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Pravi IVF & Fertility Center: Pioneer in Introducing Advanced, Transparent and Ethical Practices in IVF

Dr. Monica Sachdeva | CEO | Pravi IVF & Fertility Center | Insights Care

Infertility is not a new problem. It has been prevalent in this world since its formation. Although, what’s new is the magnitude at which this distressing issue is augmenting. According to a prominent report, more than 27.5 million couples are suffering with the infertility problem.

Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards, Physiologist, has gifted this world with IVF concept but many still track a secretive route with little transparency and complex detailing that collectively shakes the patient’s trust and confidence. However, not all healthcare providers are same as their peers. Kanpur-based Pravi IVF & Fertility Center is a shining gem amongst its other contemporaries. Over the years, Pravi IVF & Fertility Center has gained immense popularity and recognition due to its transparent, ethical and personalized patient care approach.

This center has a robust and adept team of ace IVF specialists and embryologists who always ensure delivery of efficient, result-driven and precision-based treatment to its patients that too with healing touch of empathy and humanity. Pravi has state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced equipment, through which it performs all routines and advanced procedures for infertility and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Its endeavor is to render happiness on the faces of distressed couples through transparent, affordable and personalized approach.

On the eve of Indian Independence in 2015, Pravi started its operations to serve the infertile couples and since then it has witnessed a meteoric rise and stupendous growth not only in terms of revenues but also in terms of clients’ trust, affection and faith towards its services. Best part of our journey has been the phenomenal rate of patient satisfaction towards our center. We are now treating many national and international couples with the utmost care which they desired for,” stated the clinic.

Pioneers of IVF Treatment

No organization can lead towards the zenith of success if its leaders who share a common farsighted vision, necessary vital skills, diligence, and sharp acumen to solve any crisis do not drive it. Dr. Monica Sachdeva and Rit Shukla are such leaders who have made this center a huge success in such a limited time.

Dr. Monica Sachdeva, an MBBS, DNB (O&G), MRCOG is currently serving as the CEO at PRAVI. She is a seasoned medical professional who has performed over two thousand IVF cycles in her decade long of IVF practice and knows all the nitty-gritties related with infertility treatment.

The other pillar of strength is Pravi’s Scientific Director, Dr. Rit Shukla. He is also the Co-Director of the center, and a renowned embryologist who has played a pivotal role in the establishment and development of Pravi IVF and Fertility Center. This duo works in tandem to render happiness on the faces of childless couples and feels proud to do so.

Services and its Uniqueness

Pravi gives hope to parents who are left in the dark due to their infertility issues. This center has a commendable success rate of attaining motherhood. Services like IUI (husband/donor sperm), IVF (self-egg/donor eggs), ICSI, PICSI, embryo vitrification, frozen embryo transfers, and surrogacy services assist infertile couples to realize their dream of parenthood. This center also has a proficient team of pre IVF laparoscopy and hysteroscopy physicians. The center recounts that infertility is certainly a subtle epidemic, which is disturbing our society. In recent years, there has been a substantial rise in incidence of male infertility. Moreover poor egg quality is definitely a major concern nowadays.

Doctors at Pravi believe that every individual couple is different and requires an individualized approach. “Our target is to maximize success rate with minimalistic complications. Our sincere efforts are to do as many as possible blastocyst transfer (D5 Embryos), which are considered the strongest of embryos and enhance success rate by 10 percent,” asserts the CEO.

Personalised embryo transfer using Pre-implantation Genetic Tests (PGT) that includes Screening/Diagnosis (PGS/PGD) and Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) along with egg freezing are some other services that are gaining immense popularity at Pravi’s.

This procedure of egg freezing is gaining popularity among women who are in their late 20s or early 30s, not yet married or not wanting a child at present, and living in metros but also among those in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, more out of choice than the default,” added the CEO.

Future Roadmap

In near future, the center is planning to overhaul its existing IVF lab and will attempt to introduce Laser Hatching and PGD/PGS to rule out aneuploid embryo in order to prevent transmission of rare life threatening genetic diseases to off-springs.

“Our motto is to spread the awareness about infertility problems to all and sundry so we will be soon opening up satellite OPDS in tier 2/3 cities and frequent infertility camps,” concluded the CEO. “Training budding gynecologists and embryologists is another important aspect where we are progressing steadily.”



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