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Innovation, the Only Constant

An American entrepreneur, orator, and author once said, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Well, isn’t it the reality of this fast-paced world? Doing your best and hard work will not help you remain up and tall in any industry today, there is an element missing to this recipe. That element is Innovation. New ideas, their correct implementation and application is what will lead the way to the success. In healthcare, it is more than just about being at the top of the race, innovation in this niche affects the lives of almost the entire population of this planet.

From the discovery of the accidental drug- Penicillin, to the creation of the first medical device, to the development of complex surgical procedures, healthcare has come a long, long way. Since the very start, the medical geniuses and scientists have helped improve treatment methodologies. They helped make quality healthcare accessible and have found ways to treat several new diseases that seemed untreatable at that point in time. Even then, there is a vast scope for enhancement and the healthcare industry today is at the brink of a massive change. In this process of continuous enhancement, innovation plays the main role.

With the shift from reactive to preventive care, fee-for-service to value-based approach, and towards personalized medicine, the healthcare industry is moving forward to an era where illness won’t just be treated, but eradicated. Existing companies are innovating their way to ensure that they stay at pace with these developments, in the present and the future. Additionally, there are new companies coming up with ideas to catalyse this shift. We are all looking forward to a big reservoir of discoveries, inventions, and ideas; and with it, we are looking at a safer and healthier future.

Revolutionary technologies and techniques like AI, Blockchain, gene therapy, 3D printing, and many more, have laid the path of several new outcomes that may completely change the way we are treated today. However, the goal of all these remain singular- to increase the quality of living and life-expectancy of people. It presents a wide-ranging scope for start-ups as well as established companies to make a visible impact on the industry and the masses.

We hear of new diseases and heart-breaking cases every day. With it, we also hear of new developments in the healthcare industry to conquer these diseases and cases. Not only for the growth of an organization, but innovation is healthcare is crucial to improve the conditions of common people. Moving in the right direction continuously, will help us unlock various unimaginable answers to unmet problems and bring in hope for people in desperate need. And in this time of fast changing trends, innovation is the only thing that will never go out of style!



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