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Fizzy Fern: Soft Skincare Boxed With Love!

Robin Chopra | Co-founder | Fizzy Fern | Insights Care

While more and more people are becoming conscious about healthy skin care regimes, it is also becoming important to adopt natural ways and products that are chemical free for younger, happier skin. Fizzy Fern, a venture from the heart, is a brand that takes inspiration from nature and in everything that it has to offer, thus bringing us natural and Ayurvedic skincare products, free from harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

It was born out of the three basic things that we look forward to in our daily lives: love that can be shared, answers that can be trusted, and a fierce passion for healthy skincare products. Fizzy Fern is a venture launched around April 2018 by Robin Chopra, Nitasha Chopra, and Sugam Mehtani. “This last one year has been nothing short of a moving journey where we’ve managed to reach out to 6000+ customers across India,” says Robin.

Natural, Ayurvedic, and Cruelty-Free Products 

There has been a huge change in the world towards growing awareness not only in skin care but into everything one consumes. Going back to the roots and following the age old rituals of beauty is not merely a fad, but a conscious shift towards a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of the origin of Fizzy Fern, Nitasha says, “We decided to create a company where the focus is more on making our consumer aware, and, if I may humbly state, where possible, even educate them towards a healthier skin regime. As we go along, we also listen, learn and adapt- our focus, like I mentioned is about products that are soft on the skin.” The company’s formulations now vary from being natural to Ayurvedic with just one focus- ‘softness on the skin’. It focuses more on the ingredients, than the classification. “Thus, in our stable, you’d find both formulations/ products that are ayurvedic and then some that are natural & naturally derived,” she continues.

Being a cruelty free and chemical free company is a choice that every business has to make. There will always be some formulations which can never be natural or chemical free. So, it’s about the opportunity and where one would want to play as a brand. Speaking about the same,  Robin asserts, “The other thing that I always mention is that the phrase ‘Chemical-Free’ is highly misunderstood. If a product had to be absolutely chemical free you would most probably have to refrigerate it with an extremely short shelf life running max into a few days. The point is which chemicals?” Fizzy Fern consciously does not use the more harsh chemicals like Sulfates and Parabens. There are also some formulations the company has that do not contain EDTA too. And of course, a big NO is testing these on animals. This is what is definitely required to be a truly cruelty free industry. 

Distinctive Product Range for Holistic Care

Speaking about the growth and expansion the company has achieved in the past year, Nitasha asserts, “Well, I think every brand/business usually finds its sweet spot somewhere. We’re honestly not at a stage right now where we could compete with anyone.” The company draws inspiration from some Indian and global brands. Fizzy Fern started on a very simple philosophy- During the initial pre-launch phase of the brand, the founders came across and realized a couple of things missing within the skincare space, specifically for the millennial generation:

  • Products that are soft on your skin. The company firmly believes that the cities we live in today have harsh conditions, given the increasing pollution levels. So, while the skin is exposed to harshness outdoors, the least one could do is to use products that are extremely soft on our skin and get rid of external pollutants. This is Fizzy Fern’s primary focus whenever it launches any new product.
  • Today, when one walks in to a store to buy a face pack, body lotion, body -wash or for that matter any other skincare product, it’s often for self-consumption. Fizzy Fern has focused a lot on the unboxing experience of a consumer with first of its kind packaging, so that it also is a natural choice for a gift even if it is for your own self. “Our packaging has a 100% positive feedback from all our consumers, and that’s something that makes us feel great daily,” says Robin.

While all the company’s products are loved by its customers, there are three products that standout of the rest and enjoy maximum loyalty from its consumers.

Fizzy Fern’s SPF 30 Sunscreen is very popular with its consumers. It’s a combination of some of the finest ingredients like Cucumber, Manjistha, Mulethi, Aloe Vera, Haldi, and Methi. This makes it a daily use, light and a non-comedogenic lotion.

Another popular product from its stable is the ‘Instant Illumination Face Pack’ which contains ingredients like sandalwood, fuller earth, aloe vera, vetiver, and neem, which are all active ingredients, each working to impart an instant glow to the skin. This is Fizzy Fern’s glow guaranteed formula and is loved by its consumers. So next time one has an interview in the morning or a party in two hours, one can surely bank on this product.

The other product that has brought the company’s consumers a lot of joy is its ‘Bhringraj, Neem, and Shikakai Hair Oil’. This is a magic potion for all the hair woes. Fizzy Fern is also on the verge of launching its first saffron based, anti-wrinkle product and hopes that too can bring an equally pleasing smile to its customers.

The Experienced Leadership

The company is a venture between Nitasha, Robin, and her brother Sugam. Both Robin and Nitasha, come with eleven years of work experience after their post-graduation. While Nitasha has mainly been a banking and real estate professional with leading banks; Robin comes from a varied background of working in start-ups as well as some of the largest MNC’s.

Nitasha leads Ecommerce business for us while Robin looks into Sales & Marketing. Sugam has been an entrepreneur from start and leads logistics and operations for us.

Clients ‘In Love’ 

Talking of Fizzy Fern’s dedicated consumer base Nitasha says, “We’re getting there. India is a vast country and when you start online, you suddenly interact with consumers from different cultures and different expectations.” Most of its consumers are women in the age group of 20-35. One very important thing that the company has learnt early is that consumers are willing to trust Fizzy Fern completely when they buy or consider buying from it, and thus it’s only very important to be as honest as one can be. The company is more focused on honest communication with its consumers than forcing a sale and this has helped it get a fair share of positive word-of-mouth and early loyal consumers.

Reminiscing about one of the most important client testimonials, Robin says, “I was returning from work very early in our journey as a brand and my phone buzzed. It was a mail with the subject: ‘In Love’. It was from a customer in Nagaland who had ordered our products on Nykaa and loved them so much that she wrote to us immediately complimenting us on products as well as packaging.” He continues, “When you’re in your first month of operation and you get such an email- it’s a feeling that can never ever be described aptly in words.”                                                                                               

Regarding the future of the company Nitasha asserts, “We’re taking one step at a time for now.” In the immediate near future, Fizzy Fern is looking to come out with some key products that it would like to add to its portfolio. The company is also looking towards partnering with some key Modern Trade chains and increases its consumer base.



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