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Vedaearth: Beauty with Care

Divya Dinesh | Founder | Vedaearth | Insights Care

With a lot of people using more and more skincare products, they are exposed to many types of chemicals. The amount of chemicals that a human body comes in contact with, internally or externally, is rising every day and this can prove very harmful in the long run. The need for genuine products, which not only uphold the integrity of the industry but also have been manufactured using good practices and without harming the environment or animals has become very important.

Started with the personal need of a young woman, who went on to be a prominent entrepreneur, to find products which are free of harsh chemicals and would suit her sensitive skin, Vedaearth came into existence. Divya Dinesh, along with the support of her mother Asha Dinesh, started Addvantis Enterprises LLP, a family business based in Bengaluru. With a keen interest in Ayurveda and Aromatherapy and passion for traditional remedies to suit modern requirement, the brand Vedaearth was launched on October 6th, 2016.

Vedaearth’s holistic approach to wellness is central to its philosophy. The company crafts its products with an unwavering belief in the healing power of herbs and the uplifting aura of aromas. With a sense of reverence for nature, its products are vegan. It is committed to bringing to the world a better alternative through its knowledge and understanding of nature. Vedaearth aspires to be a leader in quality and grow as a company with the same authenticity, transparency, and integrity that it uses to create its products.

Story of Vedaearth

Realizing that people often seek ‘external’ beauty in order to satisfy their ‘inner’ self, Divya wanted to change this perception and create something to make people feel wholesome, both outside and within. Her personal search led her to learn Aromatherapy and it was only after she began making her own blend of oils, that she realized the potential and scope of such products. With the vision of transforming a person’s confidence she laid down the cornerstone of Vedaearth. The idea was to get people to experience the benefits of a combination of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy and help them realize as well as accept that there are gentler yet highly effective solutions for their everyday skin care needs. The company, today, stands for innovation and all products are designed using natural and vegan ingredients.

Divya, herself being a nature and animal aficionado, incorporated these values into her brand in order to create a natural alternative, combined with trusted herbal traditions of Ayurveda and the healing fragrance of Aromatherapy. Vedaearth believes in a better world for all living creatures. The company makes a conscious effort to use kind ingredients from nature that will protect consumers from harmful effects and also show compassion towards animals. All its products are cruelty-free.

The company started with a few retail stores in Bangalore along with its own website. Its first foray was through brick and mortar stores in Bangalore. Vedaearth even had beauty advisors at each store to explain how its brand is different and how its products work. But realizing soon that being in stores where all kinds of other products are kept in shelves next to yours, the key attributes of Vedaearth were getting lost in the crowd. Therefore, the company decided to opt for an online approach instead. Today, all its products are sold only online as well as at the Vedaearth Lounge. These are available at the company’s website, Amazon, Qtrove, Nykaa, and many more.

Natural and Amazing Products

Vedaearth offers an exclusive range of skincare products comprising of facial oils, face packs, under eye oils, and cleansing oils, which are specially designed to give clean and radiant skin. Vedaearth has wellness products that include shampoos, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and face packs, and even pain-relieving oils. It also provides hair oil for nourishment and treatment of hair-fall.

The Lounge

As an extension to Vedaearth product line in 2017, the company launched a one of a kind Vegan Spa and Salon called Vedaearth Lounge in Bangalore. At Vedaearth Lounge, they offer specially curated skin, hair, and wellness products, with the goodness of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, which help women to discover a refreshingly revitalizing way to pamper themselves. Ninety percent of the products used at this salon spa are exclusively prepared in-house and the rest of the products are outsourced from vendors who adhere to being vegan and cruelty-free. The therapists at Vedaearth Spa and Salon are trained in-house intensively, to ensure high quality of spa and salon services for the customers.

What makes it Unique?

From sifting the benefits of natural ingredients to creating products under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda and Aromatherapy specialists, Vedaearth has come a full circle. Its prowess lies in discovering the healing essence that nature is bestowed with. Hence, its name is a combination of Veda and Earth, where knowledge meets nature’s bounty. With a strong belief in alternative medicine, the company has combined the trusted herbal traditions of Ayurveda, with the healing fragrance of Aromatherapy. Reviving ancient medicinal practices with a contemporary blend, it brings to the world an exclusive range of products, which are innovative and sublime, with all the goodness of nature.

