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Daniel Taddese: Leading Healthcare by Engaging, Enabling, and Supporting People

Daniel Taddese
Sheno Primary Hospital | Daniel Taddese
Daniel Taddese | Sheno Primary Hospital | Leading Healthcare by Engaging, Enabling, and Supporting People

The contours of life take one on a journey of discovering the true self and empowering that individual with a purpose. This goal could range from anything and everything that makes one invest a major part of their lives in achieving it. With right amounts of hard work plus other essential elements, an aspirant is morphed into a visionary leader.

One such leader in the healthcare niche is Daniel Taddese, who is a General Practitioner at Sheno Primary Hospital and is transforming the healthcare industry through his valuable input of transformative ideas, constant networking, and solving problems effectively. He aims to help every patient in need and present them with good health, which he thinks is their well-deserved right. In this process, he is extracting the benefits of medical technology while being flexible with the current trends in the healthcare sector.

Through the interview highlights below, let us dive in to read more about his inspiring and ambitious journey so far!

Please shed some light on your leadership journey as a General Practitioner in the healthcare space.

Well leadership is a journey and I am on the starting end of it.

I am helping and supporting my teammates and colleagues, recognizing their contribution, and working to create a strong team from within, by simply talking to them and figuring out how I could help, how I could contribute to solving the problems at hand and to enable people in achieving their full potential and also developing myself as well.

To me, the most important thing is engaging, enabling, and supporting people. As we all know one cannot grow and thrive alone.

What was the inspiration that prompted you to venture into the healthcare niche?

Well, I am inspired by my father who is also a healthcare professional (health officer). He is a hard worker, and is beloved by all the patients he treats.

I like the fact that he helps out his patients from the bottom of his heart and I aspire to be like him to help out those in pain and in need of health which is their right.

I feel like this is my calling in life.

Being a General Practitioner at Sheno Primary Hospital, how do you envision growing your network operations into the healthcare niche?

By simply carrying out more duties to be able to help others learning through my career, meeting more inspirational persons, and sharing their experiences.

Also by copping with the advanced current medical technology through continuous professional and personal development, and being flexible in accepting and working with current trends.

From initiating your career as a medical intern, what were the challenges you faced, and could you enlist us the professional hacks that helped you become the grand success that you are today?

Well, most of my clients are from rural areas and the knowledge gap between the health professionals and the communities is noticeable and I think this is the major challenge.

The best way I found is to hear them see their problems through their own eyes; in doing so we can figure out what the gaps are and how to fix them by educating them and learning from them and sustaining it by involving them in the decisions they clearly profit from.

Can you please share with us your initial professional experiences and what were the learnings that made you ramp up your growth curve?

Well, I started my medical career from my medical internship at university of Gondar after finishing my medical school there. And as I remember it, it was a tough year during which I learned so much from my instructors, colleagues, patients, or by engaging in different activities which were challenging each time.

The best thing I have learnt in my internship year is patience which helped me a lot in my life after graduating. And then after I have been growing each day ever since.

As a successful leader in the healthcare niche, what is your opinion on integrating technological advancements into the healthcare niche?

I am all for technological advancements and integrating it to the healthcare niche. It will safeguard patient safety through easy access to patient medical records, reduction in medical errors, greater patient care, improved patient education, and in reduction of cost.

Please give us your valuable input about the future of the healthcare niche for the budding enthusiast aspiring to venture into the medical niche.

Well, I believe though we are doing what we can in treating the clients, we really need to work and improve on our preventive primary health care services.

Seeing our current situations like that of increase in highly transmittable diseases like covid 19 pandemic, increase in non-communicable disease like cancer and diabetes, it will be a burden in the health care facility.

So, working on preventing will help us improve on our health status.



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