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TrioxNano: Opening windows to inventions through biological nano carriers.

Dr. Roy Farfara , founder, TrioxNano
Dr. Roy Farfara , founder, TrioxNano

The world is busy trying to develop a vaccine for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Some have already developed one. Amidst all these, one bio-tech company chose to find a treatment to the virus rather than inventing a vaccine.

Located in Israel, TrioxNano Ltd is known for its inventions particularly by developing programmable biologic nano carriers that can accurately deliver payloads to their target.

Now, they are in the process of donning another feather in their cap through the novel drug delivery platform – S.M.A.R.T (Stimuli Multi Adjusted Responsive Technology), based on the unique combination of mesoporous nano particles (MSNP) and DNA molecular machines (DNA MM).

We, at Insights Care, had the opportunity to learn more about the company and its pathbreaking discoveries.

Please brief our audience about your company, its values, vision, and mission.

The company’s revolutionary technology, termed S.M.A.R.T, an acronym for Stimuli Multi Adjusted Responsive Technology, or simply put “Programmable medicine” is based on combinations of DNA coding, DNA molecular machines and mesoporous nanoparticles. SMART offers the potential to add programming to almost any approved medicine that may in turn increase its efficacy exponentially.

To create S.M.A.R.T, TrioxNano had to first invent the modular hardware that would allow incorporation of many different medications, the software language which is based on DNA coding and the actual codes that can control the nano particle. The technology is expected to create a paradigm shift and highly impact human lives around the globe, transforming medicine from its current primitive analog state to a programmable digital modern era.

TrioxNano is driven by a team of highly intelligent hard working, open minded scientists. All our staff have hands on experience of years in the industry. We are roughly divided to chemists and biologists that are integrators, able to bridge the gap between these two worlds. As an Israeli company we try to think out the box and “cut to chase” as much as possible basing our decision on sound science.

What are the prominent services and products, that your company offers?

It is estimated that more than 1000 approved medication can be delivered by this programmable system and at least 500 unique programs can be uploaded to them. This adds up to about half a million different options of unique treatments (in the case that only one code is uploaded per particle), in the case a combination of three codes is loaded and estimated 125 billion treatment options are created.

Brief us about the featured person(s) and their journey in the pharma industry.

  1. Roy Farfara founded TrioxNano in 2015 with the intention to improve current medical treatments by benefiting from the vast potential of programmable DNA nanotechnology. As a surgeon he became aware of the limitation of surgery (trying to resect micro-meter size cancer cells with h centimeter size knives) and the limitations of nonspecific chemotherapies causing substantial toxicity, understanding that we are not using the right tools to achieve the goal of treating cancer effectively.

Being an experienced leader, what is your opinion on the adaptation of newer technological developments to sustain business competency?

I believe humans’ strongest trait is adaptation and as time passes, we become more flexible and welcome new technologies. The use of DNA/RNA for treatments of human disease received substantial backwind with the development of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid19 Vaccine. TrioxNano is also using DNA though in a different manner for the treatments it developed to treat cancer and Covid19.

Taking into consideration, the current pandemic, and its impact on global economies, how are you driving your organization to sustain operations and ensuring safety of your employees at the same time?

We sustain full operative capacity in developing both our programmed cancer treatment and the treatment we develop to treat Covid19. We strictly adhere to all recommendations published by the ministry of health.

Where do you envision your organization to be in the long run and what are your future goals?

TrioxNano aspires to be the next Microsoft and IBM, on one hand creating “the operating system for computerized drug delivery” and on the other developing the hardware required to run the operation system and the code. We want to revolutionize the way patients are treated! To achieve this, TrioxNano’s technology offers a paradigm shift that will highly impact human lives, transforming medicine from an analog state to an exciting programmable digital modern era.

Share your organization’s strategies to keep your position in the market. The company’s strategies include a hybrid business model where we develop our own drug candidate TXN770 (as a proof of concept) for the treatment of TNBC but are actively perusing to cooperate with others to incorporate their APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) into our modular computerized platform.

What are TrioxNano’s the latest developments?

T.N.B Triox Nano Biotics is a nanotechnology that binds viruses to each other creating large aggregates that inhibit the virus’ ability to infect the human cells due to the aggregate size. The advantage of the platform compared to other treatments is that it only requires one binding site per pathogen to exert its action compared to a medicine needed to block infection that requires higher than 95% blockage to be useful. The platform is modular and can be programmed to bind different pathogen epitopes. This technology has been tried on Covid19 cell-based assay and showed preliminary results showing substantial inhibition of infection. Currently we are optimizing it to improve the inhibition of infectivity of Covid19 by at least a factor of 20; once achieved we will start clinical trials. This is a treatment to the virus in contrast to the vaccine being currently developed.



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