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Naturma – Mother Nature Bottled with Love and Care

Shivani Shah | Rakesh-Patni | Co-founder | Naturma | Insights Care

Most of the people, today, use a number of different beauty products for their face, skin, and hair. Everything that one applies to the skin gets absorbed in the body. With so many harmful chemicals that are used in products today, there is a large risk of them affecting the skin but also within in the body. As the world is becoming more health conscious, not only are people adopting organic foods for cooking but also organic skincare and make-up for the better. This has led to the movement of a completely chemical-free, organic, vegan, home-grown skincare – Naturma.

The inception of Naturma came from the aspiration and belief that business should be a force for positive change and good for the world. The company promises to deliver innovative, nature-inspired products using only the finest ingredients.

Why Naturma?

Most of the skincare regimens in India are in the ayurvedic space while Naturma follows a different path. This is a significant distinctive feature of the company. When everyone’s focus is balancing ‘dosha’ and using traditional ayurvedic recipes and methods in beauty, Naturma’s approach is to make small batch sizes of completely fresh, natural and organic products. This is so that the potency of the ingredients are still intact and when someone uses its products, they can smell the freshness of the Indian countryside!

The Dynamic Duo

Rakesh Patni, an entrepreneur and investor, and Shivani Shah, a yoga and educational therapist, are the co-founders of Naturma. After moving to India from Europe and London, they were trying to find alternatives to the well-developed natural and organic brands found in the UK. They both experienced the lack of transparency of many brands in their packaging on ingredients and claims. This led to a mission to start up an honest, conscious company, named after the French word “Natur” for Nature and the Sanskrit word “Ma” for Mother, bringing to the customer Mother Nature in a bottle, at the same time bringing a home-grown, yet contemporary, modern brand to the Indian market.

In many interviews, Shivani said, “In creating skincare products for customers, I felt a paradox, that while beauty is only skin deep, this journey has gone deep within. It has become more of social responsibility than a business in sourcing organic ingredients, employing rural women, assuming a zero-waste policy, and producing vegan clean products.

Wide Range of Organic Products

Naturma offers products that are all natural, organic and by and large Vegan, too. The preservatives that the company uses are also not synthetic, nor are its flavors and colors. A manifestation to this is the stories of Naturma’s clients, a number of who claim to have benefitted from skin rashes, burns, and scars using one of its 6 Aloe Vera Gel Variants. Moreover, several of its clients in France and London are waiting for Naturma to start retailing the products globally, as it has really helped them with dry and atopic skin. This is the best reward for Naturma.

Naturma believes that skincare products should be made with 100% natural ingredients and zero compromises – no harsh chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no sulfates. The company is built on firm values, whose spirit echoes, “Nature offers us everything we could possibly need, from the food we consume daily to the beauty products we apply to keep us looking young and healthy. So, we set out to source the finest, purest ingredients and make them accessible, easy to use, and easy to understand for our consumers. At Naturma, we are driven to engineer products that don’t compromise on quality or efficacy.”

Socially and Environmentally Aware

Naturma makes skincare products that are socially and environmentally aware. These products are consciously made, with paying fairly along the supply chain. Its factory hires local rural women and trains them to become computer literate and various other skills. Furthermore, Naturma has been working on initiatives to give back to society, especially for women and girls by collaborating with NGOs, such as ‘Seams for Dreams’.

Naturma is an environmentally aware brand that sources sustainable ingredients, largely grown in India itself and that are organic. It, indirectly, encourages organic farming to avoid pesticides and all the other harmful chemicals used in conventional farming. None of its products use animal-derived ingredients, except its Cruelty-Free Bees Wax for lip balm. Naturma is extremely vigilant on using only Cruelty-Free ingredients.

What’s Ahead?

Naturma is looking forward to expanding both online as well as offline and due to a lot of demand, soon it will be exporting the products too. The company is also set for new launches with exciting new ingredients to tantalize the senses of its clients. Naturma seeks to create and promote natural, socially and environmentally aware skincare. It endeavors to grow with transparency, honesty, and integrity – from sustainably sourcing ingredients and crafting the unique products to delivering true delight to its customers and enriching their lives in a natural and organic way.

Shivani echoes the words of Romain Gaillard, “Once the curtain is pulled away, and customers know the truth, they won’t revert back to “unhealthy” behavior.” About the future, she confidently says, “Natural, organic, and vegan skincare is the way forward and Naturma is waiting excitedly on the other side!



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