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Sleepace: Providing a ‘Well Deserved’ Sleep

David Huang | Sleepace
David Huang | Sleepace

What is that one essential thing apart from food, water, and clothing that humans require for their daily survival? It’s a sound and peaceful sleep. While everyone loves a peaceful slumber, not every person is guaranteed a comfortable snooze. According to Philips Global Sleep Survey, 2019, 60% of adults have several sleeping disorders.

Addressing the sleeping issues with a technological blend, Sleepace provides solutions that can monitor real-time sleeping data such as heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement in order to help its clients achieve their ideal sleep.

The Founder and President of Sleepace, David Huang, has helped users achieve their best sleep by bringing together a professional team of information technology and healthcare expert. By focusing more on the solutions, he is helping companies to upgrade their products and provide a more comprehensive solution.

In an interview with Insights Care, David talks about how Sleepace is positively impacting people and helping them achieve the best sleep through their products.

Below are the highlights of the interview with David.

Please brief our audience about your company. Kindly tell us the source of inspiration for starting the Sleep Disorder Care Solution Provider company.

Sleepace is the world’s top-tier provider of smart sleep solutions and night-time IoT automatic control technology. The product line includes a sleep monitoring series and sleep-aid series. With our advanced non-wearable sleep monitoring technology and a patented algorithm, our smart enterprise solution has been widely applied in industries such as elderly care, smart bedding, smart home/hotels, baby monitor, etc. Closely cooperating with 300+ international companies, Sleepace’s products and solutions earn us global recognition.

The concern for my grandmother’s health and safety at night is the source of inspiration that I started my journey with Sleepace. We know that there are many potential risks at night for the elder, especially when they are living alone.

My 90-year-old grandmother is one of the elders who is living alone, and I used to be worried about whether my grandmother slept well at night and whether she had any emergency during the night. Focusing on “Sleep monitoring,” Sleepace aims to help people learn more about sleep and health, helping us to act when there is a potential emergency occurrence.

Tell us more about the products that make your company stand out from the competition.

Focusing on sleep monitoring technology for more than 11 years, Sleepace’s sleep monitoring products work accurately and stably. 95% data accuracy benchmarks to PSG medical standard and surpasses any wristband. Our products have already gained Production and Sales Report of Medical Devices in Japan.

The innovative contact-free design help to avoid the discomfort of using wearable monitoring products and the psychological feeling of being monitored. The daily and monthly sleep report helps to discover the early disease and help doctors with clinical diagnosis. Remote monitoring is supported, both the caregiver and family members can view the health data easily. Elderly care can be improved effectively.

Tell us about how your company’s products support individuals in improving their sleep and tell us about the latest products developed by your company to fulfill an individual’s sleep and wellness goals.

Snoring is annoying, and it can be dangerous to health. Our latest product, a smart anti-snoring motion bed solution, is designed to help people sleep better in an intelligent way. It can detect one’s snore by our sensor and collector smartly and react quickly. Once the snore is detected, it will raise the bed smoothly and slightly automatically. So that it can stop individual episodes of habitual snoring without reducing the subjective sleep quality. Our all-in-one control box is compatible and functional; it can help companies upgrade their beds quickly and easily.

The Sleepace Senior Care monitor is designed to learn more about the continuous multi-vital signs, the quality of sleep, and the health of individuals. Individuals can learn more about their health from the sleep report, get to know about their sleep problems, get suggestions for sleep improvement and learn more about how to develop better sleeping habits. It can also help to discover the early disease and help doctors with a clinical diagnosis.

What’s more, caregivers and family members can view the real-time health status remotely via the admin site or App. When an abnormal situation occurs, it will send an alert message: a quick response can be assured. Overall, it can improve nursing efficiency, guarantee the health and safety of the elderly. In your opinion, how can sleep disorder care solution provider companies use the latest technologies in their products and services to promote healthy sleeping habits in individuals?

Comprehensive sleep reports, regular and timely reminders can help promote healthy habits in individuals. For example, Sleepace’s monitor products will send daily and monthly sleep quality reports, in which more detailed information and trends are disclosed. These reports will be able to warn about potential health issues.

Individuals can get suggestions from the sleep report and improve their sleep. For caregivers, they can get notifications when abnormal situations occur and act quickly. Finally, the smart anti-snoring function can help individuals realize their sleep problems profoundly and help them stop snoring and have a better sleep experience.

In your opinion, what could be the future of the sleep and wellness solution providers’ companies? And how are you strategizing your company’s operations for that future?

The sleep market is full of imagination. More and more people are becoming increasingly familiar with how the quality of their sleep impacts important aspects of their lives, such as their health, productivity, and happiness. They are willing to pay more to have a better sleep. It is a bright future for sleep and wellness solution providers companies.

Many internal and external factors can influence the quantity and quality of the sleep we obtain. We need to provide different solutions to different sleep problems. A single product cannot solve the problem compared to the scenario solutions. We will continuously focus on the “system + products + service” strategy to provide a more comprehensive, healthy, and comfortable sleep experience for the user.

As an established leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the competitive industry you are serving?

Always keep an eye on the quality of your product, and, you need to ensure that the product is not that fancy idea but unpractical.

How do you envision scaling your company’s services in 2022 and beyond?

We will focus more on the smart anti-snoring motion bed solutions to help bedding companies upgrade their products, and we will also provide a more comprehensive solution for elderly care. It will be a breakthrough for our company in 2022 and beyond.

Please give us a few testimonials from your clients or customers and awards or recognition that accurately highlight your company’s position in the market.

  • Recognized as a National Hi-Tech Company
  • Selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information
  • Technology, Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Health
  • Commission as Model Enterprise for Smart Elderly
  • Care
  • Selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information
  • Technology, Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Health
  • Commission as “Promotional Directory of Smart
  • Elderly Care Products and Services” (China, 2020)
  • Gained Production and Sales Report of Medical Devices
  • in Japan
  • Gained Certificate of ISO9001:2015
  • 100+ Patents and Certificates
  • China Senior Care of Creation and Innovation and
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Certification of VB100 Future Medical TOP 100
  • Red Dot Award
  • IF Design Award (the Year 2015/2018/2019)
  • CES Innovation Awards
  • International CES Last Gadget Standing Design and
  • Engineering Awards

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