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Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan: Opening New Windows of Opportunity

Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan | Consultant Surgeon | Opening New Windows of Opportunity | Insights Care

“I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to service of humanity”

This is the first declaration that a Doctor makes while stepping into the medical profession and is considered to be the brand ambassador of wellness and health across the globe. Saving a life is the biggest act of humanity and hence this profession holds a significant prominence in society. With the change of century and advent of the new-age, one thing which remains constant within Doctors is their commitment to challenge themselves every day.

We present you the motivational journey of Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan who has managed to grab the eye-balls of the medical fraternity within the fastest possible time span. The popular saying “The beginning of everything is small” perfectly summarizes the initial journey of Dr. Jan. His family has played a significant role in shaping his life. The decision to become a Doctor was driven largely by values that were instilled by his Grandfather – Prof. Mohd Yousuf, alongside his parents. While his Grandfather constantly persuaded him showcasing the lucrative side of the medical profession, it was the pursuance and determination efforts of his parents who always wanted to see the prefix of “Dr” before the name of their son. He also honors and appreciates the invaluable contributions of his wife Dr. Anisa Nisar Jan in transforming his dreams into reality.

Dr. Jan graduated with honors from ASCOMS Jammu in 2003 and thereafter he procured his Master’s degree in 2009 from the prestigious National Board of Education. He completed his fellowship in the field of vascular surgery at Edinburgh from the Royal College of Surgeons and later was awarded the Fellowship at the European board of Vascular Surgery, France.

Unveiling a New Chapter

As a vascular surgeon, the ultimate challenge doesn’t get completed after a complex surgery, as in India, this branch of medicine is still gaining momentum and there’s a long road to cover! While his expertise and acumen in managing vascular issues are unparalleled in the state of J&K, Dr. Jan acknowledged that he needs to devote a considerable amount of time in educating the patients about the disease and the recovery process thereafter. Although he could have worked in any of the higher centers across the country, Dr. Jan didn’t want to get contended with the materialistic pleasures of the world and instead decided to be on a mission to offer something more to the society.

Assessing the current medical solutions, especially in the interiors, Dr. Jan was determined to offer low-cost vascular surgeries that would be more inclusive for patients with limited affordability and accessibility. He was the pioneer to perform a successful Laser surgery for varicosity in J&K at Triveni Nursing Home in 2010 with an all-inclusive price of 70K. If compared with the prices prevailing at metro cities at that time, the cost of this process would have been nothing less than 90K – 1.8L. Today he takes pride and feels gratified as he offers the same process at 55K – without compromising and degrading the standards of medical solutions that has eventually assisted a large number of patients to afford the treatment.

Doctor’s Take on Current Scenario

Dr. Jan is quite confident in saying that the medical profession is undoubtedly the most fulfilling profession. He relates himself with the idea of helping others regardless of circumstances and necessities. He strongly believes that as a surgeon, he is able to create a positive impact on the lives of his patients. He recalls the moments when his expectations met reality that changed the course of his dreams in the initial years – assist the needy, earn respect, decent life to name a few.

As he stepped into the professional world, he was quick to realize that the “grass always looks greener on the other side.” He realized that there were huge gaps that stalled the medical solutions to reach the affected people in a seamless manner. Better infrastructure and latest facilities, doctor-patient ratio, differences between the private and Government players working towards creating a conducive environment are some of the burning issues that are unanswered. Offering a possible solution, Dr. Jan suggests that medical insurance to be facilitated and the network should be expanded. The Government can bring in changes in existing policies and reforms that can allow private players to extend their services and assist them by sharing the financial expenses which is a major constraint at this point of time.

A Piece of Advice for the Beginners

Family virtues and his deep insight into this noble profession have given him loads of lesson and experience – that he is always willing to share with students aspiring to be the Next-gen Doctors. Keeping the essence alive, he asserts that “While money is important, it shouldn’t become a deterrent in providing care to patients, we should not forget that since time immemorial it’s been the most sought-after profession.” Dr. Jan describes this profession as a platform wherein a professional has the liberty to assist others, create opportunities for themselves and never step backward to accept unknown challenges. With the introduction of innovative techniques in the healthcare industry, redefined procedures, he suggests the budding professionals be optimistic as the medical fraternity is the most sought-after profession that makes them self-reliant.

Triumphing Over the Hardships

Enlightening the tenacious journey, Dr. Jan opens up about the crucial curves of his life that made huge impact and dents to his life. However, as the saying goes – “the show must go on” Dr. Jan never thought of looking back and struggled against all odds to realize the dream that his parents had seen.

He was forced to face one of the hardest facts of life when he was pursuing his masters in surgery. His mother was terminally ill and passed away and this he counts as the biggest trauma of his life. His financial imbalance also proved to be a major hurdle as the stipend he earned was very meager. However as every dark night ends with a sunny day, his wife stood like a rock and supported him all through the hard times –both emotionally and financially. He remembers a saying to justify his thoughts – “I think you need to go through some stuff to really appreciate life and understand what it means to persevere, overcome and have faith. I think those tough times make you a stronger person.”

Crossing the Horizons

He admires the constant support from his wife and honors it as the greatest blessing from the almighty. Achieving new milestones, awards, and recognition, Dr. Jan hasn’t stopped and continues to give back something or the other to the society. He is associated with three NGO’s in J&K and Punjab that are working to spread awareness regarding various vascular ailments and offering treatments to the poor section of the society. He also runs an organization by the name of Varicose And More. Carrying a positive outlook of the future, Dr. Jan remains committed to be a contributor to the society by embracing the ethical values of the noble profession.



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