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Enn’s Closet: Enhancing the True You, Gracefully and Naturally!

Nandeeta Manchandaa | Founder | Enn's Closet | Insights Care

They say, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. The definition of beauty varies from person to person, depending on the perception of an individual. However, every person is beautiful in their own way, internally and externally; there is something they have which nobody else does. In the world full of judgmental eyes, this is lost. The external beauty also depends on how one feels about self, radiating the same vibe to others. Other factors like the environment, pollution, harmful substances that they come in contact with, affect the natural features and radiance. A company that has been helping its clients embrace their beauty, naturally, is Enn’s Closet.

We at Insightscare, bring to you an exclusive interview with the founder of this leading company, Nandeeta Manchandaa. She is a beauty aficionado who independently stood by her dreams and aspirations and familiarized people with the significance of natural and chemical-free lifestyle. She is a woman on a mission. Like an exemplary entrepreneur, her journey too has not been a cakewalk. She has had her shares of up and downs, but has always refused to give up. Graduated in Corporate Finance from The University of Texas at Austin, the US, she always wanted to do something that she has immense passion for. In this interview, she talks fondly about Enn’s Closet, its interesting journey, the services and products, and about herself.

  1. Nandeeta, what led you towards the beauty and skincare industry? What was the inspiration behind starting Enn’s Closet?

I was studying in abroad, pursuing at the University Of Texas, at Austin. Until I happened to hit a tough brick wall and had an unexpected realization. A very close friend of mine suffered from dermal carcinoma in an initial stage. The doctors suspected that it is due to the constant use of chemical based cosmetics and beauty products. It led to gruesome fallout, which left me deeply disheartened after which I was determined to actively contribute in eradicating this problem from the country by promoting natural alternatives to chemically laden products and enhance the lives of the people.

  1. What has been the journey of Enn’s Closet since the very start, up until today?

The journey of ENN by Enn’s closet started after a meticulous research about the Indian beauty and cosmetic market. Each time we stumbled upon a beauty product that read 100% natural, we did an ingredient check to find out the ingredients used and much to our surprise, most of the ingredients were completely unheard of. On some extensive study, we found out that these were harsh chemical or chemically derived ingredients that have awful side effects and were actually aggravating skin concerns, instead of improving them.

  1. Enn’s Closet promotes its customers to embrace their true beauty and helps maintain the same. This is what a lot of beauty and skincare brands out there are missing. Please tell us how this practice is important and how has it benefitted your customers.

The inconsistency of the Indian market in terms of beauty brands, in today’s time, makes it a hurdle to look for skincare brands that are natural, vegetarian, and “cruelty-free”, unless you take the lane of Ayurveda, but there are some days when you absolutely can’t smell of mogra and oudh. Unquestionably agonized by visuals of products being tested on caged animals, Enn had embarked on a mission to be free of SLS, Parabens, and harmful chemicals. Our customers are happy about it, they feel safe to use our products, and they know that we’re inspired by the goodness of nature that dates back to the roots amalgamated with a modern twist and the treasure of cultural heritage that our ancestors believed in.

  1. Tell us about the distinctive beauty and skincare products and services Enn’s Closet offers to the world. Why do you think one should opt for these?

At Enn’s, the products are curated using methods that meet the highest standards of clarity, genuineness, and quality. The brand strives to extract the finest from flora’s vast repertoire and recreate renewed seasonal preparations using fresh fruit and plant extracts, infusions of rare essential oils. All the products are an unadulterated blend made from the understanding of beauty with a modern and fresher twist to produce an extensive experience.

  1. Nandeeta, as the founder of this leading brand, tell us about your experiences and the challenges you have faced in your path. What has been your strategy to help the company grow?

The journey hasn’t been a cakewalk at all. I’ve had equal shares of ups and downs, but have always refused to give up and I believe that’s the most important part about life. There was never a giant step that I wanted to climb; they were always smaller steps that I took with head held high. I know for a fact that no one gets it easy. The only mantra to become successful is to keep your eyes at your goal and work as hard as you can and this has made the company grow.

  1. You have eliminated everything harmful from your beauty products, like unnecessary chemicals, fillers, parabens, or additives. How significant this is in today’s scenario of the beauty industry?

We use food grade preservatives, essential oils, and natural infusions of fruits, vegetables, spices in our products. We have tried to include most of the ingredients that were used by our grandparents and their mothers for years with a modern twist. It’s important to give the customers something new and creative, yet something that works.

  1. Among so many competitors, how is Enn’s Closet making its mark and differentiating itself from others?

Enn’s for sure has become the place to be for the millennial, as it speaks to the environment and also the social causes young people care about. That is admirable and important to the target customer. At the same time, Enn’s is cognizant of providing a value and strives to build a relationship with its customers. For example, the company gives customers extra incentives to shop, that allows participants to exchange five empty tubs for a free face mask.

  1. How important it is for this industry to stop using animals for product-testing? What alternative does Enn’s Closet use for this?

Animal testing should be eliminated because it violates animals’ rights; it causes immense pain and suffering to the experimental animals. It’s one of the most gruesome things possible in the world. We are very and extremely proud to say that we test our products on our own.



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