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InfeXn Laboratories: Rolling-out Complete Diagnostic Solutions for All Infectious Diseases


The laboratory testing industry, specifically labs that conduct infectious disease testing, is still in the nascent stage in India. The routine pathology practices are unable to gauge the nature and demands of the infectious disease testing space. In the absence of specialty infectious disease testing laboratory in India, some routine laboratories are trying to fill up the gap but not to much avail. This is basically because of lack of knowledge and focus on the subject. we need some serious player who is a master in the subject and can bring world-class technology, infrastructure and standards for identifying India-specific infections. We need specialist infectious disease laboratories who can overcome the challenges of infectious disease testing through their technical interpretive abilities.

InfeXn Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is the first and the only NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories) accredited specialized infectious disease testing laboratory in India. Its journey started in 2005, with the successful execution of the stand-alone Helix Microbiology Laboratory – the first specialized automated microbiology laboratory in Mumbai and suburbs. This execution framed the cornerstone of InfeXn in 2013. It has a world-class laboratory infrastructure spread over 6500 Sq. ft. and a Biosafety Level 3 containment area of over 1000 Sq. ft.

Over the years, the InfeXn Laboratories has established itself as a one-of-its-kind brand. In a very short time, it has carved out a niche in its sector. Apart from this, the laboratory is also working with the Indian Government to provide specialized tuberculosis testing services.

Currently, InfeXn is the only private laboratory to be approved by RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program), Government of India for 1st and 2nd line DST (Drug Sensitivity Testing) and 1st and 2nd line LPA (Line Probe Assay). It is amongst the first approved laboratories by Government of Maharashtra for testing H1N1, Swine flu, by RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology in India. Additionally, these tests have proved to be a remarkable accomplishment as it covers almost every organism in the infectious disease menu.

Meet the Ardent Pillars

Sachin Bhole is the CEO and Managing Director of InfeXn Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. He has twenty-five years of experience in the field of laboratory diagnostics and has been instrumental in strategizing the business and putting it in a unique model. Another significant persona is Dr. Sonal Bangde (Medical Director), who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of microbiology. She is not only passionate about this field but has established the highest standard for the infectious disease testing in India. Along with Sachin and Sonal, the other member who plays a vital role in forming the core team is Anil Nair (Director). He has over 25 years of experience in the field of laboratory diagnostics and he takes care of the Finance and HR.

Providing Distinctive Services is the Forte

In the medical industry, introduction of newer technologies and products is not only the necessity to sustain the business, but it is required to expand the product offerings which is very important for the business growth. By embracing the cutting-edge technology as well as instrumentation, InfeXn has been consistently evaluating the newer options which can improve its quality and test menu.

InfeXn laboratories focuses on covering a complete range of infectious diseases tests which includes microbiology, mycobacteriology, molecular biology, syndromic multiplex panels, infectious serology and environmental surveillance. It has wide-ranging tests for tuberculosis, which are approved by the RNTCP. With over 250 tests, its molecular biology (PCR) test menu is the biggest in the country. Its latest addition of specialty, i.e. syndromic multiplex panels, with the international standard technology, offers biggest test menu covering most diseases and conditions. InfeXn’s unique environmental surveillance products for different hospital areas are successfully transforming the healthcare world.

Measures for Employee Development

InfeXn Laboratories conduct different product as well as service related training programmes for the sales and marketing team. It takes unified efforts in motivating and educating the employees so that they can withstand the complexities and challenges of the 21st century. “We also make sure that the laboratory team gets an opportunity to interact with the sales and marketing team at regular intervals. This ensures that there is a proper understanding of each other’s work flow and responsibility,” says the core team.

A Bigger Picture

Sheer dedication and effective decision-making have helped InfeXn to be at the forefront of highest level of service offerings in the infectious disease testing specialty. By providing the right solutions for the most complicated problems within the required timeline, the laboratory has engaged clientele including big hospitals across the country. Soon, it will be among the strong trustworthy brands in its field, solving the puzzle of the most complicated and ignored infectious disease testing. InfeXn commits to keep adding newer technologies and products in its menu each year to be the cover of the book of innovation.



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