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Suburban Diagnostics: Promoting Proactive Healthcare

Suburban Diagnostics

Established in 1994, Suburban Diagnostics is recognized as a pioneer in the medical diagnostics arena with supremely high standards of care and precise testing. With a mission to propagate healthier living for all the patients, it has been a front-runner in world-class diagnostic services.

Over the years, Suburban Diagnostics had established itself as a trustworthy brand in Western India. Its robust panel of expert pathologists, radiologists, MD physicians, cardiologists, technicians and support staff has worked tirelessly to bring excellence in medical diagnostic services.

The Remarkable Journey

Dr. Sanjay Arora is the Managing Director of Suburban Diagnostics. After completing his MD in Pathology in 1993, Dr. Sanjay had a stint at JJ Hospital as a lecturer. Later he continued his training in Cytopathology at Tata Memorial Hospital. He went to the US and got trained in Cytopathology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and Johns Hopkins at Baltimore. These academic developments successfully weaved him into an expert and ignited his interest in the field of Cytopathology, Cancer Detection, Fine-needle Biopsy, and Cytology. In July 1994, Dr. Sanjay and his wife Anju commenced their professional journey by establishing Suburban Diagnostics, with an intention to bring diagnostic expertise and high quality care to patients.

A Bigger Canvas

The diagnostic industry is impacting patients’ lives at every stage, be it healthy, an acutely ill or a chronic stage patient. It plays a pivotal role in this entire continuum. “Diagnostics impacts seventy percent of the clinical decision making, at less than 10% of the overall cost of healthcare. Doctors today, in the era of evidence based medicine, require this support to validate their diagnosis” says Dr. Sanjay.

“Diagnostics has assumed greater significance in the healthcare continuum due to new and emerging methodologies like Molecular Diagnostics and Genetic Testing. Today, we are able to pick-up diseases at a very early stage, prevent them from developing and even reverse the conditions,” he added further.

Delivering Comprehensive Diagnostics is the Specialty

Suburban Diagnostics offers state-of-the-art lab facilities, home visit facilities as well as online reports in a timely manner. Comprehensive Diagnostics is what describes it the best. It offers a comprehensive range of Pathology, Radiology, and Cardiology services along with Preventive Health Check-ups. Suburban focuses on Radiology services like Sonography, Digital X-ray, Mammography and Bone density and Cardiology services like ECG, 2D Echo and Stress Test. Apart from this, Suburban also offers value-added services such as Audiometry, Optometry, Lung Function Tests as well as Diet and Nutrition Counseling. Suburban Diagnostics is a one-stop shop for all diagnostic needs. Championing its vision of preventive healthcare, it enables convenient and easy access to 360o quality healthcare.

Apart from this, Suburban Diagnostics has also established two Centers of Excellence in Medical Diagnostics – one for women’s health and another for infectious diseases.

Patients – The True Inspiration

Healthcare is all about establishing a relationship with the patient and being a good listener helps. Since its initial days of establishment, Suburban has encountered patients with cancer, children with thalassemia, maternal and child healthcare problems, obesity and malnutrition, diabetes, heart and genetic diseases, bone and joint diseases, etc. This became a great learning for the team at Suburban Diagnostics and it has embarked on a mission to reduce the growing burden of diseases in the country. To support this endeavor, the team at Suburban has come up with a campaign urging people to get preventive health checks done, monitor their health and reduce the risk of diseases. This campaign has been called #UnburdenYourHealth. On the other hand, Suburban Diagnostics is also working closely with clinicians to offer early and accurate diagnosis of diseases and help in reducing the overall burden of disease in the country. This partnership with clinicians has been called #UnburdenHealthcare.

Guiding the Path Seekers

India is facing a huge healthcare burden due to the existing gap in demand and supply. Chronic diseases are now becoming dominant in India, but there are not enough doctors or hospital beds to manage this increasing demand of chronic diseases. Similarly, life-expectancy is increasing – population is increasing as well as the ability of the middle class to spend is increasing. But we have limited access to quality healthcare and not enough skilled healthcare professionals to deliver it.

Acknowledging the skilled manpower gap, Suburban Diagnostics has established a wholly owned Paramedical Training Institute – SCOPE (Suburban College of Paramedical Education). At SCOPE, people can get the necessary skills and expertise in the modern technology. They also get superior guidance and employment opportunities within Suburban Diagnostics and also across the healthcare industry.

Healthcare in India is very reactive; we use healthcare only when we need to and that too with limited choices. Our endeavor is to build strong relationships with the patients by having an empathetic approach, turning their ‘has to’ to a ‘want to’. The opportunity to impact someone’s life in healthcare is unparalleled, compared to any other industry; this is the motivation that drives Dr. Sanjay Arora and Suburban Diagnostics.

Making a Difference

Healthcare is becoming increasingly transactional. Suburban Diagnostics aims to change this by adding value and embracing cost-effective technology. The idea is to form a framework where diagnostics would play a significant role in the OPD, so people who genuinely need the IPD don’t need to wait.



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