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How to Become More Courageous and Resilient in our life?

Dr. Raziya Shaikh | M.D. (IVF Centre) & Gynecologist | KGN Test-Tube Baby Hospital | Courageous | Insights Care

Courage is about challenging yourself, reaching beyond what is normal, and changing in ways that increase your potential for growth and transformation.

There are no ground rules to accept a courageous challenge. The only requirement to be courageous is to understand that you are going above and beyond the normal range of activity in your life.

Right from our childhood to last journey of our lives, we must think about the colorful rainbows in dry and dark sky. No matter that, no one believes in you, no matter that your value is zero in society. Just start to believe in yourself and make yourself very precious to you only.

Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows you to be knocked down by life and gives you the courage to come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome you and drain your resolve, you gather your courage, face your fears, and find a way to rise from the ashes.

The following are main characteristics of resilience:

  • positive attitude
  • optimism
  • ability to regulate emotions
  • the ability to see failure as a form of helpful feedback

Your ability to stay resilient and relevant as a sentient being is the key to implementing and maintaining a courageous and vibrant life.

Facing Your Fears

Many of times in my medical profession maximum infertile patients are frustrated so when they enter in OPD they have extreme fear about treatment. Once they get assurance about treatment, then second fear is about success. Means the infertile patient has many of fears on every step of their treatment.

In theory, you know that fear is an irrational state of being. If it is irrational, then why are you fearful? Perhaps fear is recognition that you have not fully and willingly accepted yourself.

So, you resist and create artificial boundaries to stay in that familiar place of resisting. This is the opposite of courage. During counseling I must try to make them bold to face each and every failure alone & be ready for next challenge. Due to this you become more courageous to taking responsibilities of your failures. This cycle will help you to become more confident for the next stand. Being courageous, taking responsibility for what you can control even in the face of fear and exceeding yourself is by no means an easy journey. Sometimes being courageous is inconvenient and interrupts your cozy life; sometimes being courageous upsets others in your environment.

The key to breaking the fear barrier is to seek balance in your life –balance derived from values based on beliefs and heart centered thinking and behavior. When you are balanced, you can take risks; make glorious mistakes, and plenty of leaps-of-faith. In other words, you have the courage to do what comes from your heart, and you can take responsibility for what you can control, even in the face of fear.

To be courageous, feel the fear and don’t run away from it. Then go and do what you fear. When my patients ask me about whether they will enjoy parenthood or not, that time I ask them that “Ask yourself- What’s the worst that can happen?” Try to imagine what would be the worst possible outcome of your fears and write it down. Not only does admitting your fears lessens its impact, but also writing down your fears is a courageous act in and of itself.

Change Your Story from Infertility to Maternity Is the Total Positive Attitude

If everything is perfect in your life, leave it alone if you are comfortable. But if you want to take a risk, if you feel a passion to embrace another way of thinking and living, create that story by journaling. Tracking a different narrative gives you an opportunity to force another course in life or experience the inexperienced.

“Make small intentions throughout the days to simply be yourself,” one of the most effective ways to think about living courageously is to create intentions within your immediate and natural environment. Then, through your own process of discovery, courage will follow. Many of ambitious people are not successful in their businesses and big planning. Whatever dreams you had seen for your life were not supposed to become successful so try to make small intensions dreams to become happy and successful life. Don’t try to run behind the false imagination just think real of the real image of life, and you will succeed more in life.

One of the most effective ways to move into a new reality is to control your imagination. Don’t let your imagination run amok, because an uncontrolled imagination can be your adversary. Distorting reality will not allow for opportunities, possibilities, and explorations. Focus and face life in the present. Believe in yourself and then move forward with courage. How good are you at making changes to your life when you need to? Most of us find change to be challenging and difficult. Yet you intuitively understand that the easier you adapt, the more interesting and challenging your life will be.

About the Author

This interesting article has been penned down by Dr. Raziya Shaikh, who is a M.D. (IVF Centre) & Gynecologist at KGN Test-Tube Baby Hospital. She is practicing Gynecology for the past 20 Years. She has worked as a RMO at Cama & Albless Hospital under prestigious Grant Medical College and J.J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. She received formal training in Assisted Reproduction, at various prestigious IVF Centers. She has also developed ovum donation, embryo donation & surrogacy programs in rural India, at affordable cost for people with humble backgrounds.



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