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Holon: Bridging Technology—Humanizing Healthcare

Jon Zimmerman | CEO

The healthcare industry is plagued with rules, regulations, and guidelines coming from many different sources that change at a rapid pace. This is causing unprecedented burnout for the dedicated people who deliver care. It’s a crisis that must be addressed with empathy and urgency.

And that’s exactly why Holon is on a mission to lead the industry with innovation that delivers operational relief by prioritizing people over process. Holon’s intelligent, human-centric technology and adoption framework provide value for both business and human-focused returns on investment.

Spearheading the goal to help unite the healthcare system as a community is Holon’s CEO, Jon Zimmerman. How is Holon making a difference under Zimmerman’s leadership? Delve into this inspiring story.

Uniting Healthcare as a Community

Healthcare’s many evolutions have caused the industry as a whole to lose touch with what matters most — caring for people so that everyone can live their best lives. Holon is dynamically working to unite the healthcare system as a community of professionals who are empowered to deliver the best care, leading to the best results with incredible satisfaction. In other words, healthcare should feel human.

Holon exists to bring relief to clinical teams and support staff, who need practical, easy-to-use, empowering tools so they can regain their focus on patients and delivering optimal care.

“We know that systems are overly complex and highly fragmented, which in turn drives waste and underperformance,” says Zimmerman. “Today’s mounting administrative complexities are causing tremendous burnout and low professional satisfaction for care teams as well as poor outcomes and low satisfaction for patients. Losing touch has become very costly and painful.”

The company is passionate about delivering on its value for every practice, health system, and health plan, as well as every user within those organizations. A reputation is consistently earned, and Holon is proving its value through the results its customers are realizing.

For example, one customer witnessed an 80 percent increase in the number of care gaps it was able to identify and close in just the first 30 days of using Holon’s intelligent technology with the support of its expert team. The adoption framework helped the customer employ best practices and quickly gain value from the platform.

Holon’s values are founded in service, transparency, relentless innovation, and customer value realization. The Holon team envisions being the champion and partner to the professionals who work in healthcare because their work is so vital.

Strengthening the Community

Zimmerman is on a quest to dramatically, measurably, and systematically reinvent the delivery of health services through technology that makes healthcare feel human. His 40 years of experience in technology and health IT affords him a broad perspective on what it takes to deliver intelligent patient information to any point of care.

“Our exceptionally talented leadership team has diverse backgrounds ranging from technology, retail, and entertainment to every perspective of the healthcare marketplace. Their insight has launched a new era of innovation for Holon, building on our outstanding story of growth and forward-thinking anticipation of the needs of care teams and systemwide stakeholders,” says Zimmerman.

As Holon’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Nate King is responsible for the overall product portfolio and the company’s technology and innovation posture. King is ensuring that Holon’s Product & Innovation group will continue disrupting the market with high-value products that solve business problems and ultimately advance better healthcare for the broader community.

“I joined Holon because I knew I could bring a different perspective utilizing my experience and best practices from other industries. Our new platform was built from a foundation of customer and end-user research — with customer feedback throughout the development process. We made our tools highly personalized and easy to use so that they would empower the user to improve care and optimize business results,” says King.

With more than 30 years of experience across healthcare, technology, and retail, Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Varney leads go-to-market strategic planning, execution, and brand strategy to power Holon’s digital and offline marketing and engagement programs at scale to drive growth and brand leadership.

“No other industry has experienced disruption as much as healthcare has — with COVID, increasing regulations, accelerated digital transformation, and new entrants coming to market every month. At its core, healthcare is about humans helping humans. Innovation and technology will never replace that. Our brand purpose, ‘healthcare should feel human,’ amplifies our strong commitment to the dedicated care teams who serve us all and gives Holon a unifying vision to play a unique role in the industry, providing value for our customers and setting our path for growth and market leadership,” says Varney.  

New Platform Innovation

This year Holon launched Holon Community, a new, innovative platform and brand campaign to lead the market and set the stage for the next phase of the company’s growth.

Holon Community is the new release of its established technology, delivered in a highly personalized platform that brings relief to care teams — on their existing systems and right within their existing workflows. Not a product but a place, Holon Community is where healthcare is made much more effortless with personalized tools and information that save time and resources while improving care team satisfaction.

One of the key advantages of Holon Community is its modern approach to human-centric design. All Holon Community capabilities are built from a foundation of end-user research, which informs the ongoing innovation it has created.

“There’s no need to jump between systems or create new workflows because Holon Community works in the background and seamlessly provides the right information to the right person at any point of care, delivered into the system they use today. The automation, the human-centric design, and the personalized user experience combine to save healthcare teams time and relieve the burnout and barriers to delivering high-quality care,” says Zimmerman.

