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Xtend-Life Natural Products: A Natural-Scientific Way to “Xtend” Quality Healthy Living

Simon Doig | CEO | Xtend-Life Natural Products
Simon Doig | CEO

The average life span of an individual today is estimated to be 73 years, as per the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, there is a gap between the total life lived and the health span, i.e., the period free from diseases.

For instance, concerning cardiovascular disease (CVDs) and its prevalence, a leading USA cardiologist, Dr. Joe Kahn, reports, “We lose an American, i.e., one in four people, every 38 seconds to a cardio event. However, in most cases, we know 85% of them are preventable and can even be reversible.” He further adds, “Hence, managing our cardio health is critical to longevity and ‘xtending’ our lives. For this, we need a healthy diet, exercise, and good supplementation.”

To optimize health span, Xtend-Life Natural Products has devised a better way to extend the average health span globally. Based in New Zealand, it has been serving over 400,000 customers globally for over 20 years.

The company, under the leadership of Simon Doig, the CEO of Xtend-Life  in partnership with Dr. Joe Khan, emphasizes extracting ingredients from the Tibetan Plateau to the Amazon Rainforest in order to meet its effective formula objectives.

With a blend of scientific evidence, Simon describes the core operations that have led to the company’s success. Let’s follow the trail!

Seeking Inspiration in the Nutraceutical Market

Xtend-Life is a natural supplement company from the pure and pristine land of New Zealand. Founded over 20 years ago by Warren Matthews, the company was inspired by the idea of providing dietary supplements that integrated the most select and best possible ingredients.

The supplements and their quality have met the approval of, “America’s Healthy Heart Doctor” – leading cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn, who has aligned with Xtend-Life. Also, its leading cardio product range: GG Pure to manage statin side effects, CX8 to manage artery calcification, and VasQ Flow to manage blood pressure, and Omega QH Premium with CoQ10.

As Dr Kahn states, “Xtend-Life is producing some of the most science-backed, cutting-edge supplementation I have come across the brand name ingredients they select are truly second to none.”

Climbing the Ladder

At age 50, the company’s founder, Warren Matthews, went through a difficult time after a business deal in the US, which led to him losing everything, including his family home. Starting from scratch at this stage in his life, the entrepreneurial Warren Matthews knew he had to expand his life span, which is what gave birth to the concept of Xtend-Life, incorporated in 2000.

Thanks to relationships with some of the top bio-scientists in the world, Xtend-Life has been able to develop several leading products that, even now, more than 20 years later, and with constant tweaking, are still world firsts,” says Simon.

Warren’s passion for working with the smartest people in the field is what has brought Xtend-Life to their partnership with Dr. Joel Kahn, one of the world’s top cardiologists, Clinical Professor, and founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity, author of top selling book “Dead Execs don’t get Bonuses” who has treated thousands of acute heart attacks during his career and accrued a wealth of knowledge in the medical field.

It is Dr. Kahn’s wholehearted belief that a vast majority of heart disease and stroke can be avoided with lifestyle changes, diet, and good supplementation. Hence, the supplements that Xtend-Life has formulated go a long way to support the objective.

Reflecting back, Simon adds, “Having such a strong endorsement from someone of Dr. Kahn’s caliber is a great honor and helps get the word out about our cardiovascular health product range. We feel humbled at Xtend-Life to be able to have such an impactful effect on people’s lives.

A Blend of Integrity, Purity, and Innovation

Xtend-Life is a 100% New Zealand-owned business with the mission of providing people with a foundation for better health that enhances their quality of life.

We truly believe that a preventative approach is better than a cure. We have confidence that by empowering and educating, especially about dietary supplements, we can help customers make informed decisions and improve people’s health,” adds Simon.

Xtend-Life also believes in the vast power of nature. Its products are, therefore, designed to use science to deliver the best of nature alongside its core values.

Integrity: Xtend-Life is dedicated to earning customers’ trust in everything it does, from transparent customer communication to products that are true to label. Whether it’s the sourcing of ingredients or product quality testing and safety, consumers can be sure to count on premium Xtend-Life products.

Purity: Xtend-Life understands that customers want nothing less than the best. That is why it strives to uphold purity standards that are above and beyond industry expectations. The company sources the highest quality ingredients that are as close to nature as possible and tests them in independent laboratories to ensure quality consistency.

Innovation: Innovation matters to us. At Xtend-Life, we are driven by data and research,” states Simon. The company seeks new trends and technologies to provide the best products to our consumers. It also regularly reviews the product formulas and upgrades them, all while taking consumer demands into consideration.

Enhancing Quality through Science and Innovation

The Xtend-Life journey has a long history of science and innovation. Warren Matthews introduced the first signature “100+ ingredient” range, “Total Balance,” after working closely with world-renowned anti-aging biochemists, health physicians, and scientists in the late 1990s. It goes far beyond a standard multivitamin and is the culmination of 22 years of research and the result of a continuously improved and upgraded formula.

In the past 22 years, the company has consistently worked with many experts in the field, including Dr. Abul-Munem and, more recently, with neuroscientist Dr. Amanda Wiggins. “When developing each formulation, we conduct lots of research and tests and only choose the best-performing ingredients that provide adequately supportive clinical data, so that we are able to bring the best formulation to the market,” says Simon.

Xtend-Life also understands that synergy is essential for effective supplements. Hence its formulas are designed to provide the perfect balance of nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, all working in harmony to create the perfect supplement.

