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Mannat Fertility-IVF Centre: A Blessing in Disguise

Dr. Archana Agarwal | Director | Mannat Fertility-IVF Centre | Insights Care

Infertility often creates one of the most distressing life and unfortunate crises that a couple ever experiences together. There is one clinic that gives hopes to the distressful couple and offers a comprehensive range of fertility services, namely, Mannat Fertility-IVF Centre. Its fertility experts understand the emotional aspect, and provide an ethical and meticulous research-based approach to fertility treatment. The centre provides wide ranging solutions that include IUI Treatments, IVF Treatments, ICSI, Surrogacy Options, Egg and Sperm Donation, Freezing, Blastocyst Transfer and Gynaecological Services that are among the best in the region. “We pride ourselves in our ability to offer all our patients the very best care,” asserts the Director.

Situated in the City of Gardens, Bengaluru, India; Mannat Fertility Centre is an IVF clinic, which provides a wide range of solutions in the field of fertility. The IVF cost in Bengaluru and in India is skyrocketing with each coming day, but Mannat’s services is making these available at reasonable costs, as well as providing these at the hands of the top IVF doctors in Bengaluru. This is one of the key reasons behind its stupendous growth in Bengaluru region.

The clinic takes utmost care of all its patients and ensures that it offers customised solutions and all its patients’ needs are met in the best possible way. “Mannat is evidently the best IVF hospital in Bengaluru, India because it has a great track record of handling all kinds of complicated fertility related issues,” asserts the centre spokesperson. “We at Mannat understand that infertility can create distress in the lives of couples who dream to have a happy and a life full of joy.” Its team of highly qualified doctors make every effort to helps one reclaim ones dream.

Distinctive Services and Therapies

Mannat is a fertility solution centre. It explores conceiving in a natural manner as the first option. The clinic has previously proven research that human body can come back to normal on its own. It works on Body-Mind-Spirit to detect the cause of one’s infertility beyond biology. Mannat has found that negative emotions or a negative event of a person’s life creates biological disorder to cause infertility, these are almost always reversible.

With research and treatments to cure people in a natural way, it is an integrated medical centre driven by specialists, who have more than a decade long experience in dealing with infertility. Realizing that infertility is a fairly new concept for many to believe, Mannat has worked out a package of 10 hours of the module, for its patients called VEDANA. It allows one not only to experience the peace, which it is talking about, but there are cases where a couple conceived within three weeks of completing this package.

In case, IVF is to be done, the centre increases the success rate from 35% to more than 50% through its holistic work.  It is equipped with the latest technology including ICSI, surgical sperm retrieval, embryo freezing, embryo biopsy, laser assisted hatching and blastocyst transfer, using the best equipment and disposables. Through holistic healing, the centre has been able to increase mortality rate, decrease biological age, reduce stress and bring peace to its patients to understand why they are going through this problem.

Needless to say, Mannat’s approach is highly personal, confidential and very intimate and caring.  Its highly personal touch and very time-consuming, but the clinic keeps no stone unturned to provide its patients with the most comprehensive solutions. “We are not an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) factory. In fact, IVF is last option for us. So far we have achieved maximum success in most cases combining healing and coaching sessions with our Allopathy treatment. Even IVF success rate increased phenomenally using these holistic approaches,” quotes Dr. Archana.

Mannat Fertility Centre firmly believes that PCOS is over-diagnosed condition and most of the couples get benefit just by correcting and balancing it out. The doctors, working at Mannat, are also well experienced as they have served as the leading positions in some of the top IVF centres nationwide. Mannat has some of the most advance facilities in the field of IVF technology, thereby, making it the most suitable destination. In the sector of IVF technology the centre has earned its name mostly due to its top in-house IVF doctors from Bengaluru and India. The services provided by Mannat are world-class, which also provides an edge among other IVF clinics in Bengaluru or India.

The Experienced & Judicious Leadership

Dr. Archana Agarwal is the Director Infertility, and Consultant Infertility Specialist & Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, at Mannat. She has received training from Jhansi Medical College, for both undergraduate and post-graduate, and Batra Research Centre. She undertook further training both in India and abroad for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). She has been in practice for the past 20 years and is one of the forerunners in ART in the country. She has been a visiting Consultant to various major & midsize institutions like Columbia Asia Hospital, Cloud9 Hospital Bengaluru. Apart from private practice, Dr. Archana has been constantly in touch with teaching/ training post-graduates in ART & General Gynaecology and Obstetrics. She has successfully treated many infertile couples with all the available techniques of Infertility Management, like IUI, IVF, ICSI, etc. Being friendly, practical, reassuring she has won many hearts of her patients & is immensely popular in this area.

Awards and Accolades

The number of smiling parents and healthy babies that were delivered at Mannat speak leaps and bounds of the success of the centre. Acknowledging this, it has been awarded ‘One of Top Most t IVF Clinic’ in Bengaluru South India Last three years consecutively as per Times of India Survey conducted from 2015 onwards in South India.

Future Perspective of Mannat

Mannat Fertility centre is working towards starting a fertility centre in Malaysia and subsequently expanding across South East Asia. It has recently launched laser Hatching, PGS/PGD as a part of it state-of-the-art facilities.



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