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In a Symbiotic Relationship with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered almost all the verticals of business, automating and making processes more efficient and error-free. Healthcare, and specifically the diagnostics industry, is no different. This particular niche has welcomed in AI with open arms. While some are seeing it for the benefits it brings for the future of all mankind, some are worried that it may replace the radiologists, taking up their place in the medical imaging segment. However, the reality seems to be different. It is seen that the industry is developing further with the team work of radiologists and AI.

Number of patients are treated at the hospitals every day, and a large portion of these require to run some diagnostic test or the other. The medical imaging department of a hospital, although not visible directly to the common people, plays a crucial role in every type of treatment and the work of radiologists is never ending. With AI is the picture, not only can their load be shared, and rightly, but also it gives them time to interact with the patient and their clinical colleagues, making the entire process of patient management much easy.

The schedule of radiologists majorly consists of tasks similar to the ones that require them to go through hundreds of images in a day, looking for any signs of defects in the scans of patients. Not only are these monotonous, but also the results generated are not accurate as the radiologists have tremendous workload and the outcomes need to be speedy. These are the tasks that they may not be very happy to do. This is where AI comes in. Integrating and automating such processes with the help of AI with ensure quick and accurate results and free the times of the radiologists for the tasks that require immediate and necessary manual attention.

The need be aware of the rising role and advantages of technology and informatics is ever rising in the diagnostic sector. Radiologists should keep upgrading their knowledge bank and learn to move ahead in sync with the developing technologies. Being an effective assistant that AI is, together with the radiologists it can form a sustainable team!



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