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Aidoc: Rendering Ingenious AI Solutions Tailored to Transform Radiology

Elad Walach | Co-Founder | CEO Aidoc

Founded in 2016 by three young entrepreneurs with a dream to make deep learning applicable in solving real life challenges, Aidoc is a radiology AI start-up focused on using deep learning to relieve the bottleneck in medical image diagnosis. The trio decided to apply their skills and expertise in engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence to the field of medical imaging on understanding the direct impact of AI advancements on the radiology workflow to help improve patient outcomes. Within a short span of time, Aidoc is, today, serving over 160 medical centers worldwide, improving radiology turnaround times and helping save numerous lives.

Aidoc is the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of radiologists’ diagnostic power, helping them expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care. They help reduce turnaround time and augment quality and efficiency by flagging acute anomalies in real time. These solutions analyze medical images directly after the patient is scanned and notify the radiologists of cases with suspected findings to assist with prioritization of time-sensitive, and potentially life-threatening cases.

Novel Solutions Revolutionizing Diagnostics

Aidoc’s AI solutions encompass comprehensive coverage of time-sensitive pathologies and minimize bandwith spent on time-consuming tasks. It has FDA clearance for three of its acute solutions that flag intracranial hemorrhages, pulmonary embolisms, and cervical spine fractures. These AI solutions support radiologist diagnostics helping them prioritize life -threatening cases, subsequently improving patient care. Aidoc’s solution are the perfect radiologist aid – making radiology departments more efficient and accurate in their day-to-day work.

With Aidoc, radiologists also benefit from the state-of-the art deep learning technology that is “Always -on”, running behind the scenes and allowing them to focus on the diagnosis. The company’s healthcare-grade deep learning algorithms are based on the large quantities of quality annotated data, making its solutions the most comprehensive in the field.

Why Aidoc?

Aidoc is one of the only radiology AI companies that are already delivering clinical value to a significant customer base. It claims to be the first company to receive FDA clearance for AI-based triage of positive ICH cases for radiologists. The Chairman of Radiology at one of the company’s leading sites expressed, “You gave me the peace of mind that there were no patients with a brain bleed waiting for their scans to be read.”

With Aidoc’s seamless “always-on” approach, every case with a detected acute finding can automatically be highlighted and elevated to the top of the worklist to reduce the turnaround time for the patients, especially in the cases where time matters most. It covers medical conditions prevalent in all settings- ED/Inpatient/Outpatient, including level 1 trauma centers, outpatient imaging centers, and more.

A Mark of Excellence

Aidoc was recently listed by the ‘Time Magazine’ as one of the ‘50 Genius’ companies of 2018. The company’s founders are listed on Forbes 30 under 30 lists for both Europe and Israel. Additionally, Aidoc has the most clearances for using AI to triage patients.

The Torch-bearer of Aidoc

Elad Walach, the Co-Founder and CEO of Aidoc, is an expert in AI with visionary business insights in the healthcare space. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has published multiple academic papers on deep learning. Elad began his career in the elite Israeli Defense Force technology program ‘Talpiot’ and then went on to lead the AI research in the Israeli Air Force, where he initiated and led several teams focused on machine learning and computer vision projects.

Since the inception of Aidoc, Elad has spearheaded the company through three rounds of investment and drove the commercial availability of three product lines. With the support of an incredible team comprising of technology experts from the IDF’s prestigious technology units and clinical thought-leaders from leading medical institutions, Elad has raised the company to the stature it is at today. Aidoc has successfully built a technology that helps millions get quicker and more efficient patient care.

Learn, Innovate, Impact

Aidoc has achieved success with the help for the three core values it abides by.

Continuous Learning: Everything done at Aidoc is based upon continuous learning and optimizing to provide the best possible solutions to radiologists.

Innovative: Developing algorithms and receiving regulatory clearances at an unmatched space, paving the way for future AI innovation in radiology.

Impactful: Helping over 1M patients/year by providing to healthcare-grade AI to leading university hospitals, radiology groups, and private institutions.

Industry Insights

Aidoc believes that AI in healthcare has gone from Sci-Fi to reality and now it’s on its way to becoming the new standard of care. AI for radiology is leading the way.

Aidoc believes that technology should serve medicine, empowering physicians and helping them to be more effective and efficient. Our mission is to make AI a standard of care in radiology.



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