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Best of 5 Regenerative Medicine Companies 2021

Advancells: A Pioneer at the Forefront of the Healthcare Revolution
Healthcare and medicine have been of prime significance to mankind with the intent of sustaining our lifespans and keeping it free of any ailments. Healthcare facilities and services in India have been evolving with time and in the recent years have been on a path of continuous development. Companies...

Issue Profile

Abhinav Thakur | Managing Director | Accurex Biomedical
Accurex Biomedical: Saving Lives Through Quality Medical Diagnostic Solutions
Before 1984 almost 100% of the diagnostic reagents were imported into India. To promote the manufacturing of...
Dr Anand Srivastava, Chairman and Cofounder, Mr. Deven Patel, CEO, President, andCofounder, GIOSTAR
GIOSTAR: Leading India towards an Immune Future
In August 2020, a 53-year-old COVID patient who was in a comatose state, struggling to hold on to life,...
BN Manohar, MD and CEO, Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd,
Stempeutics Research: An Leading Name in Stem Cell Therapeutics
Founded on the vision of ethically and scientifically exploring the full potential of stem cells for...
Dr. Roy Farfara , founder, TrioxNano
TrioxNano: Opening windows to inventions through biological nano carriers.
The world is busy trying to develop a vaccine for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Some have already developed...