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Katlego Assis: Committed to the Responsible Transformation of Africa

Katlego Assis
Katlego Assis | Rhiza Babyile | Committed to the Responsible Transformation of Africa

Quality life with optimum healthcare benefits is everyone’s right, no matter what socio-economic background they come from.

Though the world looks to be progressing on media platforms, the truth is far from it. For the world to truly progress, basic life and health care needs must be met in every corner of the globe, particularly in Africa’s underprivileged communities. Leaders need to rise from the ground level to provide for the needs of under-served African communities. And, when one has a passion to truly serve the community and uplift the less privileged, many life-transforming discoveries can be made across the world. Not only would these discoveries help to effectively raise resources, but they would also aid in the improvement of life and healthcare standards.

One such leader who is committed to bringing transformation to the lives of African communities through her responsible efforts is Katlego Assis. As an ESD (Enterprise and Supplier Development) and R&D Special Projects Manager at Rhiza Babyile, Katlego is working towards empowering the African people.

Rhiza Babyile is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing historically disadvantaged communities through a holistic approach that includes: health care, education, early childhood development, and entrepreneurship. Its aim is to eradicate extreme poverty, close the inequality gap and uplift communities.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Care, Katlego discussed her career, her passion for helping people, and her mission to bring sustainable transformation to African communities.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Please shed some light on your journey in the healthcare consultancy industry.

My journey was greatly influenced by my mother, who is a health care practitioner and a Prof. of Nursing Sciences at the University of South Africa, I was a close witness to the power of quality health care that is combined with passion and skill, but more importantly, the importance of quality education around health care. This became an indirect burden and an inherited passion for me.

What has been your inspiration to venture into the healthcare consultancy niche?

I am part of an organization that is passionate about quality healthcare in marginalized communities. My biggest inspiration has been finding community health care workers who have developed intelligent solutions fit for their context and responding to the needs that surround them. The picture painted by empirical research on the ground is often more hopeful. When we take a close look at communities in need of quality health care, there are often solutions that are yet to be noticed that are being applied.

From initiating your career at University of Johannesburg, what are the challenges you have faced and how did you turn them into opportunities?

One of my personal biggest challenges is understanding that careers are always evolving, and new ones are always being created in response to industry needs and changes within the global village we live in. I had to adapt and refine my skill set to suit what the current needs were while remaining grounded in what is unchanging, such as principles and ethical practices. Also, being a young black woman with bold dreams means, in my context, the fight is to believe those dreams are for you too.

As a link between the South African government and the Dutch Embassy, how do you manage the everyday stressors in work and personal life that help you ensure a work-life balance?

I focus on my own personal well-being and put that first, when I am well balanced and clear in thought I can give my best to all other roles I play on a daily basis.

Can you please share with us your initial professional experiences and what were the learnings that made you ramp up your growth curve?

I’ve had the privilege of working for both the private sector and government, as well as the NPO (non-profit organization) sector. All these sectors have their own cultural set up, which could at times be challenging when it comes to one’s own personal work ethic, but they are all places where excellence easily shines through and where consistency speaks. I decided to ramp up my growth curve when I noticed that my skill set is needed in all sectors and that if I position myself strategically, I will make way for many other younger ME’s.

As a successful leader, what is your opinion on the future of healthcare consulting, which is currently grabbing the global spotlight?

There are solutions to health problems that exist that science or research have yet to discover. I believe there’s an opportunity there that challenges “capitalism” but benefits the whole instead of the part.

As you specialize in transformational education and human capacity development services for organizations and individuals, please be a guide for the budding enthusiast aspiring to venture into the niche.

Be curious about humanity and always think about what methods, old or new, you can introduce to move humanity a step forward and to the possibility of greater potential.

Clientele testimonials

Katlego’s coaching style is very effective, she creates a context for the necessary mind shifts and is highly empowering. – Ms. Thenjiwe Sibiya (Nutritionist and health food solutions distributor)

Katlego is passionate about entrepreneurs, health care, and economic transformation, this passion drives her research approach for quality data and real-time information that is contextual and consistent. – NYDA (National Youth Development Agency)

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