.

Private practice physicians could find that practicing medicine is quite lucrative in this country if they desire this type of entrepreneurial-style approach.

What do you think about the influx of doctors in the UK leaving the NHS to work somewhere else? It definitely is becoming a trend, and if it isn’t to leave the country, it’s to join agencies that pay almost double the money per hour and offer total flexibility for when doctors pick to work. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

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