Holon Community’s Powerful Capabilities:

  • Insights – Current systems and EMRs are often disconnected from additional critical sources of information, such as population health management systems. Holon’s intelligent technology seamlessly senses what external information is needed, retrieves and presents that information back into the user’s workflow exactly the way they want to see it so they can close care gaps and deliver comprehensive, high-quality care.
  • Summaries – Contextually relevant and content-rich patient summaries are key to a good encounter. However, the right information must be assembled from multiple sources and presented exactly how the clinician wants to see it. Holon personalizes that experience to deliver the information in a way that works best for the individual user.
  • Referrals – Holon enables a smooth and traceable referral across provider systems with communication delivered seamlessly into the workflow. The platform simplifies communication for each referral to facilitate coordination, completion, and feedback.
  • Surgery Scheduling – Surgery cases must be managed appropriately for safety and efficient use of resources. The platform helps enterprises connect seamlessly with the providers in their community to reduce the process burden for surgery scheduling.
  • Messaging – Care team members need a simple and effective way to stay connected to their colleagues in the delivery of care. Inherent in all of the Holon Community solutions is the ability to quickly message a colleague in real-time to ensure no care details fall through the cracks.
  • Operational Analytics – Everything is designed so customers realize the value they expect from the point of care to the front office to the board room. Holon continuously expands its high-level capabilities for operational improvement in dynamic healthcare environments.

Holon’s intelligent technology is designed from the ground up to be easy to install, use, and expand, so enterprises immediately see results in time saved, care improvements, and genuine satisfaction with the experience.

“We have built a connected community through our platform and tools. Our patented sensory technology is flexible and adaptable, delivered through a personalized experience, and makes us uniquely positioned to serve all stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. We don’t just install the technology and walk away. Our platform is complemented by an engagement framework with analytics to ensure adoption and value realization. This is a value-added service through our best-in-class Customer Success team,” says Zimmerman.

Leveraging Technology

Healthcare as a business must never lose sight of the human aspects of care and caring. All innovations must be built with a human focus, and that includes AI and ML.

“Even as teams leverage such advancements for insight, they must have the opportunity to use their professional clinical judgment to do what’s best for the patient. While technology provides intelligent information, the human caregiver must consider the information in context. We must do this while reducing the clinician’s cognitive load,” says Zimmerman.

AI and ML are vital to solving for the dynamic complexities of care delivery. Hence, Holon actively leverages these advanced capabilities as inherent components in its solution platform.

However, the organization uses AI and ML as tools to improve the work for the care teams without burdening them with information overload. “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing,” says Zimmerman.

Collective Wisdom

When asked to advise the entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the health IT niche, Zimmerman states the following:

“First, understand your purpose and know who you are trying to serve. Also, seek multiple opinions. There are so many extraordinary, smart, and dedicated people serving this industry, and the chorus of their collective wisdom will help you on your path to success.

Do not let technology itself guide or limit you. It is dangerous to think that the industry has ‘a technology problem.’ Technology has its place, so be careful and wise with its use.”

Finally, focus and persevere until your customers are feeling tangible results. That is the true test of any value hypothesis.”

Scaling Heights

“It is an exciting time for all of us at Holon. With the launch of our new Holon Community platform, we are seeing incredible demand and are positioned for strong and sustained growth in Q4 and will build momentum as we scale in 2023. We are projecting to more than double our practice penetration and market footprint by the end of this year and are planning for rapid expansion across all of our go-to-market teams and operations,” says Zimmerman.

The organization’s strength will be determined by two main factors: the evidence of value its customers realize; and the breadth of use cases in which it delivers that enhanced value. The team believes that as its customers and partners achieve outstanding results and new levels of value, they will share their stories with others.

As Chief Growth Officer, Mike Kaminaka’s passion is to help clients achieve their business and personal objectives. He does this by creating long-term business partnerships that drive success while leveraging his career as a healthcare executive for more than 25 years.

“The industry’s future growth will be defined by companies that solve for the system’s most prominent pain points — specifically the complexity and administrative burden placed on care teams. Holon is built with empathy that comes directly from our in-depth research on what each stakeholder wants and needs to succeed. Holon is leading a revolution for systemwide improvement that will result in better health at the individual patient level and at the population level,” says Kaminaka.

Because Holon Community is a place for information and communication, it’s always expanding in a dynamic way. The organization will build out its portfolio of tools to bring relief to care teams with a passionate belief that healthcare should feel human.



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