The brand has always stuck to the values that it believes in, while making all its products, which are cruelty-free, vegan, and use nature’s best active ingredients. Vedaearth believes in a cruelty free lifestyle. Divya, herself being a huge animal lover, hated to use products, which were said to have been tested on animals. “They deserve to be free without undergoing torture be it for taking ingredients from them or testing products on them,” she says. At Vedaearth, the products are not tested on animals; in fact, they test all products on themselves while putting together the right mix of ingredients.

What started as just oils like facial oil, hair oil, and pain relief oil for Divya and her family has now grown into an agile and evolving brand. The company has added more products to its portfolio, like shampoos, conditioner, body wash, and face wash as well. It also has a PETA certificate to assure customers of being truly cruelty free and vegan.

About the Giving Leader

Divya Dinesh is the founder of Vedaearth. Initially, she set out to find a solution to the problem of skincare products that were full of in chemicals and harmful for her sensitive skin. In this pursuit, she was introduced to Aromatherapy and thus, began her journey of blending oils which were inspired by the ancient art of wellness. Soon, noticing the change in her skin texture, she was encouraged by her friends and family to share her secret formula with the world, and she did through Vedaearth. This is how Addvantis Enterprises LLP was incepted by Divya, with the help of her mom, Asha.

Divya has a history of working in the hospitality industry in various capacities. With a degree in  Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Administration focused in Front Office Operations from PES University, she has also contributed in some of the voluntary services in animal welfare organizations. Even though she started her education in Computer Science, she quickly recognized her inner belief and passion in moving to the hospitality industry with a keen interest in the spa industry. Her hobbies and interests include playing with her pet dogs, Princess, Kylie, and Chloe, listening to music, dancing, gardening, and watching television and movies.

Today, she is dedicatedly and passionately rowing Vedaearth towards greater success and helping the community on the way. Divya believes that while everyone seeks external beauty, each one of us has the beauty within, which is hidden and just needs to be unmasked. This belief forms the basis of Vedaearth. She wants to change people’s perception of beauty and make them look and feel wholesome.

Most Remarkable Achievement

The best award for any brand is its happy customers. Number of customers across various platforms have spoken lovingly and highly of Vedaearth after using its products. This is the testimony to the company’s success.

This is the most amazing product that I’ve ever seen…..Not only does this awesome oil cure hyperpigmentation, it also helped me get rid of skin irritation. I suffered from an insect bite and since my skin is a sensitive one, the toxins from the insect bite caused red patches all over my body. I was hopeless and tried all medicines but it was of no use. I just wanted to try my luck with this oil, since it was my last hope. I had bought it originally for hyperpigmentation as I am suffering from it for many years. I liberally applied it all over me and my itching instantly stopped! I was so relieved since I was able to sleep well in a long period of time. You see, the itching used to make me feel like scratching all the time, so it was such a welcome relief! In just 2 days, the itching stopped completely! The red patches also went away almost completely and I know that in a few more days’ time, it will go away. This is was totally unexpected and I am so glad that I tried for my horrible skin irritation too! For anyone suffering from insect bites and hyperpigmentation like me, please go ahead and buy! It’s 100 percent natural oil and doesn’t do any animal testing too!” – Kavya R

Vedaearth is the only vegan spa and salon in Bangalore. Right from the ambience, cleanliness, services and products everything is top notch. Though slightly on the pricier side, it’s definitely worth the money since the products used are completely natural and cruelty free. Since their products are aromatherapy based (use essential oils), you might not notice results immediately. But in the long run, it’s definitely more effective and better-for-you.” – Shruthi Sunil

Future Endeavors

The Vedaearth team comprises around thirty people, with about 85 percent being women in R&D, operations, sales and marketing, and therapists at the Lounge. The company is working towards turning profitable in the next three years. The personal care industry is valued at Rs. 19,000 crore and Vedaearth is targeting Rs. 50,00,000 in GMV and 10,000 units sale for FY2019. Vedaearth plans to educate women on the benefits of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.



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