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YouTube’s Personal Stories

YouTube is updating its search results in an attempt to best deliver health-related queries that people have.

In a recent announcement, They said that these changes are based on how people look for videos on health-related conditions. For this reason, a separate section would be dedicated only to personal stories coming from the patients.

People don’t want to seek answers to their health-related question on it. Instead, they come for the question: How do I live with this?” explains. Similarly, the platform’s search patterns reveal the same, as they are least based on “information-seeking” motives, while directed towards “support-seeking.”

YouTube makes it evident that through its personal stories shelf – viewers will have an opportunity to invest in a range of queries — from cancer to mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

While the personal stories shelf is currently available in the US, YouTube plans to expand it in the days to come.

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