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Dr. Naresh Arora – An Ingenious Leader Redefining Beauty and Skin Care in India

Dr. Naresh Arora | Founder | Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics | Insights Care

We are realizing the importance of natural and chemical-free skincare poducts, more and more with every passing day. Not only do the chemicals from various products damage the skin in long-run, but they also bring various health issues with them. Beauty and skincare products made using the science of Aromatherapy are gaining a lot of popularity, as they provide a safe and highly beneficial alternative. Aromatherapy is nothing but manipulating the mind and skin through the sense of smell.

The use of Aromatherapy in skincare dates back to about 6,000 years. Many of our ancestors have used aromatherapy to make cosmetics and perfumes and in therauptic and spiritual healing. In Aromatherapy, the natural oils from different parts of plants are extracted. These are called essential oils, whose tiny molecules can be absorbed easily by the skin and they help in balancing and calming the mind, alongside of enhancing the overall skin health. Different essential oils help against different problems: anti-aging, soothing, purifying, toning, balancing, etc.

A prominent Indian company, leading the revolution of using Aromatherapy in skincare, is Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics. Its founder, Dr. Naresh Arora, the renowned Aromatherapist and Naturopath, has led it to become a popular beauty brand and is the secret behind its growing success. He is the recipient of many prestigious national and international medical and non-medical awards in the field of nature cure and aromatherapy. We, at Insightscare, bring to you an exclusive interview with Dr. Naresh Arora to take a peek into his and the company’s interesting journey.

  1. When did you know that a career in Cosmetology and Aromatherapy was for you?

All along my education in the field of life sciences, I was fascinated by Nature, its mode of natural treatments, Aromatherapy being a part of nature’s gift. Its use as a care for lifestyle disorders gives guaranteed effects without any attached side effects. I started researching on different Aromatherapy Essential oils after 1991, the year of my Ph.D. After getting diploma in Naturopathy, I started persuing it for the personal care products development and thus, directly in to the beauty care line.

  1. What inspired you to start your journey into Cosmetology and Aromatherapy?

Nature itself is a healer and you don’t require anything except Air, Mud, and Water and Diet, of course, to heal any disease. Beauty industry has always been into semi-nursing, alternate remedies, and care. However, this industry lacks proper knowledge and understanding of the products derived from natural resources and their proper usage. Amalgamation of two different sides of Care and Cure in beauty industry can always bring better results and as is said, “beauty lies within your body,” one can create better results by using natural ingredients for eradicating diseases from the roots and thus, bringing out actual beauty that one can possess.

Beauty industry always get their first feel of any product by sensing its perfume/aroma. That inspiration always drove me to explore further.

  1. What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Being a person who has been in the counseling to the beauty professionals, especially in the field of Aromatherapy and Body Aesthetics, it was always a great challenge to reach these people, to educate them to make use of plant resources (Aroma Essential Oils) for enhancing the beauty. Guiding somebody who has always been using beauty products (As seen on TV Ads) to use the natural oils (producing slow, but lasting results), it has been a slow, long, but interesting journey.

  1. Who have been the most influential people in your life’s journey?

Various people who taught and guided me to look for natural resources as ingredient for producing better quality beauty treatment products and the masters in the beauty industry, in whose company I learnt the basic nuances of beauty therapies and practices, have influenced my growth.

  1. What prompted you to launch your own line of beauty products?

When I started my professional teachings in the beauty industry , I always faced problems since good quality beauty products based on Natural Aroma Oils were not available. All the beauty products were being manufactured with either synthetic perfumes or essences.  To create the niche about the natural aromatherapy based product line, I had to start my own manufacturing unit in New Delhi, which has since grown to cater the ever increasing demand for natural and organic product line.

  1. When did you lay foundation of ‘Chase Skin Care Institute’?

Informal classes of aromatherapy were started in 1997 and the first formal batch was started in 1999. The classes were conducted at different locations provided by the organizers and beauty parlours across the country. We opened first branch of Chase Skin Care Institute at Naraina Vihar, New Delhi, in Januray 2008.

  1. What is a day in the life of Dr. Naresh Arora like?

This has been a hard, long but satisfying and rewarding journey so far. Having interacted with more than five lac beauty professional across India and abroad and having provided more than 20,000 certificates in the field of Aromatherapy itself provides me ample solace of having created a chain of professionals pursuing their careers. More than fifteen days a month are spent in the counsellings and teachings and the other part for researching on the new product line.

  1. What sets your range of products apart from other beauty products?

Natural plant sources, including Aroma Essential Oils and Vitamins, instead of hard chemical-based skin peeling raw materials, make up the natural active ingredient of Chase Brand Cosmetic Range and even the base chemical ingredients are of highest quality so that an effective, ameliorating, and non-allergenic range of products could be offered in the market.

  1. A brief description of your future projects.

Chase brand has already started venturing into the opening of product as well as academy franchising. We shall plan active advertisement campaigns in the fiscal year 2017-18.

  1. Anything you want to say to the ones who want to start their career in the field of beauty?

Thorough knowledge and education, bringing new ideas, following your dreams, and also persistently pursuing your goals and not to forget, patience are the keys to success.  Nothing will come to you on a platter. One has to earn the success, which has to be preserved with all humbleness. Luminescent lights shall always follow the success. So. keep your head where it has to be. Your trust on your subordinates and colleagues shall make you a better leader.



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