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Community Health Associates, LLC: Advancing the Healthcare Industry to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

Dr Hudson Garrett | Community Health Associates LLC
Dr Hudson Garrett | Community Health Associates LLC

Everything that is lost can be recovered, but life, once lost, can never be recovered. It is one’s responsibility to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay away from minor to severe illnesses. However, illnesses can come from numerous factors in current times and keeping control of them is impossible. People rely on healthcare services to recover from minor to malignant diseases, spending a vast amount of money and effort to eliminate those illnesses.

It’s the onus of social responsibility for every healthcare establishment and professional to ensure that they are utilizing the latest skills and advances by constantly learning and improving in order to help patients recover. To assist such healthcare professionals and establishments in being up to date with the best healthcare education, Community Health Associates, LLC came into existence.

Established in 2005 by Dr. Hudson Garrett, Jr to bring lifesaving emergency care and healthcare consulting to healthcare professionals. As the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, he is determined to provide personalized, high-quality healthcare education and training for medical professionals in the healthcare industry.

We had an exclusive opportunity to interview Dr. Garrett, who shared with us insights about his organization’s role in readying the healthcare sector for tomorrow’s challenges.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Please brief our audience about Community Health Associates. Kindly tell us about your source of inspiration for venturing into the community healthcare management niche.

Community Health Associates, LLC is a specialty healthcare consulting firm specializing in people, processes, and product consultation for both individual healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.

In 2008, I had the vision to create a transformative consulting practice that would break down silos across healthcare and actually solve the complex issues facing healthcare providers and patients. While many healthcare experts were trying to solve challenges in their respective silos, the vision of my firm was to bring disciplines together, eliminate barriers to success, concentrate on advancing evidence-based practices, and create leaders in all healthcare settings.

I have a passion for working with medical device companies to help them create well-designed, safe, and efficacious medical devices that help save patient lives.

Please tell us about your journey in the community healthcare management sector highlighting your contribution to Community Health Associates’ success reaching greater heights.

I have benefited from an extremely varied career in healthcare that ranges from running a community health training center to serving as a Global Chief Clinical Officer for a global medical device company.

In addition to being a healthcare provider, my firm’s focus is on helping healthcare providers and organizations bring evidence-based practices to every single patient’s bedside. I leverage my medical device company executive expertise and combine it with my clinical acumen to help provide healthcare industry consultation, and my consulting practice has steadily grown over the last few years.

Can you elaborate upon the core values on which Community Health Associates is built, and what is its vision and mission?

The firm is built on the simple principle of advancing healthcare education across the entire continuum of care. More than ever, healthcare needs solutions that improve the quality of care, reduce the cost of care delivery, and improve overall clinical outcomes.

My firm is focused on building sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders in an effort to solve common healthcare problems such as reducing healthcare-associated infections or improving patient safety.

Tell us more about the services and the immersive benefits that make Community Health Associates stand out as one of the best community health management companies.

The organization has a wide-ranging set of capabilities, including live and recorded webinars; podcasts; live presentations for sales and marketing meetings; key opinion leader meetings; medical writing; continuing education workshops, webinars, and articles; sales and marketing clinical training; case studies and white papers; speaking engagements (domestic and international); and medical affairs consulting.

This diverse set of program offerings enables my firm to remain uniquely competitive and also immediately respond to the ever-changing demands of modern healthcare.

What is your opinion on healthcare providers’ aligning their offerings with newer technological developments, especially when it comes to catering to the dynamic needs of the healthcare space?

This is an absolute must, but I also encourage healthcare professionals to balance both tactical works with strategy. I enjoy a balance of the two but definitely enjoy a more design-thinking approach to solving healthcare challenges.

Technology is a cornerstone of modern healthcare, and business leaders must embrace it and leverage it in any way that they can to advance their organizational strategy. Technologies in healthcare have enabled us to save lives that we could never have dreamed of before, and now we must fully embrace these tools in our everyday practices, both in the business arena and also in clinical practice.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced and the most important lessons you have learned in your professional journey so far?

The biggest challenge that I have faced is to simply stay out of my own way. Humans, by nature, second guess ourselves and the process, and this can hinder business success. One of the keys to my success is mentorship. Having a dedicated mentor to help guide you in your business’s growth is a critical component to success as a business leader and owner.

The healthcare market is convoluted and very crowded. To stand out, you need to first stand for what your specialization is and demonstrate unique expertise that showcases you as a true thought leader within your respective field.

My most important lesson learned is to simply not let any other party dictate your success. You cannot control the reactions of others, but you are most certainly in complete control of your own reactions to various challenges that you might encounter as a business leader. Resilience in today’s market is the key to success and overcoming obstacles.

What advice would you like to give to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the community healthcare management sector?

My biggest advice to any new entrepreneur is two-fold:  1) don’t let anyone get in your way and 2) build the most diverse portfolio of expertise and services portfolio possible. Today’s market is highly competitive and always evolving, so agility as an entrepreneur is critical to long-term business success.

Healthcare is one of the most complex sectors on the face of the planet, and it requires a leader that is able to respond to the ever-changing needs within the market. Companies that focus on one particular area, while valuable, are not able to truly help address the most complex needs found within this sector. Firms that are able to offer “one-stop shopping” under a single roof are certainly poised to achieve higher levels of success in this challenging economy.

Where do you see yourself in the future, and how do you envision scaling your successful journey in the healthcare sector eventually?

The future of healthcare is likely to be a bumpy road, but one that we must persevere on to protect patient lives. As a healthcare executive and consultant, I believe the needs of modern healthcare companies will continue to evolve in this post-pandemic world.

I enjoy diversity in my consulting and have a unique passion for helping healthcare, and medical companies understand the healthcare market, develop products and services to advance evidence-based care, but also prevent patient harm from preventable medical errors.

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