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RAS Luxury Oils – Bring Out Your Inner Beauty Naturally

Shubhika Jain | CEO | RAS Luxury Oils | Insights Care

The Sanskrit word ‘RAS’ encapsulates many meanings, the most prominent of these being ‘essence’ and ‘happiness’. Adopting this word in its brand name to reflect the very essence of life, to inspire a sense of happiness and luxury, and to awaken the senses to a higher experience using ancient sciences and spiritual traditions, RAS Luxury Oils is empowering the skincare industry. It aims to make available a fine blend of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to their patrons and foster holistic healing of body, mind, and soul. RAS brings to the world the treasure-trove of pure and natural essences blended in its products.

The Aroma-n-tic Tale

Raised in a family that supplied plant-based oils to leading perfumers and skincare brands around the world for 70 year, Shubhika Jain, the CEO of RAS Luxury Oils, naturally developed an interest and acumen for the same. In a household that talked fondly of organic and clean skincare, she was inspired to take the heritage further. With her mother, Shubhika used to participate in elaborate skincare rituals, since her childhood. Sangeeta, her mom, used to create her own beauty concoctions with hand-picked flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients she grew in the garden herself. This was the practice that stirred the passion to inculcate a beauty regimen, using natural, organic face and body oils as opposed to lotions, creams, and other products containing harmful and toxic ingredients, in Shubhika. “The thought that this legacy can be passed on to others to create a positive impact and start a whole new beauty and wellness revolution is very empowering,” she says. And thus, RAS was born.

With the desire to build an eco-friendly business, RAS Luxury Oils’ first essential oil extraction plant was set up in 2012. Along with over 250 acres of beautiful farmlands in Chhattisgarh State, the cornerstone for RAS Luxury Oils was laid. The company endorses the benefits of essential oils as well as face and body elixirs in beauty, self-healing, and vitality and urges everyone to nurture and nourish their inner magnificence and radiance beautifully.

100% Organic Products

RAS Luxury Oils offers the best quality, potent products with only natural, plant-based, cruelty free, synthetic chemical/preservatives free ingredients. These products benefit from the essence of the Aromatherapy and Ayurveda and aid in effective and therapeutic skincare and wellness. The company produces them through a completely integrated vertical process. The cultivation, oil extraction, formulation, bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, etc. – it’s all done in-house. RAS is the first farm to face venture in India, which means all its ingredients embody purity, goodness, and 100% natural elements. The company endeavors to give its clients the best quality products in the world, and for team RAS that means doing it all by themselves. Every bottle of RAS Luxury Oils is handcrafted with love, and made in small batches, which ensures exclusivity.

RAS Luxury Oils has been honored for its continuous contribution to the skincare and well ness industry. Testimony to this are the following awards they were donned with- Asia Spa Awards 2017 for Best Spa Product – Natural Line, IHW Awards 2018 for Best Wellness Brand, Harper’s Bazaar Award for Best of Beauty – Handcrafted in India.

The Right Heir

Shubika Jain graduated in Economic Honors from Lady Shriram College. With this, she became equipped with the tools to turn her passion for nature and animals into a blooming business with a social start-up. Guided by her mother and father, Shubhika worked to create and build all that RAS Luxury Oils is today. Bringing direction to almost 20 years of research and development in their lab (ABLR), she has strived to introduce 100% pure, honest, and absolutely luxurious beauty and skincare products, encouraging people around the globe to say ‘No’ to unnatural, unpronounceable cosmetic ingredients. Both Shubhika and Sangeeta have attended various conferences on Aromatherapy, skincare, and taken courses on the same to gain more knowledge about the field. Apart from that, they keep participating as exhibitors and visitors in various expos in India and the world to keep pace with the latest technology in natural skincare, cultivation and application.

What makes it Different?

The important and note-worthy specialties of RAS are:

  • Small batch size – This results into fresh products with more potency
  • Wild-crafted raw materials grown in its family estate or ethically sourced (Fair Trade), from farmers across the globe
  • Products that are vegan, cruelty-free, preservative-free, free of synthetic fragrances and additives, free of alcohol, wax-free, silicon and paraben-free
  • It’s a social start-up! RAS gives 10% of its profits to Animal Welfare and Girl Child Empowerment NGOs.
  • Fair Trade Practice: The company respects the farmers who grow the raw materials for it and have an ethical sourcing policy

Talking about the future of RAS, Shubhika says, “We want to bring organic and clean beauty to the forefront with RAS Luxury Oils, with a lot of awareness about it being brought to the masses. We want to be known as the leading homegrown, farm to face skincare and beauty brand in the world.



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