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Drone Delivery Canada Corp: Enabling Communities and Businesses Advance their Delivery Models

Steve Magirias | Drone Delivery Canada Corp
Drone Delivery Canada | Steve Magirias | CEO

With the current social and political situation of the world today—delivery drones have is an ideal situation—to not only limit person-to-person contact but also enable support and help to remote communities. Drone Delivery Canada Corp, a drone delivery company, is committed to providing a disruptive, advanced drone logistics infrastructure solution to support governments, commercial & industrial applications and remote communities, from emergency services, and medical, to last-mile delivery. Its government-approved drones can maintain temperature-controlled cargo, allowing for the transport of time-sensitive medical, pharmaceutical and biological goods.

In an interview with Insights Care, Steve Magirias, the CEO of Drone Delivery Canada Corp, talks about the operations behind the company’s success.

Following are excerpts from the interview.

Brief us about the company and shed some light on your operations in leading the company.

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) is a Canadian drone technology company that specializes in developing and operating complete drone delivery logistics services for various industries. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

DDC’s main focus is on providing innovative and cost-effective logistics solutions using drone technology. The company offers a range of services, including medical supply delivery, cargo delivery, and remote communities supply chain. DDC’s drone delivery services are designed to provide quick and efficient deliveries in hard-to-reach areas and remote locations where traditional delivery methods may not be feasible.

The company has developed several proprietary drone technologies, including its patented FLYTE management system software, which allows for the remote operation of multiple drones from a central command center. DDC has also partnered with several industry leaders to develop and test its drone technology, including the Canadian government, Air Canada and DSV.

The company is committed to innovation and is constantly working to improve its drone technology and delivery services to better serve its customers.

Can you elaborate upon the core values on which the company is built and what is its mission?

Our mission statement is as follows: “Through our relentless focus on customers, employees and safety, we will commercialize our technology to create new and innovative logistics platforms for companies and government agencies.” Our brand promise is “Reimagining the way you deliver®”

The core values on which the company is built are as follows (HEART):

  • Honesty: We communicate fearlessly to build trust
  • Excellence: We can intensely about our success, pursuing solutions tenaciously
  • Accountability: We accomplish amazing amounts of work and celebrate wins
  • Respect: We listen well, and do not react fast, so we can better understand
  • Teamwork: We leverage our collective genius to pursue what’s best for DDC and our customers

Tell us about the variety of services and products offered at the company.

DDC offers a range of drone delivery services, with a focus on providing innovative logistics solutions to businesses across Canada. Here are some of the services that DDC offers:

  • Airborne Logistics: DDC’s primary service is the delivery of goods and supplies using its proprietary drone delivery platform. This service includes the use of custom-designed drones, as well as software and operational support to manage and optimize deliveries.
  • Consulting and Training: We offer consulting and training services to businesses looking to implement drone delivery solutions. These services can include feasibility studies, risk assessments and training programs to ensure safe and effective drone operations.
  • Fleet Management: We also provide fleet management services to help businesses optimize their drone delivery operations. This includes the management of drone fleets, maintenance and repair services, and real-time monitoring and reporting of drone operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: DDC stays up to date on the latest regulations and guidelines related to drone delivery, and offers regulatory compliance services to businesses looking to ensure compliance with these regulations.

What specific endeavors is the company leading at present? Why do you find those essential?

DDC is focused on the following initiatives:

  • Drone Delivery Network Expansion: Drone Delivery Canada is expanding its drone delivery network across Canada, with a focus on providing delivery solutions to businesses in rural and remote areas. This initiative is essential in improving access to goods and services in these areas and reducing delivery times and costs.
  • Testing and Development: Drone Delivery Canada is constantly testing and developing new drone technologies with a focus on improving safety, efficiency and reliability. We are currently working to commercialize the Canary and Condor drones to increase the number of commercial drones in our fleet.
  • Partnership and Collaboration: DDC is partnering with various organizations, including Pegasus Imagery, to integrate new technologies and solutions into their drone delivery platform. This initiative is essential in expanding the capabilities of drone delivery solutions and addressing the unique challenges and requirements of different industries and applications.

Overall, these initiatives are essential to the growth and advancement of drone delivery solutions in various industries. By working with government agencies, healthcare providers, businesses and technology partners, Drone Delivery Canada is helping to improve access to goods and services, reduce delivery times and costs, and ensure the safety and reliability of drone delivery operations.

What are some of the challenges that the company faces when conducting operations and how does it turn them into opportunities for growth?

The main challenges DDC encounters are around regulatory requirements, environmental, social acceptance and technology. We work with our regulators to help drive change and advance the regulations in lockstep with the technological advances that are made. We find new technology partners to help with environmental and other challenges that need to be overcome to scale drone deliveries.

Finally, we talk about the “drones for good’ projects we accomplish like our current Care by Air commercial operation transporting medical isotopes from our partner’s warehouse (DSV) to the Oakville hospital along with the projects that help indigenous communities receive critical goods.

Overall, we tackle all the challenges with a can-do attitude to help move our technology and the industry as a whole forward.

How do you envision scaling the company’s services and operations in 2023 and beyond?

DDC’s primary focus is to fully commercialize all its products and to add Detect and Avoid technology that will help facilitate fully automated flights for all the drones in our fleet. With this final piece of technology in place, we could scale our services and operations in 2023 and beyond we will have the ability to operate in more complex air spare while also improving our operational efficiencies and thereby increasing our customer base. Further to that, we can then look to potentially expand internationally.

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