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CRYOPDP: At the Forefront of Bridging Credibility, Innovation and Trust

Cedric Picaud | CEO | CRYOPDP
Cedric Picaud | CEO | CRYOPDP

The Pharma and Biotech logistics and supply chain process involves shipping drugs, specimens, cell and gene components and future medications to different facilities, such as warehouses, hospitals or research centers. When exposed to incorrect temperatures, decomposition can occur and diminish the products’ intended impact.

However, innovative breakthroughs in therapeutics research, technologies, and logistics support continued progress in the pharmaceutical supply chain. This progress is further extended in packaging innovations, tracking and monitoring advancements, warehouse upgrades, shipping and transportation improvements, educational and training programs, as well as policy and regulatory development.

To keep a competitive edge, companies have also to keep up with quality and compliance developments, a focus of both pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Regardless of their place in the supply chain, companies must constantly look for ways to innovate. One such company is CRYOPDP. With its primary focus on improving people’s health around the world, CRYOPDP provides its customers with tailor-made solutions and an impressive operating performance above 99.96%.

Under the visionary leadership of Cedric Picaud, CEO, CRYOPDP excels in providing innovative, temperature-controlled solutions for all healthcare players including those in the cell and gene therapies market.

As a specialist in the life sciences and healthcare logistics business, CRYOPDP has a deep understanding of its customers and the unique and demanding needs of industries. That is why clients can count on CRYOPDP to deliver tailor-made solutions and value propositions that match their most critical business requirements and needs on a global scale.

A Continuum of Quality Assurance

CRYOPDP is an expert in temperature-controlled solutions that acts globally and has the patients at the heart of the business, and although the company acts behind the scenes, the health of its patients is CRYOPDP’s top priority!

The company has been using its healthcare temperature-controlled expertise, ensuring service quality while positively impacting people’s lives throughout its entire existence. That is what moves CRYOPDP to improve and design new and effective end-to-end services for a healthier world and a better tomorrow.

Empowering Reliability

CRYOPDP is always synchronized with the life sciences and healthcare industries to ensure that it always provides temperature-controlled solutions for any challenges these communities face.

More than 4000 companies across the life sciences, clinical trials, R&D, public and private health sectors trust CRYOPDP to find the most suitable solution for their temperature-sensitive shipments. These companies see CRYOPDP as a reliable and expert courier of life-saving goods, always at the right temperature, with worldwide impact.

Enabling Innovations in the Industry

With the patient as the center of its business and considering the huge development of decentralized clinical trials, the development and implementation of a new service such as Direct-to-Patient seems to be the most natural evolution for CRYOPDP.

Since 2021, CRYOPDP has been offering this turnkey solution, completely adapted to patients’ needs, with the same efficiency and total peace of mind.

CRYOPDP also offers a solution to manage the complexity of a full or partial laboratory relocation. The company understands that managing a laboratory move is more than just moving samples; it is about doing every pre-evaluation, planning and documentation process with 100% precision to ensure that proper protocols are followed.

Due to its expertise, knowledge, packaging, and availability, CRYOPDP has added a new service –‘Lab Move’. With a complete fleet of dry shippers of assorted sizes and the latest innovative technology that allows full visibility from start to finish, CRYOPDP can assure its customers that sample integrity is also its top priority.

The Journey of an Adept Leader

Shedding light on the professional tenure and the company’s presence in the niche, Cedric Picaud shared, “I started my career at the age of 22 when I created my own logistics company. Then I worked for DHL for approximately 13 years, holding several management positions, one of which was leading their life sciences initiatives across 33 countries.”

Adding to this, he also expressed, “Most of my career has been within the life sciences logistics space, and that is what ultimately led me to where I am today, serving as the CEO of CRYOPDP, a leading provider of innovative temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the clinical research and cell and gene therapy markets.”

Pearls of Wisdom

As an industry professional, Cedric expressed his opinions on the necessity for healthcare supply chain management service providers to align their offerings with the latest technological advances. He stated, “We are constantly evolving, and today we cannot dissuade any industry from technological advances, much less the health industry that benefits the global population.”

At CRYOPDP, we guarantee that all our services meet our customer’s needs and keep up with the innovative technology that the industry vigorously demands.

The expertise of our in-house resolute IT development team keeps CRYOPDP one step ahead of its peers in identifying and implementing flexible and reliable digital solutions for our customer’s business needs.

With his profound knowledge of the industry, Cedric shared his opinions on the future of the healthcare logistics industry post-pandemic, as well as CRYOPDP’s eventual strategic operations, stating, “This pandemic has shown how essential it is to have access to healthcare services and that there are higher expectations placed on logistics specialists like CRYOPDP.”

As our temperature-controlled experts were on the front line during the crisis, this was our chance to be true to our mission -improving the health of people around the world- and operational-wise, to develop unique tailor-made solutions for the demanding life science and healthcare communities.

Word to the Wise

With those aspiring to venture into the healthcare industry, Cedric shared, “Never forget why they want to serve the healthcare industry.”

“Working in an industry as sensitive as ours is rewarding but will require a demanding level of responsibility,” he added.

Embracing the Future Roadmap

It has been all about the patient since the very beginning. CRYOPDP strives to keep adding value to the industries that it serves every day by providing temperature-controlled solutions that meet their and our customers’ particular needs.

Moreover, the company aims to spare its customers from having to deal with geographical issues, complexities, and regulatory constraints in a wide variety of environments.

CRYOPDP also acts as an essential advisory service for organizations that do not have dedicated logistics departments but, most importantly, is primarily focused on improving people’s health.

Recognition of Achievements

With innovative and credible solutions primarily focused on improving people’s health, CRYOPDP excels in the healthcare industry, having received several awards, including:

  • “Best Clinical Trial Logistics Provider at the Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2022”
  • Most Promising and Valuable Pharma Logistic Company of the year 2021” by India’s Biggest Healthcare Awards – the Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards
  • “Best Clinical Trial Logistics Provider in APAC” by Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2021
  • “The Company You Need to Watch Out in 2022” by Europe Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2021.

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