The One Supplement to Rule Them All – Total Balance Go Beyond Multi-Vitamins

In addition to cardio supplements, Xtend-Life’s signature product is it’s world leading supplement Total Balance. Made with 100+ vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and other nutrients, all designed to synergistically work together. Simon states “Based on Science and constantly updated for 20 years, we and 200,000 customers believe that this is the most comprehensive supplement available.”

Total Balance was born out of a personal quest by Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life to increase his health span at the same time as he increased his life span. The journey started with vitamins and developed into a complete multi-nutrient solution, with minerals, enzymes, amino acids and age-defying nutrients, all in their premium forms, to support cellular health and keep all the systems of his body in balance.

Total Balance, like all Xtend-Life supplements, are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Zealand, which is FDA registered and operates under GMP standards.

Simon states, ”We know that a supplement is only as good as the ingredients that go into it – ingredients of the same name can vary enormously in efficacy depending upon where they are sourced – that’s why we only use natural, most bioactive forms of ingredients, which are better for your body and absorbed more completely.”

He continues,“To make Total Balance even more effective, the ingredients are protected by a special enteric coating to ensure that stomach acids don’t damage or destroy the nutrients before they reach the upper intestine, where the body can make best use of them.”

These extra steps are part of our commitment to making Total Balance the most comprehensive supplement available, supporting anti-aging, immunity, digestion, joints, hormonal, mental and brain health.

Securing Supplies with No Compromise on Quality

Xtend-Life is fortunate to have quality ingredients that are sourced both locally from New Zealand and also from other parts of the world. These ingredients include green lipped muscles for its GLM joint product, or kiwifruit extract for Kiwi Klenz, a locally produced gut health product.

Having a 20-year history with our suppliers and having our own purpose-built manufacturing company in New Zealand, we can prioritize our inventory and maintain the production of our products. We have, therefore, managed to keep our supply chain uninterrupted,” highlights Simon.

Shipping and Delivery to Great Lengths

Xtend-Life manufactures all products at its state-of-the-art facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. This allows it to provide a worldwide B2C service.

We go to great lengths by shipping our orders via DHL express to American customers. Order in the morning, and we will ship out your order in the afternoon. From there, it goes on an overnight plane to the East or West Coast, with next-day delivery,” says Simon. “By doing so, we offer peace of mind to our customers and provide them with a faster and more reliable option for delivery services.” 

Guiding the Budding Entrepreneurs of the Nutraceutical Market

As the nutraceutical market is enjoying a surge of commercial interest, especially via e-commerce, finding unique formulas and ways to market them may seem to be the easiest path to standing out.

Finding your USP around marketing and solutions will only get you so far. Don’t underestimate your customers’ level of understanding and expectations when seeking the best solutions for their needs.”

By focusing on communication around the quality of your products, you will help ensure that your initial marketing effort to attract first-time buyers is likely to convert these buyers into long-term customers. It might be a cliché, but never forget that your success is based on your most important resource – your customers!” suggests Simon.

Scaling up in 2022 and Beyond

Looking ahead toward the company’s growth, Simon says, “Our new and most important products, our Cardio Range, target America’s number one killer: cardio events caused by cardiovascular disease. We, therefore, believe that educating our customers and introducing qualified and experienced cardiologists, such as Dr. Joel Kahn, is a win-win for everyone involved.”

Rooting Deeply in Nature

In New Zealand and as part of our Māori heritage, we are deeply rooted in nature and feel a strong connection to our incredible country,” explains Simon.

New Zealand as a country is also known for its strict and comprehensive regulatory requirements with regard to food safety and product quality. Hence, from transparency about ingredient quality on the labels to very strict quality control, the customers know they can trust the company’s quality of products through every stage of the production process.

Reaching Heights

Xtend-Life has managed to attain the trust of its patients throughout its journey of growth. Here’s what the clients had to say: 

CX8 Cardio – Arterial Calcification

“When I started taking CX8 about a year ago, I had had a recent ultrasound scan of my carotid arteries. The scan showed 60+% occlusion, very close to the threshold at which cardiologists begin to recommend very aggressive interventions, such as carotid endarterectomy to surgically remove the arterial plaques. After a year of CX8, I had another ultrasound which showed those arteries to now be in the “safe” range for occlusion, 50% or below. I can’t prove that CX8 was the cause of such dramatic improvement, but I’m convinced that it helped. Thanks, Xtend-Life, for assisting me in sharply reducing my risk of a stroke with CX8!” Roger, USA

Roger M, USA

GG Pure – Statin Relief

I took the opportunity to try, and to be honest, I didn’t regret it. After a few days of taking, I noticed that my muscle aches started to diminish every day a little bit. I’m curious to see if this also will help with the rise in testosterone levels to. If yes, I will definitely reorder this brand. Otherwise, the product looks good, nice and well-sealed container, 30 counted, regular size evenly filled capsules.

Horas, New Zealand 

Total Balance – Foundation Health

I absolutely LOVE these vitamins. I feel really great on these. I have a very sensitive system and there are so many vitamins out there that claim to be good and pure and I try them, and my body ends up with a bad reaction to some minuscule thing in them. So I was skeptical about these at first. But when I didn’t get any bad reactions, just an overall great feeling, I was so happy! My overall health has improved so much and continually gets better and better, my hair grows so fast and thick and my fingernails are finally strong and don’t break anymore. This company is so superior to any other I have experienced. They take great care to ship the vitamins quickly to Washington state, USA, and are just such a pleasure to deal with! Thank you for being you and creating such an exceptional product!

-Marianne H, USA

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